Posted by: jkirkby8712 | June 3, 2011

Thursday, 2 June 2011 – musical and program pleasures

Another cold morning, followed by another beautiful sunny day in this part of the world, though a little envious of the reports of warm days coming out of English via an ‘old’ penfriend or two!!  Make the most of it friends, I’m sure it won’t last!!

A small attendance at tonight’s radio Committee meeting, but nevertheless [with a quorum just managed], it was a useful session, and good to see Station Manager, Mike, back on deck again with plenty of enthusiasm, after two serious bouts of illness. It was during this meeting, that I revealed my plans [subject to approval] to revise my ‘program’ schedule in the near future, more about that later, and while the opportunity to do so, has arisen a little earlier than I had planned, I’m feeling quite enthusiastic about the changes.

Received in the mail today, a beautiful little CD from a Melbourne singer, Marilla Homes, who appeared on one of my Sunday afternoon shows almost three  years ago.  This was her ‘debut’ album, to be formally released at a pub in an inner Melbourne suburb this weekend  – would love to put in an appearance, but these days, I’m not so keen on turning up to a ‘pub’ on my own – don’t mind doing that at a formal concert [as I will be doing tomorrow night], but that is a different concept. Anyway, I drifted off to sleep tonight, listening to that album – absolutely glorious singing, some wonderful versions of songs like ‘Nature boy’, ‘Black Coffee’ [a song that Marilla sang  live for me, when she came to the radio] and ‘Ever the Winds’. A beautiful album, quite pleased to have made an early purchase of it!  Meanwhile earlier today, I picked up a recording of the wedding service of William & Kate – my particular interest was the music and hymns that formed a part of that service, some of which I will be able to incorporate into my Sunday morning program.

Susie was actually home tonight – not that I saw much of her, apart from a couple of brief conversations through a door. After the initial greetings upon one or other of us arriving home, my dear girl disappears to her room, and rarely ventures out to wherever I am before I retire for the night! A little disappointing at times, but at present, don’t want to push the issue, happy for her to communicate at her own pace, when she is ready and/or wants to.



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