Posted by: jkirkby8712 | September 15, 2011

Thursday, 15th September2011 –those ‘non’ interviews, and musical nicknames.

We had three interviews lined up today  –  seeking an accounting/finance person to take over from this writer, at the end of October. Advertised on the internet [which we are told is the way to go these days], we received a fairly minimal quantity and quality of candidates [expected a lot more is this climate of unemployment fears].  While not overly optimistic, three applicants were chosen for us to have a chat with. Amazingly, the first two simply did not turn up for the arranged interviews, not even a phone call of apology or explanation!!  Just how desperately do people want to work these days? The whole culture seems to be changing in many ways in respect to attitudes to employment, certainly in some sectors.  We will need to readvertise – decided to go via the traditional format this time [through newspaper employment sections] in conjunction with the internet. Meantime, Jackie [the boss] was counting on a phone call today, to say she had been successful in another job she had planned for. She got that call, late this afternoon, and luck was not with her – unsuccessful. So for the time being at least, it would be just me leaving the organisation.

The ‘Limelight Magazine currently has a little feature about the origins of some of those famous classical music ‘nicknames’, such as Schubert’s ‘Trout quintet’, Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’ or Beethoven’s ‘Pastoral Symphony’. Let’s take that last one, as an example, with Beethoven  – his ‘Pastoral Symphony’ [or Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68]. From ‘Limelight’, we read that   ‘The composer himself gave this work its title: Pastoral Symphony, or, Recollections of Country Life. Nature was immensely important to Beethoven, and he spent a great deal of time walking alone in the woods; it is no coincidence that in expressing his despair at his failing hearing, he thought first of the sounds of the countryside: “What humiliation when someone standing next to me heard a flute in the far distance, and I heard nothing; or when others heard a shepherd singing, and again I heard nothing.” Beethoven wrote those anguished words in 1802, in Heiligenstadt, then a peaceful rural village not far from Vienna (it has since been swallowed up by the city’s sprawling suburbs). This symphony, too, was composed in the tranquil surrounds of Heiligenstadt, six years later’.   That’s just one story on the ‘classical’ nicknames, we might refer to one of the others, at a later date.

Now, in thinking of classical music, I’m reminded that I have a ticket to a classical concert this Saturday night, my favourite suburban orchestra, the Heidelberg Orchestra. I’m also aware, that my football team, Carlton, is to play it’s ‘elimination’ semi final, also on Saturday night. I’ve had to make a choice – well, there wasn’t one really, the concert can always be made up for, another time, another concert, but the Blues playing in a Finals match [despite the fact that no-one thinks they can win] is not such a regular occurrence over recent years.  I will be watching the football  –  just on the TV, but the game is over in Perth!  The news tonight is that the Carlton match committee have made just the one change – unfortunately, due to injury, one of our best players. After playing 112 of a possible 113 games since making his debut in round one of 2007, Bryce Gibbs will miss only his second game since joining the Blues.  Gibbs injured his shoulder late in the Elimination Final last weekend against Essendon and was ruled out of the team for Saturday night’s game against the West Coast in Perth. Coach Brett Ratten said during the week that the team would not take a week on injured players. It is hoped Gibbs will be fit for the Preliminary final, should the Blues overcome West Coast tomorrow night. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if youngest daughter Jodie, and boyfriend Ash [a West Coast supporter] will come and join me in front of the TV on Saturday night?

Something has been bothering me throughout today, and this evening  – a minor, but annoyingly nagging  toothache. I was hoping to forego treatment until after I finished work, late October, but somehow I don’t think I will be able to put it off until then!  It’s amazing how a small think like that, can leave one feeling a little debilitated in other areas.  I’m hoping it won’t keep me awake tonight!


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