Posted by: jkirkby8712 | June 30, 2011

Saturday/Sunday, 25th & 26th June 2011 – a weekend flashes past.

Only briefly saw daughter Susan today – her return in the early hours of this morning, did not last for long. Spoke briefly today before I went out for a late morning walk, and not long after I returned, Susie was off again, and said she’d not be back until sometime next week!!  Apparently visiting someone today/tonight, and then back up to Bendigo on Sunday. I don’t think she even had the opportunity to visit her Mum or Nan on this ‘quick’ pass through ‘home’!!  I have to admit that when she left again, at around 12.30pm [after I’d organised the payment of her next month’s rent up in Bendigo], I felt rather unhappy about  the brief arrival and departure! Seems to be the way things are at present.

Overall, it would be a quiet weekend for this writer, with a great deal of my time devoted to more work on the family history, while outside, the gardens continued to be somewhat neglected.  With the winter season currently upon us, not a great deal of growth was happening in any case, though some of those weeds did need my attention! All in good time! Left on my own again this weekend, it was a case of housework, shopping and a bit of cooking, though not always as enthusiastic about the latter as I should be, when it is only this writer I am catering for.

Tonight, Australia’s  Bernard Tomic played his third round game at Wimbledon, I didn’t see the game [need some sleep occasionally] but awoke to the news that he had achieved another surprising win, and would next come up against Robin Sodering, who had just knocked Lleyton Hewitt out of the tournament. With the eventual defeat of our remaining lady in the tournament earlier this evening –  as I noted on Face Book during the evening –‘Come on Jarmila, a big effort for your adopted country, as our only girl left in Wimbledon, a tough call against the No. 1 player in the world, but you have all Aussie tennis fans on your side tonight!! If you can take her all the way, not much sleep for me, but who cares!!’  And later on, at the conclusion of the game –  ‘It’s over, Jarmila lost 3/6 2/6, too much class, the World No. 1, taught our girl a lesson in how to win a match without being too fancy. Think I’ll follow Wozniacki from hereon – world no. 1 yet never won the major tournaments, just plays  a lot of tennis very well!  Now, to bed or not – our last remaining man is about to play! Well, if he wins, I can watch his next game, if he loses, glad I didn’t sit up to watch it!  Even Casey Stoner is losing his MotoGP tonight’  –   in fact, he did come in second in tonight’s 6th race of the season [forgotten where it was], but still remains in front of the 2011 MotoGP Championship, is riding in great form at present.

Sunday morning early, found me up at the radio station as usual, with my usual greeting of rabbits running in all directions as I approached the station entrance!  Apart from a walk later on, my return home soon after 9am would see me stay there. Probably should have made the effort and gone to the football in the city – but Jodie, who would have gone to this game [as boyfriend, Ash, barracks for the opposition] was working all weekend, and while I knew James would be at the game, he had his own group of ‘drinking and partying’ friends to join him these days, and I really preferred to be part of a quieter group!  As things would turn out, I would probably feel rather glad that I decided to remain at home, and watch today’s match on the TV again.

I noted the other night, Carlton coach Brett Ratten’s comment that a similar effort [to last weekend’s match against Sydney]  against West Coast  Eagles today would be a good indication of his team’s improvement this year, as West Coast themselves  have been in really good form.  Well, if today’s game was going to be such an indication, it was a deflated one, because the Blues were defeated for the first time in a number of weeks, and sitting there at home watching that game unfold, was to say the least, rather frustrating and disappointing, a relatively poor display, against a team, which admittedly, played very well, deserved the win, and rather outclassed our Carlton team.  It was an extra disappointment, because it negated Carlton’s chance to consolidate a position in the top three places of the competition, and even challenge for second spot, had they kept winning. Despite that, they have been having a good season, but with a injuries creeping in, and a definite  weakness on the forward line which I have noticed over recent weeks – simply no regularly consistent tall players to be able to rely on to take marks and kick goals on a consistent basis. West Coast really did stand out and dominate in that aspect of the match this afternoon.

For the record, final quarter by quarter scores were:

Carlton Blues:          2.3.15     4.6.30      9.7.61      Final:  10.7.67

West Coast Eagles:  2.6.18      8.10.58   12.11.83   FINAL: 15.13.103

Meanwhile, in the Formula 1 European Grand Prix tonight, Australia’s Mark Webber finished in 3rd position, behind  teammate, Sebastian Vettel [again] and  Fernando Alonso.  The current Championship ladder sees Vettel well out in front  –  Sebastian Vettel [186 pts],  Jenson Button [109], Mark Webber [109], Lewis Hamilton [97] and Fernando Alonso [87]. I think Vettel would need to stop racing for the rest of the year for Webber, or anyone else to have a hope of taking his position!

And so the weekend has indeed flown away – a bit of a sporty discussion., I realise, but then, that is me, from time to time!!




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