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Sunday, 11th September 2011 – a day for Carlton FC

Back to my Sunday morning radio show today after a rare two Sundays missing  –  while admitting it was difficult to want to get out this morning, I was happy to be back in my studio seat, and playing my Sunday selection of classical music.  And a few comments from people – saying that they had missed me, not been on air!!

A cappucinio on the way back home, before I settled into a day inside [it’s raining!!], catching up on my writings, and/or watching another day of football!!  Yes, one of my loves in life, dominating this weekend!  In the meantime, great news coming out of the US Open Tennis championships  – Australia’s Samantha Stosur has won her way into the Final of the Women’s Singles event  –  she defeated Germany’s unseeded player,

Football fanaticism, with the weather outside wet and chilly [Spring has disappeared temporarily], a great excuse to spend most of my day inside, in front of the TV, watching my favourite football team, and the Aussies in the Rugby.

11am: replay of final quarter of 1981 Round 20 game at Princess Park [the Blues’/ old football  home ground, where I spent 20 years of Saturday afternoons] – Carlton vs Essendon. There was a big fight in the crowd this afternoon – I recall it, I was there, but well away from the fight!!  This was one of Carlton’s premiership years – another Grand Final win over Collingwood, which would occur about six weeks following this game………………….12 Noon” replay of final quarter, Carlton vs Essendon, Round 18 of 1998, played at the MCG, By this stage, I had stopped going to games on a weekly basis, was becoming too expensive & with many other commitments in life, priorities had changed. I think James went to this match on his own, maybe I was there too, even Adam, as by then, he was an Essendon supporter, which he remains today, the only one of my kids to choose a different team to follow.

I planned to prepare a slow cooking roast tonight for Susie and myself. However, when she returned home from another overnight stay, advised she would not be home for dinner tonight, and when she left again early afternoon, it looked as though she would not be back again tonight!~!  Oh well, I decided to proceed with my planned  cooking in any case, even if I would be here alone to eat!!

AFL Elimination final this afternoon, but before that began [an un fortunate clash of times] Australia’s first game in  the Rugby World Cup was due, began at 1.30pm – can watch two things at once, but I would try~!!! Played at Auckland, NZ, in atrocious weather conditions, it was Australia vs Italy. It would be 18 minutes before the first score of the match, to the Aussies, a goal kick and a lead of 3-0. By halftime, the score was a surprising 6-6 all. It was at this point that the time had come to switch over to the Aussie Rules final and my  Carlton football team.

The two late withdrawals from last week’s game, Michael Jamison and Andrew Carrazzo, have returned to the team for today’s Elimination Final. Both have overcome minor injuries that forced them to miss the round 24 match against St Kilda. They have been joined by Bret Thornton who also missed last week’s game, along with David Ellard, who was best on ground in the Northern Bullants Elimination Final victory over the Bendigo Bombers last weekend, and Paul Bower who has returned to form in the VFL. However it was not all positive news for Carlton with Matthew Kreuzer not available due to a foot injury. Brett Ratten had said earlier in the week that injured players would not be considered for selection and Kreuzer was unable to fully overcome the foot injury that forced him to leave the ground during the second quarter of last week’s game. Jordan Russell was omitted from the team.

Carlton  team v Essendon  Elimination Final  Sunday September 11th  MCG 2:40pm

Backs: Michael Jamison Lachie Henderson Jeremy Laidler   
HBacks: Aaron Joseph Nick Duigan Chris Yarran
Centres: Bryce Gibbs Chris Judd Dennis Armfield
HForwards: Jeff Garlett Bret Thornton Kade Simpson
Forwards: Eddie Betts Setanta O’hAilpin Andrew Walker
Followers: Rob Warnock Heath Scotland Marc Murphy
Interchange from:  Paul Bower Andrew Carrazzo    Marcus Davies David Ellard  Kane Lucas Zach Tuohy Mitch Robinson
In: Bower, Carrazzo, Ellard, Jamison, Thornton    Out: Russell (omitted), Kreuzer (foot)
Milestone: Kade Simpson will play his 143rd consecutive game for Carlton, a Club record.


