Posted by: jkirkby8712 | July 22, 2011

Thursday, 21st July 2011 – passing through again with a thought or two!

I’ll call this an uneventful day –  another cold July weekday in Melbourne, don’t recall seeing much of the sun, though admittedly I was in the office for most of the day.  Getting a few tasks up to date, and behind me, and with thoughts of the likely quick passing of the next few months – certainly my boss, Jackie, had my departure in mind, and was already on course for a replacement person, etc. No doubt before then, she will have ensured that she knows every dot and comma [and calculation] of what I do – I think she has this constant thought that there will be a gap between ‘people’, so she has to know everything back and front. The kind of person who tries to do ‘everything’ in some fashion or other.  I think I am avoiding that ‘teaching’ process, although my other work associate has ‘kindly’ lined me up to do a ‘Group Treasurers’ training session at the end of September –  something I could have well done without at this stage of things!!

I notice that the Uniting Church Environment Network is making it very obvious which side of the ‘climate’ debate they are on –  their latest newsletter begins with the words      “The Government has announced its carbon tax package. This is a crucial opportunity for us to actually see some meaningful action on climate change, but we need as many people as possible to do something in the next few months to shift public opinion and ensure it gets through Parliament”  Seems to be an assumption there [as with campaign organisations such as GET UP] that we all [as part of the Church for example] all agree wholeheartedly with what the government is doing!  True, some meaningful action at last, but do we have to necessarily agree with the means of undertaking that action?  If you support the word ‘environment’, it’s assumed you automatically go with the flow, no questions asked!  I do notice that they have organised a forum for later next week entitled ‘Who’s telling the truth about Climate Change?’  There are two well credited Professors involved in this conversation [David Karoly Professor of Meteorology at Melbourne University in conversation with Yoshihisa Kashima Professor of Psychological Sciences at Melbourne University]     – but not knowing anything about them, I wonder whether they will be on the same track, or in fact, presenting an option of views? Maybe I should go along and find out – but a week night on the other side of Melbourne? Not the kind of outing normally on my agenda these night.

I had my taxation return ready to go tonight, then discovered a couple of points I needed to clear up – was feeling a little annoyed at that, when a lady from an organisation who had asked me, once again, to do the audit of their small local organisation, arrived [two hours after I’d expected her] – anyway, I made sure that was just a quick visit, she handed over the records which I unwisely promised to have completed by the end of next week. Wan ted to get my own affairs sorted out first  [this was another of my ‘voluntary’ occasional roles for the community – I’d generally relinquished most of the audit roles that I’d undertaken in the past, but this one, and the church audits seemed to keep coming back!!].  Bill is still not very efficient at saying ‘No’!!

Jodie also called around for a brief time, wanted to use Susie’s computer.  She looked rather tired, and obviously her two part time jobs are draining the girl a little. I know she is looking for a permanent position suited to the qualifications she gained earlier this year, an d I must try and help out in that area, somehow. As for the rest of the evening, I spent most of my time working on my newly purchased ‘Family Tree Maker’ Program – slowly making progress in that area.




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