Posted by: jkirkby8712 | August 1, 2011

Sunday, 31st July 2011 – coaches in the hot seat!!

A bit of disappointing news received late this afternoon, but all part of life’s events when one has a family, and with support, etc, we shall all move on, to more opportunities and lifetime changes. As for myself, well I think I have enough ‘changes’ coming up in the approaching months, don’t need to look for any more!


Meanwhile, a couple of very one sided AFL football matches over the weekend including that inflicted upon the once powerful Melbourne football team  – a loss by 186 points to potential grand finalist, Geelong, saw an immediate reaction this evening, with the sacking of the Melbourne coach, Dean Bailey – he was the second AFL coach to be sacked within a week, with one of the Adelaide coaches replaced last week.  Personally, I usually feel sorry for the coaches, who always seem to be the first person to go, when a team is playing badly  –  I mean after all, it is generally the players out on the football field, who are putting in the poor performance. But, blame begins at the top in these situations!  At Carlton, while the team is going along fairly well this year, it is generally accepted, that if the team do not manage to win at least one Finals game this September, the  coach Brett Ratten  will be replaced!!  As it currently stands, the Blues are still in the likely position of dropping to 5th on the ladder before the interim season finishes, which would mean they will only get one opportunity to win a finals game, and despite their relative strength during most of the current season,  such a win cannot be a guarantee!   With 5 rounds to go, of which Carlton has a bye in one of those weeks, the Top 8 situation currently stands as follows, with only 8 of the 16 teams in the competition to move into the final series of matches through September:


  1. Collingwood Magpies:               64
  2. Geelong Cats                              64
  3. Hawthorn Hawks                       52
  4. Carlton Blues                             50
  5. West Coast Eagles                     48
  6. Sydney Swans                            38
  7. St Kilda Saints                           38
  8. Fremantle Dockers                    36
  9. Essendon Bombers                    34
  10. North Melbourne Kangaroos     32
  11. Melbourne Demons                    30
  12. Western Bulldogs                       28
  13. Richmond Tigers                        22
  14. Adelaide Crows                          20
  15. Brisbane Lions                           12
  16. Gold Coast Suns                         12
  17. Port Adelaide Power                     8


Next weekend, Carlton comes up against the luckless Melbourne team, though again, despite the latter’s poor effort on Saturday, a win should not be automatically assumed!  A danger game!


In the meantime, with the next newsletter of the radio station due for release within the next week or so, I decided to make a little contribution, and the following is part of that piece of writing. It was headed ‘Be careful, it will become addictive’………………


‘When I ventured into my first Showtime program at 3NRG at 9pm on a Thursday night in May 2005 [after dashing in from a School Council meeting, or was it a Church Council  meeting??] under the watchful eyes of Harry Beckwith, I could never have imagined that  6 years later, I would still be collecting that ‘damn’ key from you know where, or playing that Southern Star promo, or waiting for the infamous 3NRG midnight ghost to put in an appearance!! 
But here I am, still here!! Almost a 1000 shows later [all up including Fill-ins], I’m still signing that book, or grumbling about Mr Walker, or presenters quoting the temperature from that faulty weather gauge in the studio, or presenters who simply don’t turn up, or my coming in at 6.30am on a Sunday morning, and finding the studio window was left open overnight, etc, etc –  and still loving it all!!
So a word of warning to all those new presenters who have joined us in recent months  –  it ‘does’ become addictive, but an addiction with positive results, and generally, not harmful to one’s health – unless you are stupid enough to volunteer to do a program first thing on a Sunday morning!!!!!  Yet, it is a wonderful experience to arrive up at the studio at that time and be greeted by 635 rabbits and 3 magpies each week – although sadly, none of them stay around!!!   The rabbits take one look at this person, and then scatter in all directions, while the magpies, well they simply realise immediately that I’m not Sandie D, and I don’t have a bag of bread in my hand!!! 
Anyway, I’d just like to say after these six years  – enjoy what you are doing, and most importantly, make sure you ‘sound’ as though you are enjoying it, because if you don’t, your listeners will pick up on that, and switch off!  Like most of us I suspect [there are the obvious exceptions],  I don’t get much feedback, calls etc, but that doesn’t really matter –  it’s all worthwhile, if the occasional call you do get,  is from someone you don’t know, but who wants to tell you, that the song you just played, has brought back so many memories, and made their day!!!  You can go home from that program feeling content that you made someone happy!
I’m finishing up with ‘Showtime’  –  last program will at 6pm on Thursday, 23 August – Showtime Program No. 300.  From now on, I will concentrate on Sunday Classics [6.30 – 9am Sundays] and Smorgasbord of Music & Entertainment [9pm – Midnight, Monday nights], plus very happy to fill-in at other times as and when required. I enjoy and play ‘most’ forms of music [just a couple of genre exceptions!!!].
It is a great organisation to be a part of, and while at times, we might feel that ‘things’ are moving too slowly, the advances that 3NRG has made, particularly over the past two years, in so many areas, means it is a privilege and a pleasure to continue to be a part of the place. But we can only be as good and as vibrant as the Membership allows us to be – become involved in some way, beyond your lonely 2 hours a week, and in doing so, you will find your enjoyment of the role grows with that added involvement…………………………….one of the best decisions I have ever made, in joining 3NRG’.
Susan headed back up to Bendigo shortly before 5 o’clock this evening, although not long afterwards Jodie turned up to make use of her sister’s computer [Susie knew she was coming], so I had her company [in a fashion] for a few hours tonight. But, it was back to the empty house for the night again, later on!



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