Posted by: jkirkby8712 | July 1, 2011

Thursday, 30th June 2011 – financial year ends!!

On such a date, I should be at the office, especially for my last ‘end of financial year’ occasion as a full time employee!!  However in fact, I’m having a couple of days off, let’s call it a deserved rest, with a couple of medical appointments included. All is organised on the work front end of year situation, and most of the work in that respect will be taking place next week anyway! So took advantage of all that, and did not rush myself this morning!  Although, having being an early riser most of my life, one always feels that the day is been wasted, if one stays in bed too long of a morning! But at least commitment was missing today, and after some late viewing of the Wimbledon tennis, today came at an opportune time.

Today’s emails included another one of those DNA connections through the Genebase system, though really, no form of permanent connection has ever come of that very broad based catch up with ‘very past’ ancestors, and certainly from that point of view, I’ve achieved very little in the 18 months or so since I signed up for that much publicised DNA test, aimed at discovering one’s ancestral origins, though much beyond the ‘family history research’ I’m currently engaged in.  Genebase  claims to allow you to search  for immediate family lines!!  That might perhaps happen rarely through the family tree details that members are able to place on the site, but from the DNA ‘match contacts’ you are advised of from time to time, well, nothing has certainly arisen from that direction.  At least today’s ‘match’  had a photo with the name, like my own profile, a younger chap from Germany! But as with most of the previous matches, probably little point in contacting him, as any kind of reply is seldom forthcoming. Interestingly, another online request came to me from a current Face Book friend, who was originally a ‘penfriend’ from the old ‘letter writing’ days [‘pre emails] – apparently, she was seeking details of those old penfriend organisations, as she had  another friend who wanted to join up. While I wonder at how much they are used these days, I would imagine that there is still some kind of ‘international penfriend’ organisation still active, will try and find it for her!

One reason for being home today, was to attend an annual ‘diabetes’ assessment at the local medical clinic. Overall, things not going along too badly, and generally under control, so long as I keep it that way. Interestingly, a couple of years ago, the weight was a bit of a concern, out of balance with height etc, but it seems my efforts over the period since then, despite a few ups and downs have brought that correlation almost together, and we haven’t got far to go, before the actual weight is where my doctor suggested it should be a couple of years ago!! My aim is to be there by the 18 October!!

Apart from the little medical trip, and a bit of food shopping, it was a relatively quiet and peaceful day for your personal essayist here. Would have like to have got onto some reading, but my work on bringing the family history records up to date and into some kind of printable version seems to be dominating a lot of my spare time at the moment.  No visitors all day, and the mail only consisted of my latest cd selection of songs from the AMRAP organisation which I now feature on a Monday night.

Today’s media was paying a lot of attention to the political ramifications that will arise here in Australia when the 1st July arrives tomorrow, and I shall touch on that tomorrow. Also a lot of praise been extended to Bernard Tomic for his ‘losing’ efforts at Wimbledon yesterday, generally regarded as a star of the future!! Let’s hope it happens that like, and he doesn’t ‘lose his way’ along the road as so many of our young up and coming sporting stars do these days, as other things in life become more of an attraction, or perhaps\ distraction!! Of course the big news from Wimbledon yesterday on the broader front was the defeat of Roger Federer, by the French player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – the first time Federer had lost in a Grand Slam from being two sets up, losing 6/3,7/6,4/6.4/6,4/6  Despite the loss, Federer, who turns 30 in August, remains confident he can add to his Grand Slam total of 16.  “I think I definitely can, yes. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t the case,” he insisted.  “I think I’m playing well. I thought my game was plenty good enough this year to win the tournament. Unfortunately there’s only one that can win it, and the rest go home empty-handed.”  It was a second successive quarter-final loss at Wimbledon for the Swiss former world number one, Tomas Berdych the man to beat him last year, and Federer’s last Grand Slam triumph remains the 2010 Australian Open.

Tonight, the Women’s Singles semi finals were played – I watched part of the first game, but opted for another reasonable sleep as the clock went past 11.30pm!   In those matches, fifth seed Maria Sharapova swept past unseeded German Sabine Lisicki 6-4 6-3 to romp through to the Wimbledon women’s final, while eighth seed Petra Kvitova battled past Victoria Azarenka 6-1 3-6 6-2 to reach her first Grand Slam final.  The Czech, also a semi-finalist last year, was utterly dominant early on from the baseline with her crisp and accurate hitting. Belarusian fourth seed Azarenka, whose yelping noise when striking the ball has caused amusement and annoyance at the grass-court Grand Slam, stormed back in the second set though as Kvitova struck eight unforced errors, but she couldn’t maintain the comeback. Personally, I find it totally distracting and unpleasant to watch a match where the female player is engaged in so much on court screaming and grunting, another reason I switched off tonight, as Azarenka was playing!!


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