Posted by: jkirkby8712 | May 30, 2011

Sunday, 29 May 2011 – Quiet Sunday ‘midst two radio shows

It was a rather cold start to the morning which saw your writer awake and about even earlier than usual for a Sunday morning – SBS was televising the Final from Wembley Stadium, London, of the Euro Champions football final between Manchester United and Barcelona. Had felt I’d like to watch what I could of it before leaving for the radio station this morning – I think it was around 4.45 am, when the match started [my time]. Unlike many major finals which tend to end up been dull defensive type games, this one was an excellent advertisement for the sport[ rather necessary in view of the current poor publicity and scandals over corruption at the senior levels of FIFA] – a great game to watch, the last party of which I missed, although in the end, the team from Spain proved far superior to Manchester United [whom I was barracking for] and eventually won the Championship Cup 3-1.


Now I don’t know whether it was the early arising, or other factors, but during my show this morning – 6.30am-9.00am –  I was feeling decidedly unwell, major headache, and quite nauseous, and couldn’t really combat either of those feelings, as I had unusually, today not brought any pain killers etc with me, and while the First Aid box in the studio contained all the usual necessary aids, there were no painkillers –  along the lines of the rules regarding such medications in First Aid kits at places of employment, etc, not allowed to provide them!!  I can see the point to that restriction to some degree, but at other times, it can be very inconvenient! Such as today! At one stage, I was wondering whether I could continue the program, or perhaps ask those presenters following me if they could come in early. However, we decided to battle on, and according to one listener I heard from later in the day, my discomfort was not evident through the radio waves! Later, although I was due to return at 4pm, I did not completely commit myself to that appearance – decided to wait and see how the day ‘panned’ out!!


During the morning, I heard that overnight,  Australia’s one surviving competitor in the French Open Tennis Championships  – Jarmila Gajdosova –  has lost her 3rd Round match,  to the German 15th seed  Andrea Petkovic 6/2,4/6,6/3 – looking at that score line, our girl was not disgraced, but obviously not in the same ‘league’ as her competitor. So with a week of the championships to go, no Aussies left! Interestingly, it is at this point, that our free to air commercial channel decides to start telecasting, initially highlights only, of the tournament!!  Meanwhile later into Sunday night, the Monaco F1 Grand Prix saw those chasing the championship leader, Sebastian Vettel fail to make any ground on his lead, as the German won the race, again. Australia’s Mark Webber could manage only a 4th position, meaning that he has slipped further behind his Red Bull teammate, as did everyone else!  While in cycling in the big lead up event to the Tour de France [coming soon], Alberto Contador held the leader’s jersey for the bulk of the 94th  Giro d’Italia [Tour of Italy] race, winning it for the second time.  Contador will be trying to win his 4th Tour de France next month!  Finally, after this weekend’s round of AFL matches, the Carlton Blues are sitting in 4th position on the competition ladder, with 2 or 3 winnable matches ahead of them [though that doesn’t guarantee the Blues will actually win!!].


Anyway, I took the rest of my Sunday fairly quietly, and felt fully able by late afternoon to return to the radio studio for a program of Australian folk & country/blues music. That included a couple of individual songs each, from country singer Kasey Chambers, and her not so famous but equally talented father, Bill Chambers.

Back home later,  for another meal alone, and while there were plenty of tasks I had on hand to accomplish, I ended up watching the second episode of a series on the ‘Kennedy family’ of the US. As Susie had indicated an interest in watching this series also, I continued to tape the show for her, for some future viewing.  Meanwhile, since Jodie’s visit on Friday night, I’d not heard from the family – sent as message to Susie partway through the day [assuming she is still up in Bendigo] but did not get a response.




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