Posted by: jkirkby8712 | June 10, 2011

Friday, 10 June 2011 – another ‘Jazz’ concert to look forward to, and sundry matters of interest [t me, lol!!]……………….

Readers will have gathered by now that I enjoy, amongst other things, a bit of jazz!! So with the Melbourne International Jazz Festival on this week, I was determined to get to at least two concerts this year – number 2 is tonight  – featuring the Ron Carter Trio from the USA, with Carter being a highly recognised jazz bassists Performing with a pianist [Mulgrew Miller] and a guitarist [Russell Malone], it is Carters first visit to Australia, because, as indicated in the promo material, he is described as one of the most influential, prolific and original bassists in jazz and brings his elegant and compelling mastery of the bass to Australia for the first time. In a career spanning over six decades, he has appeared on over 2,500 albums and collaborated with many of the icons of music, including James Brown, B.B.King, Aretha Franklin, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, Chet Baker and Bill Evans.

Now I have to be honest, and confess that my choice in going to this particular performance was not totally motivated by the lead act   – preceding the Ron Carter Trio, we have one of  my current favourite Australian  female vocalists onstage, in the form of Katie Noonan. She is performing with a duo known  as Elixir – Sac Hurran on saxophone, and Stephen Magnusson on guitar.  Ron Carter collaborated with Katie Noonan on her 2008 release, ‘Blackbird: The Music of Lennon & McCartney

Yes, I am looking forward to this night’s musical entertainment.

In the meantime, my ‘feeling’ that all was not right with my car tyres bore fruit today – during the morning, took the car up to a nearby ‘tyre’ service centre, where it was discovered that both rear tyres had punctures of various degrees, of the slow leaking variety which slowly creep up upon you over a period of time.  Because of my ‘paranoa’ as some might unkindly describe it, I had been checking these tyres regularly, and had become concerned at the developing pattern where air always seemed to be required, and today’s little ‘garage’ visit confirmed the reason.  Now I have to wonder why this is happening – four punctures in rear tyres over the past six months, tyres that are generally in good condition, and each with a small nail or tack inserted into the exterior tyre wall. There are some rather ‘troublesome’ individuals who live on this estate where I work, and the thought often occurs that my tyres are been ‘sabotaged’, not because they are on my car, but simply for ‘something to do’ by young people with nothing better to occupy their minds. But maybe not, perhaps it’s all just a bad run of coincidental events!  Let’s hope I have no more troublesome problems with tyres!

Speaking of cars, I noticed yesterday [on Face Book] that son James, was having trouble with his car again – heading off to another day’s school placement, as part of his teacher training, and his car wouldn’t start, again. I offered him any financial assistance to get the problem fixed, adding, tongue in cheek, that he must be due for another big win at poker. I was surprised with his response that he’d not played competitive poker for a couple of months, obviously with studies taking priority [which I was pleased to hear], but I notice from later comments, that this weekend, might see a return to that ‘hobby’!! In the meantime, he seemed to think the car problem was the fuel pump!! He doesn’t have much luck with cars, although admittedly, I think he drives his cars a lot ‘harder’ than his father ever did!  In retrospect, looking back, I think that in my younger days, and depending on second hand cars, etc, I probably faced the same quantity of car break downs and other problems in my time!!

Meanwhile, on the football front, I notice that Carlton’s  missing ruckman for the past twelve months [following a serious injury suffered last year] is finally considered ready to return to the Blues’ senior team in this Sunday’s match against the Brisbane Lions. The other bit of news from the Club, that will please my eldest son, James, is that the player whom James has named his dog after, Marc Murphy  has resigned with the Club for a further three years, following some doubt that he might wish to go elsewhere. The Club spokesman said yesterday that  “We are delighted that Marc has committed to continuing his career with Carlton. He is an outstanding young man and has shown continued improvement in his five years at the Club,” said Steven Icke, General Manager Football Operations.   “He had an immediate impact at Carlton from his first game and this year in particular, he has displayed the form that has cemented him as an elite midfielder in the AFL. We know he will continue to improve and enjoy a long and sensational career at Carlton,” Icke added.  Murphy has re-signed for a further three years ensuring he will be a Carlton player until at least the end of 2014.  “I enjoy being a part of Carlton and believe it is a fantastic time to be at the Club. We have a great group and I am keen to see through the work that we have started,” Murphy said. “We have the best facilities at Visy Park and sensational support staff that ensure we continue to improve. Importantly I am keen to be a part of Carlton’s 17th premiership,” Murphy added.  Murphy was Carlton’s first selection, number one overall, in the 2005 NAB AFL National Draft and won the Carlton and the AFLPA best first year player in 2006. He has played 112 games since making his debut in round 1, 2006.  Murphy was runner-up in Carlton’s Best & Fairest, the John Nicholls Medal in 2008 and 2009 and was third last season

From football, to politics, briefly, the Independent Federal member, Bob Katter, who was one of the three elected independent members following last year’s Federal Election who delayed the result for a couple of weeks whilst the decided which Party to support [Katter eventuated decided to side with the Coalition in opposition to his two associates, whose choice re-elected the ALP government] has now added more controversy to his already controversial political life, by deciding to form a new political party [presumably at present with him as leader].  As one commentary I read described the man  –  ‘Some describe him as a good country bloke who is passionate about Australia; others say he is downright mad.  Whether you support him or not, Queensland MP Bob Katter is making his mark on the political scene by lodging registration papers for a new political party called the Australian Party.  Katter plans to focus on winning seats in the upcoming Queensland election, due in early 2012, before contesting the next federal poll’.  Perhaps he feels that he himself, has more chance of re-election if he is a part of a political body, because after the ‘shambles’ that many consider was the outcome created by the independents in the last election, there has been a growing mood in the community that independent candidates may not be so easily accepted as a local member in future elections. Anyway, I notice that Bob will be appearing on the Q & A Panel [on ABC TV] next Monday night – pity, I will miss that, in lieu of my plans to commence a new radio show that night!! However, I’m sure I will get to see it at some stage!

Finally for now, I was ‘touched’ yesterday by words on a card which a friend sent to me –  they included “Music played from the heart is a gift that touches the heart and soul of the receiver, bringing joy, peace and comfort to the receiver.  Again, many thanks Bill, for the many hours of music and variety that has helped me make it through a few bad times and not so healthy times, but still trying to smile, and of course, always listening”.

The week after next,  is Refugee Week [June 18-25],  and refugees, are a topic that I have referred to on many occasions over recent years, and a problem which continues to disturb this writer. There is much I have said, and will continue to say,  but for the present time, I will just note the recent joint statement by a number of concerned organisations –  where policy makers are urged to focus not on the question of how to ‘stop the boats’, but on how to ensure that refugees in the Asia-Pacific region can receive effective protection, and to place emphasise on developing a regional framework to protect people fleeing persecution. There is too much political concentration on stopping  the boats, and not making them available for people to get on – I would like to see far more concern and humanity expressed towards t6he reasons these people feel the need to get onto to the boats in the first place – they are still there at the intended point of departure!  The Government [and Opposition] policies of ‘stopping the boats’ have all but forgotten the real victims in all this.  More later, on another day!




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