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Monday, 12th September 2011 – Samantha Stosur!!

Up in time to watch Sam Stoser play in the US Open Final against Serena Williams –  I  guess the odds have to be against our Aussie girl, but you have to get to the final to have a chance to win. Decided the occasion called for a late arrival at work today – watching Sam play.
1st set:  and after a winning opening serve by both girls, the first break of service went to Sam, and she soon had a 3-1 lead. Break point in Serena’s next serve but Sam couldn’t take advantage of it, but she held her own serve, the lead 4-2. Serena not been allowed to play her normal game by Sam, and another break, leaves Sam serving for the set at 5-2, can you believe it. Now is the big test for Sam – can she hold her nerve, and her serve? She did!!  Sam wins first set 6-2, great show Sam. Time for an early morning cup of coffee!!  Yeahhhhhhh!!

2nd set:  Sam ‘playing out of her tree’ as the Aussie announcer back in the Channel 9 studio commented!! Then, Serena loses her cool with the umpire and a lines person, stirs up the crowd, and this has an affect on Sam initially. Sam tries to ignore the turmoil, makes no complaint, despite the unsportsmanlike conduct of her opponent  – the affect of which, sees Serena start to get back into the match. After a rurbulent 3 games, Serena leads 2-1 on serve.  Serena is still attacking the umpire verbally, at the change of end, trying to turn herself into the victim. Come on Sam, don’t let her rattle you!! Come on Sam. She survives 2 break points and retains her serve. At the previous change of ends, Williams really ‘gave it’ to the female umpire – typical outrageous aggression we have come to expect from this player. Perhaps she has even lost some of the crowd!   ‘You take a point away from me for expressing myself, I’m an American’ [part of Serena’s tirade to the umpire]  and ‘don’t look at me if we pass in the street’, etc.   Now 3-2 on serve, Williams leading. Sam must keep holding her serve from here on.  Suddenly, at 3-3, Sam breaks serve again, leads the set 4-3, her serve to come, even to lose from here, it’s a gutsy performance by our Aussie girl  – her composure is holding up!!  Now leads 5-3, as Serena serves to save the match.

2 Match points to Sam Stosur!!   1 Saved. 2 saved. Juice. A 3rd match point to Sam. 

 Sam Stosur wins the US Open. Photos: Reuters

Sam Stosur wins the US Open. Photos: Reuters

Yeahhhhhhh!!  Samantha Stosur wins the US Open Tennis title for Australia –  6/2, 6/3, the new ‘Queen of Australia’.   Meanwhile, from the Sydney Morning Herald’s Linda Pearce:

‘THE last message Sam Stosur heard from her trusted coach David Taylor before she walked out to end a 31-year grand slam singles drought for Australian women was the assurance that, yes, she was good enough to win the US Open final against the great Serena Williams. Stosur simply nodded her reply. Then played like she believed it.  By the end of a momentous Sunday in New York, one that had more soberly commemorated the 2001 terrorist attacks, the unassuming Australian and her entourage had gathered at the aptly-named Snafu bar to celebrate the maiden major title Stosur had snaffled from the winner of 13. With the upset 6-2, 6-3 victory came a cheque for $US1.8 million ($1.72 million). As Taylor quipped later: ”Gee, she’s got enough money to shout us all now.” Stosur has, of course, been financially comfortable for some time, but rarely has she looked so assured on a tennis court as in her second grand slam final, played on the vast Arthur Ashe Stadium – the huge crowd incited to a deafening level by a Williams meltdown after an outrageous stoush with chair umpire Eva Asderaki early in the second set. Yet, tellingly, Stosur’s response was to quietly save a break point and hold the most important service game of her tournament at 1-2, then four of the last five games’…………. So a fresh chapter in Australian tennis history has been written, for Evonne Goolagong Cawley’s second Wimbledon title in 1980 was the most recent slam won by an Australian woman, and the last local to win the Australian Open was Chris O’Neil, back in 1978.  Stosur knows what all this will mean: the pressure, the expectation, all of it, when she fronts up at Melbourne Park again next January. ”I know it’s going to be different, and hopefully I can handle it and learn from everything I’ve gone through over the past years to be able to handle it as best I can,” she said.   ”I would have liked to have won more titles throughout my career. Been in quite a few finals and wasn’t able to get through that last hurdle … It didn’t matter to me if I hadn’t ever won a title before today. I’ve got this one now, so that makes me proud.”

And Sam’s comment on her Face Book page –  simply ‘WOO HOO’

 After that, the rest of the day was a bit of an anti-climax, and it wasn’t long before I realised that I was not really where I wanted to be! But then the realisation, that in six weeks, I’d not be here anyway, dawned, and we got on with ‘some’ work!!  And tonight, while in many ways I would have liked to have simply stayed at home, it was back out to my radio station for tonight’s 9pm 3 hour show. Any tiredness, or ongoing health issue [the problems of the past week or so had not yet completely cleared up] soon disappeared once I got behind that microphone and began to play the night’s music! I’m sure that once my  employment stops, and I don’t have  the Tuesday morning commitment for work ahead of me, that I will probably find myself going beyond the midnight stopping point with this program, it gives me so much enjoyment!! Hopefully, a few listeners out there in radio world feel the same way


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