Posted by: jkirkby8712 | June 7, 2011

Tuesday, 7 June 2011 – Winter hits in!!

Disturbing news late morning – yet another Australian digger [soldier] has been killed in Afghanistan overnight – he is the 27th Australian to die, being shot last night during a raid on an enemy weapons cache, It was just yesterday that the bodies of the 25th and 26th soldiers were returned home to Melbourne. As of this morning, the name of the latest casualty of the Afghan conflict had not been released.

In the meantime here in Victoria, I think they described today as the coldest day of the year so far, and in Melbourne, I believe the temperature didn’t get beyond 8 degrees centigrade!  It certainly felt that way, all day!!!

I was interested to note some of my son’s comments about his current post graduate teaching studies. Have never been sure whether he would stick at this new direction in his life, but so far, despite his attentions wandering off regularly in other directions, he seems to be coping quite well, and this week is apparently having his first period of ‘placement’ in a school location, as a part of his course, and was feeling quite confident about that, according to his remarks. Like many students in his circumstances, particularly at the adult level, he is finding the combination of full time study and part time employment, in his word ‘draining’, so with that in mind, I hope he can stay with it!

Australia played a ‘friendly’ soccer match against Croatia tonight – I had planned to listen to the radio broadcast after my ‘radio show’ this evening, but had forgotten about it – until I received a text message while I was on air from Susie – actually for a change, telling me where she was –  at the soccer!!!  I responded with the hope that I trusted she would be warm enough, on what was now a freezing Tuesday night, until she reminded that the game was being played in Edihad Stadium, which has an enclosed retractable roof!  Anyway, I was rather envious that I was not there myself, but pleased for Susan, who was having the experience of her first international soccer match.  I think she has played a bit of indoor soccer over the past couple of years with her friends here in Sunbury, but it was only during the World Cup last year that I  discovered she had an interest in the fortunes of the Socceroos in that event.  I guess the only downside of tonight’s game – while described as a great game of football, nevertheless ended up in a 0-0 draw!!! As Susie said later, it would have been good to see some goals kicked. Apparently the highlight of the night [or lowlight, from the view of the police and stadium officials] were the number of flares that were lit and thrown amongst the crowd during the match – mostly I believe, from the Croatian side of the crowd sector!

While all this was going on, I was at the radio station for two hours which included a special little segment where I featured some songs from a just released debut album of a Melbourne soprano, whom I had welcomed as a guest on one of my shows nearly three years ago now. While her emphasise at the time was on classical singing, this album featured a mix of  traditional folk songs together with a touch of the jazz and blues flavour. I might get back to Marilla [that was her name] at a later stage, but that 30 minute spell of the program, was the highlight of my night!!


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