Posted by: jkirkby8712 | September 14, 2011

Saturday, 10th September 2011 – a day [even weekend] of sporting news

I had to do a Saturday morning drive over to Northcote this morning, to collect the mobile phone that I had left behind yesterday – could manage without the phone, but I’d left it in the charger, and didn’t really want it to remain that way for three days!  At least this morning, the traffic was much lighter than a weekday, and with the sun shining, it was quite a pleasant drive [although, I might have woken the cleaner Ken, who was probably having a snooze in the community room – he got quite a shock when he suddenly realised there was someone in the office area!].

The second  of the two AFL Qualifying Finals to be played this afternoon.  My team, Carlton, were due to play tomorrow.

Collingwood Magpies:         1.1.7       7.5.47     10.7.67        Final:     12.10.82

West Coast Eagles:               2.3.15     5.4.34       6.5.41        Final:      9.8.62

While over in Sri Lanka, the Second cricket Test continues, as does Australia’s batting performance  – when rain delayed play partway through this afternoon’s session, the Australia score had reached 7 wickets for 411 runs, with young debut Test cricketer, Shaun Marsh scoring a magnificent 142 runs [the 19th cricketer to score a test century on debut]. His more experienced batting partner, Michael Hussey, scored 141, and their joined partnership added 258 runs to the Australian score.

Rugby World Cup Update:

Game 2: Scotland 34 defeated Romania 24

Game 3: Fiji 49 defeated Namibia 25

Game 4: France 47 defeated Japan 21

Game 5: England 13 defeated Argentina 9

Still on sport, tonight, we saw the first of this weekend’s two AFL Elimination Finals – played at Edihad Stadium, it was St Kilda vs the Sydney Swans. A good night to be playing there, with the roof obviously closed in view of the wet wintry weather we are experiencing today. Thinking of the weather, I was a bit worried about Susie been out on the roads tonight – she had an engagement to go to in Wallan [out north on the highway to Sydney], although when I mentioned it to her earlier this afternoon, she was uncertain whether she would go, but would drive herself if she did. Anyway, she disappeared somewhere this afternoon, and did not return, sending me a message that she would not be home for the evening meal, and back fairly late. I must admit that I was relieved to hear that she was in fact, in Sunbury, and presumably not planning to travel very far. 

Meantime, another Aussie sporting event overnight, would come from the USA – where tensions were pretty high, as the approach of the anniversary of 9/11 came near, and security was at a maximum high in New York, under fears of an anniversary terrorist attack. While those fearing such an attack, seem to be assuming it will come in New York, I would have thought it more likely, that if there were to be a terrorist incident tomorrow, it will occur somewhere unexpected, and unplanned for in terms of extra security. Hopefully, all such fears will be unfounded in any case!  What I was referring to, in getting to the US, was the US Open Tennis Semi Final match, tomorrow morning our time, involving Sam Stosur. While it is no guarantee of a win, I think the player she is up against, is unseeded in the tournament, however, obviously playing very well to have got this far. More on Sam, and her big game, later!!

As for tonight’s football match in Melbourne:-

St Kilda Saints:   1.3.9      3.4.22    7.7.49      Final:  8.9.57

Sydney Swans:    2.4.16   7.6.48     8.9.57      Final:  12.10.82


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