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Wednesday, 6th July 2011 – news from Thailand

A couple of days ago, I asked friends in Thailand about the weekend’s election, and received an interesting response [dated 5 July]
“We have just seen a “democratic thai election”.  The outed former PM – Taksin –  has brought  & schemed
his younger sister to the role of The Prime minister of Thailand.  His motives should have been obvious…but the Thai rice-farmers  of the North-East prefer Taksin’s “vote-buying money”   (to anything we may assume ) to  be a DEMOCRACY  for money hungry Thais.  The Educated in Bangkok preferred the status quo to remain.
Taksin’s plan is, obvious, to now be white-washed clean of all  the corruption charges already proven against him.  His 46 billion baht – of ill-gotten gains, that’s frozen by the Court, to be returned to him.  He will expect the same as his former wife received… with interest.  For him to now return back to Thailand – from his exile, a FREE MAN and so wrongly convicted. In his and his red-shirt employees’ minds. The going price for your vote up here –  in the N.E was 250 baht from the party that eventually won.  I’m crying “poor” as the “man with the money” failed to turn-up at ‘the family’ home by 9.30 p.m. on Saturday night. So we left.
This is only a part of the disillusionment of DEMONCRACY – THAI  STYLE. We had to travel to ‘my wife’s’ village for her to vote. (As with everyone in Thailand) We did the trip on our 110cc Honda. Twenty km along the highway we were hit by a tropical storm that soaked us both for the 25 mins.  Then 10km up the road people are wondering why we are in our plastic raincoats. Her sister waited 5 hours in Bangkok in an attempt to get on a bus.  There would have only been “standing room” on the bus for the 260km trip”. 

[The writer, an Australian married to a Thai lady] who has a lot of respect and admiration for the King of Thailand, who is much revered in the country, however his respect obviously doesn’t extend to the newly elected government & their representatives. I saw Taksins’ sister  being interviewed on the ABC this morning, and she came over as quite genuine and sincere, but I obviously wasn’t aware in much detail of the background to her political family].

The State of Origin rugby league was played tonight  – Game 3 [the decider between Queensland and New South Wales [NSW] – ‘the Blues’I decided to watch this game tonight, before switching over to the cycling for a while – barracking for the ‘Blues’ despite getting a bit of ‘ribbing’ from my sister up in Queensland. However, things didn’t go that way for NSW, and Queensland, in front of a very parochial home crowd of over 50,000, went on to win their 6th State of Origin title in a row!!

Meanwhile, it was Stage 5 of the Tour de France tonight – Carhaix Cap to Frehel, a distance of 164.5 kms. I watched the first hour or so,  and saw a replay of the finish later on – Britain’s Mark Cavendish came from the ‘pack’ to snatch victory for the day’s ride, from a Belgian and Spanish rider. I noticed that there were a number of accidents in tonight’s ride, don’t think weather conditions were that good, and apparently the roads that the competitors ride over in this section of the Tour are quite narrow [certainly the opposite of what we are used to here in Australia].  Cadel Evans [Australia’s hope] came in 11th position for this stage, and he remains in 2nd position overall, behind the Norway rider, Thor Hushovd.

I would have liked to have watched the Matildas’ game tonight –  Women’s World Cup soccer game against Norway, in which the Aussies came away with a 2-0 win, and thereby qualified for the quarterfinals  –  next match, against Sweden!!  Unfortunately, with the game on at 2am our time, it was not ‘convenient to be up watching TV in the middle of a working week, at that time!!  At least that match [against Sweden] might be on at a more reasonable for us here in Eastern Australia – 9pm on Sunday night!!  Excellent!




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