Posted by: jkirkby8712 | August 18, 2011

Thursday, 18 August 2011 – dog horror in a suburban home, and a bad news day!

Awake this morning to the story of yet another horrible pit-bull terrior dog attack here in Melbourne, this one with an extra tragic outcome – in the north western suburb of St Albans, a four year old girl was mauled to death by a neighbour’s dog late yesterday, while another young girl suffered facial injuries, and a young woman who tried to fend off the dog suffered severe lacerations to her hands and arms. It sounds as though the attack commenced out in the street, and as the children fled into their home, the animal followed.  Disgraceful circumstances. The pit bull breed is banned as a ‘domestic’ pet in Australia I believe, but owners continue to get away with that ruling through cross-breeding, etc. I heard on the radio this morning that the animal’s owner had agreed that it should be put down  –  personally, I can’t see that he/she should have any say or option in the matter, the dog should be destroyed as a matter of process, without question. I think the family were part of the Sudanese community, and were staying with relatives after their own house burned down recently.

The debate over this breed and various associated cross-breeds has raged off and on over the years, resurrected each time a new attack occurs, and the ‘owners’ of these vicious animals continue to defend the animals and their right to keep them. It is obviously ‘too broad a brush’ to condemn all for the actions of a few,  however one has to wonderat the nature and attitude of some owners who have a desire to have such an aggressive animal as a ‘so-called’ pet, and I think more often then not, where such attacks ccur, the fault lies as more with the oner, than the animal itself.

Not a ‘good news’ day at all this Thursday.  Traffic, both this morning, and this evening  –  simply both frustrating and depressing, and so often, tends to spoil the day on a regular basis!  I get annoyed at the time one wastes each week, just trying to get from one place to another!!


Meanwhile, a stressful afternoon for emergency services, with two men shot dead at a Brunswick car repair works  –  murders of that nature might be commonplace in some cities of the world, but thankfully, much lesser occurrences here. A third man later admitted himself to hospital with gunshot wounds, and it was apparently established later in the night, that no one else was involved in the shooting ‘spree’. A rather ‘strange’ and tragic situation all around – I guess the real story will come out some day!


Then, this evening, tragic news for ABC television, when reports came through that the ABC helicopter had gone down over in South Australia whilst filming a documentary about Lake Eyre [and that  remote desert area’s remarkable transformation into a wonderland of vegetation following this year’s rains] – a crash that is apparently resulted in the deaths of long time ABC journalist, Paul Lockyer, cameraman John Dean, and the experienced and very popular helicopter pilot, Gary Ticehurst.  It was likely that tomorrow was going to be a very sad day throughout the ABC radio and TV networks around Australia.



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