Posted by: jkirkby8712 | June 30, 2011

Tuesday 28th June – why am I feeling ‘off-colour’ today?

By ‘off-colour’, I mean unwell! After the radio show last night,  while it was almost 1am before I got to bed, I thought I felt fine at that stage. But I was awake again within an hour, and was suddenly feeling decidedly unwell.  It felt like a form of pain from a chest infection, only mild, but enough, I must admit to leading to a small degree of ‘panic’  [I guess, somewhere along the lines of the ‘panic attacks’ that both my sons have experienced at different times].  I know my thoughts went to the heart, and while I felt reasonably certain that was not the problem, my mild sensations of panic and concern, and the fact that I was alone, didn’t help matters a great deal!!  So I guess I was awake for the next 3 hours – was actually not keen to go back to sleep.  Two cups of black tea, had a bit of a soothing affect to some degree, while the tennis on the TV – well, I’d obviously missed earlier, another great win by our Bernard Tomic, who won his way into the quarter finals on Wednesday night, and couldn’t get much enthusiasm for the matches that were on at this time of the morning

I guess it would have been nice to have been able to forget work, and simply remain at home  this Tuesday – I thought of it, but that old bugbear of commitment came into play, so instead, I simply slept a little longer [when I did get back to sleep], and rang in to say I would be a bit later than usual. I must say that for most of my day in the office, I continued to not feel as well as I would have preferred – nothing serious, just that feeling below the surface that something was not quite right! And another radio show to do this evening, but much earlier, and a shorter version tonight.

Putting aside notes about health and work issues, there have been a couple of interesting ‘animal’ documentaries on the TV over recent weeks dealing with various forms of the ‘ape’ and ‘monkey’ world, and in the course of those programs,  we were reminded of Jane Goodall.  Dr Jane Goodall is an internationally-acclaimed primatologist, environmentalist and UN Messenger of Peace. She is also the best-selling author of “Hope for Animals and Their World” and “Reasons for Hope: A Spiritual Journey”. Goodall began studying the social organization of chimpanzees in 1960, in what is now Tanzania, under the mentorship of famed anthropologist and palaeontologist, Dr Louis Leakey. Her work at Gombe Stream would become the foundation of future primatological research and redefine the relationship between humans and animals. In 1977, she established the Jane Goodall Institute, which continues the Gombe research and is considered a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. “Roots & Shoots”, the institute’s global environmental and humanitarian youth network, has groups in more than 120 countries. In 2002, Goodall was appointed to serve as a United Nations Messenger of Peace, then reappointed in June 2007 by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. In 2004, she was invested as a Dame of the British Empire and in 2006, received the French Legion of Honour as well as the UNESCO Gold Medal.

The interesting thing about Jane Goodall, was that she  grew up with chimps from a young age and has been studying them, in her unique and unorthodox manner, since the early 60s. Because she was not scientifically-trained, Goodall observed things that others may have overlooked.   Instead of numbers, she used nicknames for her favourite chimps. Fifi and David Greybeard, she believed, displayed unique and individual personalities. This unconventional idea became the foundation of our present-day understanding that it isn’t only human beings who have personality and rational thought, and emotions like joy and sorrow.  Certainly watching the documentaries about the chimps and some of their other family members, it was not hard to see the reality of that kind of reasoning in many of the interactions between the various members of the family group.

In contrast to the comments at the beginning of this contribution, Bill was feeling okay by the time he returned home this evening, after another 2 hours on air. A brief exchange of text messages with Susan over a couple of minor matters, a light meal, some tennis, and not too late a night – in fact, while only of six hours duration, my sleep would be uninterrupted!  Rare for this guy!


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