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Sunday, 12 June 2011 – nice win for the Carlton boys, and a Mini-Series concludes!!

A good walk late this morning, took advantage of the weather while it was fine, with showers predicted later on!

Didn’t realise anyone in the family was going to the football today, then too late, realised James was there!  An early afternoon start to the game caught  me out, so now, with no free to air TV coverage, I have to depend on the radio broadcast again!  Interesting ‘message’ from James to his ‘team’  –  “Dear blueboys, please do not lose to a shit team today, coz I will be there watching and I want to see a good performance. Kind regards James”.

Away from the football briefly –  the regular Friday ‘Liberal Fact’ that came through the other day – well, there was nothing new in the facts being presented –  ‘Since Labor came to office in 2007 –  electricity costs have risen by 51%; gas is up by 30%; water is up by 46%; health costs have increased by 20%; education costs have increased by 24%; and rents are up by 20%. If Labor introduces a carbon tax, living costs will just get tougher for Australian families, with power bills up by 25%, price of petrol up by 6 ½ cents per litre, and the average price of a trolley of groceries will increase by 5%.  Now, I don’t doubt all those predicted or actual increases, though I query the extent of increases in some cases, as stated by the Liberals. Be that as it may, it’s obvious in the normal course of time, inflationary costs, etc, that we would have expected increases over the past four years in most of those items, regardless of who was in charge of the economy.  But I suppose the Liberals will continue under Tony Abbott with this ‘attack mode, and negative approach’ such as the introduction to the above little fact finding report   –  ‘Julia Gillard and Bob Brown may have the support of celebrities and noisy interest groups [eg, GETUP] for their proposed carbon tax. But they have forgotten the ordinary Australian families struggling with rising living costs’. I must say I’m looking for a new direction from the Liberals, but alas, while Mr Abbott stays in charge, I can’t see that happening!

Carlton Blues [4th on the ladder] versus Brisbane Lions [15th on the ladder] – the result should not be in doubt!!!  It was 1.10pm, when the game began, and Bill settled to listen to the radio broadcast, not really interested in visiting the local pub to watch the Foxtel telecast on my lonesome!!  Let’s have a look at the quarter by quarter scores, as we go along:-  which, thankfully, indicate the correct difference between the current standard of the two teams. It would have been nice to have been at the ground to see a result like that!!

Carlton Blues:      4.4.28     8.8.56    14.9.93    FINAL:   19.10.124

Brisbane Lions:    2.3.15     3.5.23      4.8.32     Final:        9.9.63

I shall return>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Tonight, I watched the final episode of the mini series that has been screened on the ABC here, over the past month –  ‘The Kennedys’, which has generally being described as the ‘controversial US television miniseries. I gather it was given that tag because it faced criticism in the US because of supposed historical inaccuracies, which without knowing any more detail, I imagine related to the ‘personal’ side of the Kennedy rather than political aspects. I understand that the original broadcaster in the US, the History Channel,  dumped  the mini series,  perhaps due to family pressure, though at what point of the Series,  I don’t know.

Originally, I’d not intended to watch it myself, though not for any of those reasons, but I sat down the first week, and when Susie, who was going out that night, suggested she would like to see it, I decided to start taping the show. And kept doing so  – Susie hasn’t watched any of the Series yet, so now she can look at it in one sitting [no doubt in the early hours of the morning, one night!!].

I actually quite enjoyed the Series – it certainly brought back some memories, limited as they are, of that era in American politics. And like many at the time, I can clearly recall where I was when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated –   it was a Saturday morning, I think, and I was just about to go down from my bedroom for some breakfast. At that point, I was in Year 11 at the local high school, my second last year of secondary education. As usual, I had my radio on, and the first reports came through from the US that JFK had been shot. I imagine Dad was at work, I can’t recall, but Mum was home. In America, it was the afternoon of the 22 November, while in Ballarat [Australia] it was the morning of the 23rd.  The news would have had some extra poignancy about it for my mother – less than 48 hours beforehand, her father [my Grandfather Knuckey] had died suddenly from a heart attack, suffered on his beloved bowling green, the date, the 21st November. So I really had two reasons to recall that month and year in particular. Twelve months, in my final months at high school, I was part of a public speaking contest [in which I think I was placed 3rd or 4th] –  my speech was based on the ‘Inaugural Speech’ of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, when he assumed the role of  President on his initial election.

Anyway, this mini-series, be it controversial or not,  starred Greg Kinnear as John F Kennedy, Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, Tom Wilkinson as patriarch Joe Kennedy Jnr and Barry Pepper as Bobby Kennedy, and it basically related the epic story of an epic family that lived and loved what was always a very public life through a series of personal triumphs and tragedies.  It clearly showed the very dominant role that Joe Sen. played in the life of his family, and the loyalty displayed towards him by sons Jack and Bobby. I’m not sure where Edward was in all of this, I didn’t really notice much reference to him in the series, and I suppose that was because his political influence became more relevant after his two brothers had been killed. Not sure on that point.. 

I found the production particularly interested in the way it traced the major international political events of the time, such as Kennedy’s handling as a statesman and world  leader, through crises like the Bay of Pigs, civil rights, the Berlin wall and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Other viewers were probably more interested in the more personal issues, such as the relationships between the two brothers and their wives, or the affairs with women like Marilyn Monroe, etc, that are generally attributed to JFK. Certainly, some interesting ‘aspects’ were placed on things like that, such as the depiction of Monroe’s total obsession with the President to the degree that she believed he had agreed to marry her!! That’s in the film  – I obviously have no idea of the accuracy or otherwise of those type of storylines that occurred in the series. As the New York Times, at the time of the controversery put it  –  “In chronicling the presidency of John F. Kennedy, it compresses time, consolidates characters and invents dialogue for moments never recorded by history’s pen.” Which has  resulted in more press and interest in the series, , and on a  personal level for myself, fits in with my love of a good historical novel, with a mix of fiction and fact.  Nevertheless,  I certainly enjoyed the acting, in particular of Kennedy’s father, Joe Sen., and the two brothers, and Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy, one could so often imagine she was the woman herself, as far as looks were concerned.

I finished off tonight, watching Australia’s Casey Stoner try and win his 4th MotoGP of the season out of six races.



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