Game on.   National  Anthem first, then straight into it. Capacity crowd, all tickets were sold a day or so ago, I believe. According to the weather report, a large part of that crowd will get wet during the afternoon, although at starting time, the weather was described as perfect.  First quarter to begin, as the second half of the rugby gets underway [on another channel].  Try to the Wallabies!! Missed the conversion, but after about 7 minutes of the 2nd half, Australia lead Italy 11-6.

At the MCG [in Melbourne], blue skies up above as the game begins. Carlton off to a speedy start – but, four misses in a row, and after 4 minutes, the Blues have kicked 5 behinds [could have been 5 goals]!!!  Irony!  Soon after, Essendon have their first shot – and score a goal!! Then a second shot, a second goal. Meanwhile, a quick look over at the rugby, and Australia are leading 25-6.  Ohhhhh no, another goal to Essendon, this can’t be happening!!!   A couple more points to the Bombers, then Carlton eventually fights it’s way to goal, which was almost another mistake by the Irishman, Setanta O’hAilpin, played on when he should have waited, but thankfully, the move succeeded.. Then, a second goal to the Blues, while over in Auckland, with 5 minutes to go, Australia lead 32-6. Another goal to Carlton, as the Bombers now build up a run of misses, and Carlton get back in front, just. Then another goal to my boys, looking better now. At Quarter time: Carlton 4.5.29. Essendon 3.4.22.  Over in New Zealand, the Rugby World Cup game is over – Australia defeated Italy 32-6.

Second Quarter:   three early points in a row to the Blues. Then first goal to the Blues.Most of the attacking towards goal is coming from Carlton now – still missing a few shots at goal, but dominating the play at present. miThen two more quick goals to Carlton, one by my favourite player, Bret Thornton, who has played most of his career on the backline. 5 goals up halfway through the quarter. Close to the end of the quarter, and yet another great goal to the Blues, encourages ‘that’ commentator Bruce McAvaney to say ‘it’s Carlton’s day’!!  A little bit early to be coming out with statements like that! Nevertheless, I liked the scoreboard at half time – Carlton 10.12.72 Essendon 4.7.31.

Third quarter:  starting to feel guilty, sitting here inside now, the sun is still shining outside, supposed to be raining, my excuse for being here!@!  Nevertheless, enjoying a rare goblet of red wine [two in fact J] – Penfolds Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz 2003 – nice drop!!! But I need to share it – red wine fans, you are welcome to join me!!  Meanwhile, my man kicks another goal [Thornton], is marking well on the forward line.  Quotation from McAvaney again – ‘Garlett’s on his bike, and it’s a fast bike too’ as Jeff Garlett goes for a run towards the goal.  And as Carlton kicks another goal  –  ‘oh, it’s like a big birthday party, isn’t it?’, as the Blues continue to dominate the match. I am indeed enjoying this game!  Captain, Chris Judd, who has already won most of the honors in football, rises high in the air to take a spectacular mark, then passes to Eddie Betts, repeats the marking exhibition, and promptly kicks his 3rd goal. Closely followed by a brilliant goal by Bryce Gibbs!! This is a real performance by the team, today!  At three quarter time – it’s Carlton 17.17.119. Essendon 8.9.57. And from the Club itself –  “‎3 qtr time. Another huge quarter by our boys. Judd took the game to another level. A brilliant goal from 45m, three goal assists and a huge grab at half-forward. He’s getting a massive cheer every time he touches it. Murphy continues to dominate while Warnock is playing his best game in the Navy Blue. Betts, Garlett and Gibbs each with 3 goals. Let’s bring it home, boys!”

