Posted by: jkirkby8712 | August 10, 2011

Wednesday, 10th August 2011 – violence and thuggery on the streets of London, and a rehash of Shakespeare’s style of violence!!

What a degraded bunch of human beings we sometimes are!!  I note that, as I read reports of the rioting, burning, looting and general thuggish and criminal actions taking place in London and other parts of England at present.  Yes, perhaps the initial genuine peaceful protests might have had some justification attached to them, I don’t know the real story, but since when, we have seen what I believe is the [as I began my Face Book entry earlier this morning] with the remark that it’s  ‘Sad to think that there is such an underbelly of potential violence and mindless thuggery simply awaiting the excuse to unleash itself – those criminal gangs and thugs are England are lucky they are not in a place like Syria today, they would be facing more than just riot police and shields!!!’ Created one or two interesting brief responses, eg, from  Rosie [in a relationship with an English guy] –  ‘I say send in some tanks! show some real muscle. hats off to the police but they needs bigger more armed help, get those chavie townies back in school!’   Or Jane, from England itself  –  ‘i know Bill its a disgrace ship them out to Somalia and kenya where our brothers and sisters are dying needlessly …shame on them i dont think any of us can believe this rubbish’,  while Ruth felt that  ‘In Syria today, it is probably people like them that are committing the atrocities- those are very useful people at times’.


My response to all that:-      ‘Probably some truth to that Ruth! And Jane, is your comment suggesting that the thugs are from that part of the world [Kenya, Somalia?], the pictures we are seeing here mostly look very English, sadly. But you are right – on the surface, seems hard to believe it is happening in London and elsewhere….does this mean visitors to the Olympic Games in London next year have to do so with the same trepidation they faced in Delhi at the Commonwealth Games [a country where such a response would not surprise me]. Though as I suggested in the original post, who knows what kind of violent simmerings exist below the surface of many people, we are seeing that exposed now.   I often wonder if such a thing could occur here in Melbourne, for eg, if the police went out on an extended strike or something. Unfortunately, there are always groups and individuals , even in so-called civilised nations, who will take advantage of any situation, any excuse, to defy authority. Forget the original protests, it seems in the main that this is simply what is happening in the UK now, an excuse to riot, burn and loot!!!  Yes indeed, what a degraded bunch of human beings we can be sometimes!!’

Ruth reminded me that ‘I think Jane meant that to go to Kenya and Somalia would be to see what suffering is….
There is probably real anxiety about the economic situation behind all this but opportunists have made it much, much worse  If you were in Syria, Bill, you’d be first on Assad’s list …and that’s a complement :)’      Well, thank you Ruth, perhaps I’d better rehire that personal security guard, lol!!! But yes seriously,  whatever any of us wishes to say or think about Julia, or Tony, or Bob here in our ‘lucky country’ – we can do so without fear of suddenly been placed on a hit list [I hope!!!].  I heard the comment made this morning – the UK situation, the story of the underprivileged rising up against the privileged!  Another ‘tame’ excuse for pure thuggery and criminality, have we learned nothing from history, such as the French Revolution?



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