Posted by: jkirkby8712 | June 20, 2011

Sunday, 19th June 2011 – Beautiful music tainted by influences of a dark past.

Another restless Saturday night, broken sleep, and an early rising, to get into the radio studio at 6.20 am. I was happy with this morning’s selection of music, which included an instrumental [wind orchestra] version of Carl Orff’s ‘Carmina  Burana’. That is a piece of music which is used in countless commercials and cinematic battle scenes, and for many, one of choral music’s most recognisable choral works. Yet strangely, it’s triumph is befouled by dark secrets. As one writer put it, the metaphor of a composer selling his soul to the devil could easily apply to Carl Orff who found fame and fortune through his support of the Nazi regime.

The question often asked of this work is whether the impact of Carmina Burana is tainted by it’s Nazi seal of approval.  Be that as it may, it remains a powerful piece of music, especially as played this morning, by a wind & brass orchestra, which was entirely instrumental in concept, with the vocal music fully incorporated into the band itself. I was thinking that at some stage, I should play the vocal version, although looking at the description of the composition, and it’s original sub-title ‘Profane songs for singers…etc’, it might not perhaps be an appropriate piece of music to play at 8am on a Sunday morning!! The band music notes describe it in the following manner.   ‘Orff derived the inspiration and texts for his score from the anthology of songs and poems written in medieval Latin, German and French by goliards, vagrant scholars, vagabond poets, and wandering monks of seven hundred years ago. Containing approximately two hundred songs and poems, both sacred and secular, the manuscript ranged in style and content from earthly simplicity to sophisticated symbolism, from religious contemplation to unabashed worldliness. The texts are frank avowals of the earthly pleasures: eating, drinking, gambling, love-making; the beauty of life and glorious springtime. Orff exhilarates us with throbbing rhythms and battering-ram tunes, and moves us with chaste tenderness and heartfelt simplicity’.  Of course, there is substantially more that could be said on this subject, but as with my comments this morning, I think I will leave it at that, simply pointing out that this music has it’s own special story and background attached to it.

I think I spent a part of this Sunday catching up on some neglected writings, and preparing a couple of other musical programs scheduled for the beginning of the week.  I heard from Jodie, late morning, wondering if I was going to the football today – thinking she was going to suggest doing so,  I prepared in my mind a last minute change of plans for the rest of the day, but in fact, she wanted to come over and watch the game on TV with Dad  – well, there was an ulterior motive, and that was to do some work on Susie’s computer, while she was still up in Bendigo! Apparently Jodie’s PC was still out of action!  Anyway, not really in the mood for a sudden drive to the city, I was quite happy with that arrangement. Although ironically, about 30 minutes later, James rang me  – was I interested in getting a lift  to the football, he was driving into the city, although he had other plans after the match, so would not be returning. He was likely to be meeting friends at the stadium, so I didn’t feel too guilty in declining his offer, having already made the commitment to Jodie.

So that was my afternoon/early evening entertainment – had the company of Jodie, who was on the computer until the football started, while soon thereafter, her mother turned up, also wishing to make use of Susie’s computer whilst it’s owner was missing!! All of a sudden my house had become popular! And while  I was generally quite happy to see James’ ‘neglected’ dog [which because of his constant absences from home for work, study & social life, he is now referring to ‘his’ dog as the ‘family’ dog as a means of excusing his initial commitment to the poor animal], one does still not trust as been completely house trained, so a constant watch on the animal needs to be maintained. Named after one of Carlton’s star footballers,  ‘Murphy’ is an extremely friendly dog which craves company and attention, not a pet which can be easily ignored. My only problem with it’s being here today was that it completely stressed out Susie’s two cats during the afternoon, to the point where I could not get them into the house tonight [even though Murphy had gone by then], barely wanted to come in to eat!  Susie would not be impressed!

As for the football match,  it was a slow start by the Blues this afternoon, but once they found their game, the team looked unbeatable for most of the afternoon. It was a pity that a big lead at three quarter time was whittled away to some degree by the combination of a more determined effort by Sydney, and a bit if tiring coming into the Carlton movement around the field. Nevertheless it was a promising display, and might go part of the way to silencing many of the critics who didn’t consider Carlton a worthy challenger for this year’s top couple of teams [Geelong and Collingwood]. Back into 3rd place after today’s match, and if we keep winning, we will stay in that position, or better! It has been many years since Carlton have had so many wins just after the halfway stage of the season –  9 wins, 2 losses, and a draw!!

Carlton Blues:                 4.2.26            7.4.46           13.8.86          FINAL:   15.10.100

Sydney Swans:                3.1.19            4.3.27             4.4.28           Final:      10.6.66


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