Final quarter:  a few goals by Essendon in this quarter but by then, the horse had well and truly bolted, and Carlton continued to dominate the match. An afternoon of football I have really enjoyed!   In the end, a great win by 62 points,  Crowd numbers were 90,161, the biggest finals crowd prior to the preliminary final in 1990. Carlton’s first victory in a finals match for 10 years!  Big test next week – have to travel across the nation to Perth, to play the West Coast Eagles, never easy to win over there at the best of times!  Final scores were:

Carlton Blues:              4.5.29      10.12.72       17.17.119       FINAL:   21.23.149

Essendon Bombers:      3.4.22      4.7.31            8.9.57           Final:       13.9.87

Not sure where Susie was, but whoever she was visiting, they were watching game too – received a ‘congratulatory message from her at the end of the match.  I would, in fact,  not be surprised, if she was with old boyfriend, who is also a Carlton supporter. [While talking of football, our local team, the Sunbury Lions, who play in the Ballarat Football league and have done so quite successfully over recent years, won their Preliminary Final game this weekend, and so earned the right to play in that competition’s Grand Final, next weekend].

Of course, the 11th September has a much more serious connotation to much of the world – since 2001 anyway. I’m not going to comment much further on that date, thousands of words have been written, in just the past week alone, let alone the ten years that have elapsed since the terrorist attacks on the USA. Pages and pages in the papers, special TV programs through the past week, and numerous such ‘specials’ on tonight. The more times I  see those terrible pictures from the Twin Towers, the more chilling it all becomes, especially after this time. 

I can remember what I was doing when the first reports came through the television – at the Goonawarra family home,  it was about 10.45pm on a Monday night, I was working at my computer, with the television on in the background. I think when I first heard the news, I mentioned it to my son, then aged 20, and soon after sent a message to Brenda in the UK, telling her to switch on her TV. She responded almost immediately. We were in fairly constant contact, via email at that time.  I think I watched the TV coverage until around 2am in the morning, certainly up until the time that the two towers collapsed. Simply could not believe what I watching, a real to life horror movie. I recall going to work the next morning – at the Alternative Technology Association, where I was employed as the accountant – and feeling totally depressed about what had happened, and feeling annoyed with people who came into the work place and displayed little feeling or interest in the events in the USA. Work seemed insignificant and unimportant in the context of the attacks.

The ABC had a program on tonight called ‘Rebirth’, a program which chronicled  the lives of five people who were profoundly affected by the 9/11 attacks, over the course of a decade. It was one of a series of programs described as an invitation to pause and reflect, not just on the social and political impacts of the attacks of 2001, but also on the human suffering that will endure for anniversaries to come. As noted in one review of the program ‘Review’ tonight – ‘Mundane details of that fateful morning, recalled by the survivors who shared their stories…..paint a poignant picture of the New York no one expected would change in an instant. Presented in parallel with time-lapse footage of the reconstruction of the twin towers site, the stories of a fire-fighter’s widow, a high school student who lost his mother, two fire fighters who lost colleagues, and a woman badly burnt during her escape, also unfold. Without narration and set to a haunting score by Phillip Glass, their disbelief, anger and grief is allowed an agonising natural course. As the physical hole in their city closes, there is no such healing for their hearts, which as one survivor says, ‘don’t move on’’ That was on the ABC, while SBS had programs on the subject, including ‘Engineering Ground Zero’ where the past three years of the project was documented, an international manufacturing feat of staggering proportions to erect the new One World Trade Centre and the adjacent memorial waterfall, where later, a four hour marathon MEMORIAL service would be held – I watched a part of that before I went to bed, but found the reading [again] of nearly 3,000 names, a little behold what I wanted to watch. Earlier, the ABC’s ‘Compass’ program, had explored the effect September 11, 2001, has had on attitudes to Islam, and the cultural impact of the event. Overall, a fascinating, but also, quite disturbing reminder of the events of 9/11 [as the Americans call that day]. I was late to bed!


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