Posted by: jkirkby8712 | July 25, 2011

Monday, 25th July, 2011 – Another Monday morning!

It’s feels like too, another Monday morning, and after the euphoria of the weekend’s ‘hero’ status created by our newest sports star [Cadel Evans], and the contrasting horror of what happened in Norway on Friday, well, put simply, the mundane ‘another day’ aspects of returning to the office is almost depressing!  But then I look at my calendar, and see that there are 86 days to go, before my official retirement date, and a bit of optimism returns [though admittedly, also combined with an element of apprehension at the approach of a new stage of life!!

Meanwhile, found myself feeling a little annoyed on the drive into the city – tuned into our radio station, and a presenter who was obviously having trouble [as she did last week] operating the system properly, the result of which was very poor radio [despite some good music, which was basically all that was coming through]. Had I not been on the road heading away from Sunbury, I would have gone up to the station to offer some assistance, and while I might be wrong, I was annoyed that nobody else, who could assist, seemed to be tuned in, or aware of a problem!!  Oh well, no doubt, I shall voice those views at the next committee meeting, and probably upset somebody in the process!!

Also had daughter Susie on my mind – as part of her course, she was beginning a 4 week school placement this morning, at a town about 20 minutes north of here, hoped that would be a successful outcome. Being so close to home, it also meant she would be home during the week, so at least there would be a bit more ‘company’ of sorts, during that period.  Meantime, Ishall return here later!!


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