Posted by: jkirkby8712 | July 20, 2011

Wednesday, 20th July 2011 – news notes, the ‘Tour’ and a midday meal!!

A day off work today, in order to attend the Family History Society’s mid-year dinner/lunch – had a number of other tasks, including tax returns and other financial matters to attend to, so decided to use a complete day for those purposes. Susie came down last evening, to attend an appointment she had for this  morning [which was subsequently cancelled – another trip in her car that was not necessary!!].  Back up north for more ‘classes’ later.  While it was reasonably mild this morning, when I called in early at the radio station to give a brief local sports report, the morning appeared to become more overcast and cold as the hours went by.

Much of today’s media was focusing attention on the overnight interviews [or grilling] of media magnate Rupert Murdoch, and his son James over the present phone hacking scandals by members of his organisation in the UK.  That had resulted in the closing down of the responsible newspaper ‘News of the World’, a number of lost reputations,  a few arrests, and now posed a threat to the Murdoch empire!!!  A good thing, many would say, and those same people would probably attach a lot of cynicism to protestations of ‘sorry’ and ‘we knew nothing about the phone hacking practices of our staff’.  Just the very practical aspect of that is a little difficult to believe, although considering the Murdoch’s over-riding role in those media organisations he controls, in all fairness, it would difficult to expect the ‘boss’ to be aware of everything that happens – I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt,  those I imagine most people wouldn’t!!  And of course, the old adage – ‘the buck stops here’ irrespective of what he did or didn’t know!! Anyway, one awaits with interest, as with many such events, the eventual outcome of that saga.

Overnight in the Tour de France, a strong effort and brilliant sprinting finish by Cadel Evans over arch  rival and Alberto Contador [Spain] – they finished back in 11th & 12th positions in last night’s Stage 16, but the important thing about that for Evans that it enabled him to inch valuable seconds off tour leader, Thomas Voeckler [France] and 2nd placed Frank Schleck [Luxembourg], shooting Evans up into 2nd position overall, and now just 1 minute and 45 seconds behind Voeckler for the TDF title. The winner of Stage 16 was Norway’s Thor Hushovd, the early leader in the Tour during Week 1, but who is now placed back in 53rd position, overall.

Interesting to note that Australia is in the middle of an influenza outbreak., and it is predicted to be about to get worse here in Victoria. Apparently rates are more than three times higher than  last year, with the peak flu season sweeping through NSW, Queensland and South Australia. Apparently the higher numbers have arisen following a spike in the March/April period when there was high rainfall leading to the subsequent moist air allowing viruses to thrive.  However, numbers were still below the 200i9 levels, when Australia was hit by the HINI [Swine Flu] influenza.  Thankfully, I did make sure a couple of months ago that I received this year’s flu vaccination, and while I suppose that is not a 100% guarantee of immunity, it has provided some peace of mind over the past couple of years.

I had a very enjoyable lunch in the company of members of the Family History Society today – dining at the Sunbury Football Club ‘restaurant style’ facilities. Mind you, having such a large meal in the middle of the day, I knew was not a very wise decision, as I normally eat quite lightly at that time. However, we proceeded with a pleasant meal of fish & vegetables with chips, followed by a good old fashioned ‘bread & butter pudding’ [unfortunately laden with delicious ice-cream & cream, two items I do generally avoid these days!!!]. As expected, that affect of that delicious meal began to be felt by late afternoon.  Being on my own again, there was at least no commitment  to prepare an evening meal, and I don’t think I bothered with anything substantial!

A surprise visitor late this afternoon – from Susan’s former boyfriend, must have been expecting her to be home, as was surprised when I said she had returned to Bendigo. They must have communicated earlier today, and Susie forgot to say she would not be here. Anyway, didn’t say what he wanted, but would give her a ring!  Not really sure that I want him to come back into Susie’s life –  don’t know if the required ‘trust’ would be there any longer.

On the news front, there was a large funeral was held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground today for legendary Australian Football League coach, Alan Jeans, who died last week. The coach of four successful premiership teams, Jeans probably received the best of tributes from many of those men who played football under him –  regarding him as a father figure, and a fine coach, policeman, and human being.  Many regarded him as a ‘second father’, and the tributes were certainly flowing at the service today, such as  ‘”(He was) the most morally sound man I’ve ever come across.”.  Alan Jeans played a modest 77 games with St Kilda, before taking over as Coach of the Club in 1961. He delivered their only Premiership flag in 1966 [ a one point win over Collingwood], and then after 16 years at St Kilda, he was appointed the Coach of Hawthorn in 1981 and went on to guide the side to premierships in 1983, 1986 and 1989.   The Hawks dominated the competition, appearing in seven successive grand finals from 1983 to 1989 – excluding 1988 when Alan Joyce took over and won the flag.








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