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Monday, 15 August 2011 – a couple of Aussies on the world sporting stage, and some words from C J Dennis

I received a brief communication from Robert K following our earlier remarks about Cadel Evans –  he noted that he had seen a repeat of most of the Cadel Evan’s welcome home parade last Friday, he thought that Cadel did look somewhat overwhelmed by the whole process, meanwhile he enjoyed the chat with a very proud Mum [I missed that interview].  He told me the story about how whe3n Cadel met his wife, she had no idea who he was, or that a bicycle was something with two wheels  [hmmm, sounds like a bit of a tall story!!], and further, that she now chases him in [in the car] on training rides with a whip!! [even taller story!!!]  – would have come over well in a public address however, get a laugh or two!!

Now last night, I intended to watch Casey Stoner try and win the motor cycling Czech Grand Prix  – saw some of the early laps but soon drifted off to sleep and heard no more!   Well, as I read this morning, Casey increased his MotoGP World Championship lead to 32 points over Jorge Lorenzo by winning the Czech Grand Prix at Brno. The Australian inherited the lead when his Honda team-mate Dani Pedrosa crashed out on lap three, the Spaniard losing the front end of his RCV212 and sliding off into the Turn 4 gravel. Pedrosa had only hit the front two corners previously, the polesitter overtaking Lorenzo as the world champion had a major slide exiting Turn 1 and lost momentum while exiting the corner. His exit left Stoner – who also passed Lorenzo after the Yamaha rider’s moment – in front, and the 2007 world champion was able to pull out a comfortable 6.5-second margin and take his sixth win of the year.  He is having a great season so far, let’s hope he can complete without any kind of serious mishap, always a possibility in a ‘sport’ of that nature.

Not so successful, was our Samantha Stoser. Again, this time as reported in the ‘Australian’  ‘SERENA Williams’ win in the Rogers Cup final over Samantha Stosur has confirmed she is again among the favourites for the US Open.  Williams hammered nine aces and won 89 per cent of her first serve points in beating the Australian 6-4 6-2 at the $US2.05 million ($1.97) hardcourt tournament, two weeks after winning the Stanford title. “Eight months ago if there was only one tournament I wanted to win, it was Toronto,” Williams said. “For whatever reason, I really wanted to win this event. Just going through so much and being able to win is even more amazing.” It is her first back-to-back title in three years, the 39th of her career and 11th win in 11 matches on the US hardcourt swing this summer. Williams, who turns 30 next month, is currently ranked 80th in the world and was competing in just her fourth tournament since being sidelined for a year by injuries and illness. Her win over Stosur took just 77 minutes as she played six matches in six days in Toronto and served notice that she is returning to form just ahead of the 2011 US Open’.  As for Samantha, reaching that final catapulted her back into the Top ten of Women’s tennis after a slump in form over recent months.  Stosur, was seeking just her third career title but lauded Williams for the way she has handled herself during the comeback.“She makes it look very easy, and it’s not that easy to just come back on tour and win two events in your first four tournaments,” Stosur said. “I think she’s playing very well. To win a tournament like this, you have to be playing well.”

Meanwhile, for myself, another wonderfully enjoyable three hours on the radio tonight. Amongst the wide genre of music types I like to present in this 3 hour spot, tonight I introduced the music of the reconstructed movie version of the ‘Sentimental Bloke’ –  what was originally, I believe a silent movie in the early 1900’s, a copy of which disappeared for almost half a century, and was based upon the written verse of C J Dennis. Anyway, this new production  was completed in around 2004, and the AMRAP organisation recently made available to me some tracks of the music from that movie.  There was one section I featured about ‘Bill’ [the character in the story] finally meeting Doreen’s Mum – Doreen is his  sometimes reluctant sweetheart in the poems by Dennis – at the beginning of the music, I recited part of the section about Maa – the following words covered the section I read over air.


“’Er pore dear par,” she sez, “’e kept a store”;

An’ then she weeps an’ stares ’ard at the floor.

“’Twas thro’ ’is death,” she sez, “we wus rejuiced

To this,” she sez…An’ then she weeps some more.

“’Er Par,” she sez, “me poor late ’usband, kept

An ’ay an’ corn store. ’E’d no faults ixcept

’Im fallin’ ’eavy orf a load o’ charf

W’ich — killed ’im-on the ——” ’Struth! But ’ow she wept.

She blows ’er nose an’ sniffs. “’E would ’a’ made”

She sez “a lot of money in the trade.

But, ’im took orf so sudden-like, we found

’E ’adn’t kept ’is life insurince paid.

“To think,” she sez, “a child o’ mine should be

Rejuiced to workin’ in a factory!

If ’er pore Par ’e ’adn’t died,” she sobs…

I sez, “It wus a bit o’ luck for me.”

Then I gits red as ’ell, “That is — I mean,”

I sez, “I mighter never met Doreen

If ’e ’ad not”— an’ ’ere I lose me block —“I ’ope,”

I sez, “’e snuffed it quick and clean.”

An’ that wus ’ow I made me first deboo.

I’d dodged it cunnin’ fer a month or two.

Doreen she sez, “You’ll ’ave to meet my Mar,

SOME day,” she sez. An’ so I seen it thro’.

I’d pictered some stern female in a cap

Wot puts the fear o’ Gawd into a chap.

An’ ’ere she wus, aweepin’ in ’er tea

An’ drippin’ moistcher like a leaky tap.

[extract only from ‘The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke’ by C J Dennis]]




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