Posted by: jkirkby8712 | June 1, 2011

Wednesday, 1 June 2011 – Wintry morning greetings, together with more disturbing news from Afghanistan!!

Actually, the first two days of Winter  – expected to be fine and sunny 19 degrees – after frost and fog, and an almost ‘freezing’ start to the morning. That’s exactly how it feels right now, just before 6am, as I prepare for a brief visit to the radio station to join Ron for a few minutes [I hear he is already on air ‘warming’ up the studio ] to talk about the local football results, etc. In fact, it’s so cold this morning, not even the two cats seem keen to move from their basket pouch in the laundry, usually they are in a rush to get out the door!!!  Welcome to Winter, Victoria, while up in Queensland  friends are celebrating ‘their’ morning with an outdoor breakfast barbeque I believe  –  ohhh well, I think I still prefer to be down here, in view of some of the disastrous weather that northern  state experienced over the summer. I like my weather to be a little more moderate in nature!!!

A major portion of today’s media is concentrated on two things – the growing uproar and anger over the revelations about the mistreatment associated with the livestock export trade, and more Australian military deaths in Afghanistan. One of our soldiers was killed a week ago, and now yesterday, came the announcement of two more deaths – one as a result of a helicopter crash, and the second, shot by an Afghan soldier that the Australian was on guard duty with. needless to say, the military are hunting that betrayer down, even our Prime Minister is calling for a determined effort to track the traitor down, who is apparently now been lauded as a hero by the Taliban and their supporters. Of course, an incident of this nature is going to make the Australian soldiers somewhat wary of those forces they are supposedly fighting alongside of.  Now while this is a terrible and tragic occurence, I have to wonder about another aspect of this ‘war’ in Afghhanistan – almost on a weekly basis now, we hear reports of American [usually] troops firing on residential areas anmd the subsequent loss of lives of women and children, innocent civilians who happened to be in the wrong place [or were used as ‘fodder’ by the Taliban,. etc, operating out of such populated places]. I’m disappointed that not more shock and outrage is revealed out here when those kind of socalled ‘incidents’ occur  – yes, the loss of the Australian soldier is tragic, but he was doing a job where the risk of death and injury is an everyday likelihood. The many civilian deaths that seem to be occurring all too regularly lately as a consequence of ‘allied’ military action, are not part of those people’s chosen role – they just happen to have been born in the wrong country, which sadly has been under some form of invasion condition for decades now.

Anyway, it’s late at night, and this is a subject which deserves far more attention and comment than my tired mind is able to devote to at this time. Be that as it may, there is growing discontent here in Australia at our continued presence in Afghanistan, and that opposition becomers more and more vocal, with each succeeding report of the death of one of our soldiers. It is a difficult debate, with in many respects, good arguments on both sides, again, not to be gone into on this occasion, but when one’s mind is fresh and clearer of the direction I want to direct my comments towards.

Meanwhile, expecting Susan home tomorrow night, she turned up this evening – but not for long, gone again in 20 minutes, back after another 20 minutes, and then gone again, probably for the night, soon after. I was quite pleased to see her back home,  but it was not to last!@!

Meanwhile, I shall return on another day, in these pages >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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