Posted by: jkirkby8712 | September 14, 2011

Thursday, 8th September 2011 – morning after the AGM

Cool, rainy day predicted, but for most of this morning’s drive, the trip was in beautiful sunny conditions – yes, quite cold, but pleasant in the car, and despite some horrendous traffic conditions on the Western Ring Road [which I generally avoid], and the flow on from that to other arteries, I had a reasonable run to the office, even travelling the longer route.  On the work, things much quieter today, after the drama of yesterday’s  Annual Meeting.

Unpleasant overnight news of a major plane smash in Russia – sadly these kind of things are not rare, but for a sports fan, this had a particular significance, as the plane was carrying an entire ice hockey team & officials, etc,  flying to their first match of that sport’s season in Russia.  It often occurs to me here in Australia, with the number of football and other sporting teams that are constantly flying from one part of the country to another for competition, just how wise or unwise it is, for entire teams to travel/fly together.  I’m sure this question has been considered from time to time, and no doubt, it will get back onto the agenda in many areas after this news.

Equally distressing in many ways, much of the media attention at present is on the coming anniversary – Sunday will mark the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon, and the United 93 flight that crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The attacks of 11 September, 2001, are one of the most documented tragedies, as the events unfolded live to a global audience of millions [including myself]. There are numerous ‘special’ TV programs on this week, and it is becoming a little wearying seeing those same terrible scenes being played over and over again.

Susan home for an evening meal tonight, though in all honesty, had I being alone, I’d not have bothered with much. Not that I saw her for the rest of the night, disappeared to her room[s] and stayed there, not very communicative at all. Whether she is here for the night, or not, I will just have to wait and see. She was out last night, after a game of volleyball, returned after I’d gone to bed, then later, went out, again and didn’t return overnight.

It was Day 1 of the second Cricket Test between Australia and Sri Lanka.  The Aussies had the better of the Sri Lankan team, with the scores at stumps showing Sri Lanka all out for 174, and Australia in reply, 0 wickets for 60 runs.  Last week, Australia had a convincing win in the First Test, winning by 125 runs. Final scores for that match were: Australia: 273 and 210. Sri Lanka: 105 and 253.

A letter received today from the Australian String Quartet – basically promoting their 2012 season, and advising of the change of personnel, with the violinist, and viola player leaving the quartet at the end of this year, Sophie and Sally. Remaining behind, will be the other violinist, Anne Horton, and the cello player, Rachel Johnston, and they will be joined by two new members in 2012  –  violist, Stephen King, who has apparently spent the last nine years with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and violinist, Kristian Winther. I have already decided that I will not be renewing my longstanding subscription to their concerts next year – if in fact, I can still afford to go to a few concerts, I’d like to diversify a little, and spend my money on a different orchestra, or other group. I have enjoyed listening to the Quartet’s music over the past six years, but feel it is time to move on. As the letter states “Anne and Rachel will be celebrating the end of a very special era with Sophie and Sally during the forthcoming national tour” with their third concert of the year, coming up in a few weeks time.


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