Posted by: jkirkby8712 | June 12, 2011

Saturday, 11 June 2011 – a day on the home front!

Another very pleasant concert last night, although for the main act – the Ron Carter Trio –  I felt extremely sleepy throughout the performance, at times almost battling to remain awake despite enjoying the music. I guess the culmination of 5 nights out in a row, and the fact that tonight’s jazz was of a different style to Monday night – more moody, contemplative, with just the bass, guitar and piano playing a series of late night style jazz. Earlier, it had been great to hear Katie Noonan singing some songs from her next album, due out in August. She was accompanied by guitar & saxophone, again, fairly low key music – her style on stage is so natural and relaxed, she obviously feels comfortable and is not worried putting on airs or sophistication, just comers over the way she is  –   that began right from the beginning when Katie walks on stage and addresses the packed Melbourne Recital Centre [MRC] audience with a simple ‘Goodaye’  [Slim Dusty style!!]. Gotta love her!

Meanwhile my seat – probably the best I’ve had in that place, front row level, up in the balcony area, where the beauty of the decor of this building really becomes more obvious from up top. Whilst there last night, I felt that I really had to find a show on here that the ‘girls’ would be interested in coming to, so that I could show-off my MRC to them!!  Incidentally, the Ron Carter Trio – all American Blacks – were quite a conservative looking trio, dressed in black suits and ties, and very little conversation between them [that was obvious] and with the audience. Ron Carter himself [as he told us this was ‘his band’] spoke every now & then to the audience – he was obviously suffering from a very heavy cold, which he mentioned on a few occasions [as an apology for his voice I guess], and the night was probably as bit more of an ordeal for him than usual, and may have meant the concert was a little shorter than normal – I’m not sure, but it did finish a little earlier than I’d anticipated, although I still reached home at the predicted 11.30 pm.. I liked the comment Ron Carter made on a couple of occasions  –  thank you for allowing us to share your living room’.

Now my tiredness must have been for real! Went to bed shortly after midnight, just before Susie returned home from ‘somewhere’, and next woke at 9.20 am this morning!!  Nine hours sleep, that is close to a record uninterrupted sleep for this writer, don’t recall that happening for a long time! With no commitments, I should have stayed there, but usually once I’m awake, I prefer to get up and about, feel as though I am wasting the day otherwise.  It is a long weekend in Victoria over the next few days  – officially, the Monday holiday is for the Queen’s Birthday, which I think is actually back in April! Oddly enough, I recall seeing on the news today, reference to Prince Phillip celebrating his 90th birthday in the past day or so!

A brisk walk this morning – of the shortage variety, but I felt better for having made the effort, and done it. The rest of the day at home, not so active, a bit of cooking, program planning, etc, especially for my new show next Monday evening.  Strangely, on the basis of the last couple of weeks, Susie was home most of the day, and this evening – in ways, I prefer her to go out on Saturday nights, the night that I traditionally would love a good sleep but never get one – when Susie is home, that seems to be worsened, because every door that is opened or shut, until she goes to bed at 3am, wakes me up, and I find it very difficult to get back to sleep. This night would be no different, and I don’t think I got much sleep in the last couple of hours before the 5.30 am alarm

Despite the likelihood of a poor sleep afterwards, tonight, I simply felt too tired to be bothered even reading –sat and watched a close AFL game. Geelong vs Hawthorn, which saw a narrow win to the AFL’s undefeated team [Geelong]. That loss to the Hawks gave Carlton the opportunity to grab and retain 3rd spot on the ladder – if we keep winning!!! I notice we don’t play Hawthorn until August!


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