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Saturday, 17th September 2011 – another ‘spectator’ sporting Saturday.

Quite a lot happening today – locally, the Sunbury Football team is playing in the Grand Final of the Ballarat Football League, against Redan – to be played at the Eastern Oval in Ballarat this afternoon. In my younger days, I have spent many Saturday afternoons at the oval, watching my ‘North Ballarat’ team, but won’t be there today, though the trip was tempting, and probably should have made the effort to support the town team [or one of them – we have another team playing in the more ‘localised’ Grand Final next weekend – that one I might get to!  Thinking back a few years, I also remember watching a World Cup one day cricket match at the Eastern Oval – England versus Sri Lanka

Speaking of which, Australia continues it’s batting innings in the Third Test today, against Sri Lanka in that nation’s homeland. We’ll pick up a progress score later in the day.  In tennis, the Davis Cup qualifying round is currently being played here in Australia, against Switzerland – that team of course, includes Roger Federer!!!  Today is the Doubles match. Following yesterday’s first two singles matches, the situation is one all – Bernard Tomic won his match, but Lleyton Hewitt [Australia’s most enthusiastic Davis Cup player over the last decade] eventually went down to Roger Federer, in 4 sets. Australia needs to win this Tie in order to get back into the top grouping of Davis Cup nations.

Over in New Zealand, the Rugby World Cup sees Australia come up against Ireland in our second game of the tournament. More about that, and the Blues’ game tonight in the AFL, a littler later.

Meanwhile, this writer made a dental appointment for next week – couldn’t get in until Friday, so will have to depend on the effectiveness of pain killers between now and then. Hopefully, they will ease my tendency to be a little irritable over the next few days!!  Meanwhile. my two part time students/workers were both working in Sunbury this morning – James had a shift at the bottle shop, and I called in briefly to say hello, while Susan has taken over the spot vacated by Jodie [who started a full time job this week] at Bakers Delight.  Decided not to call around that way, would let her settle into the job before I paid a purchasing visit! That of course, is where Adam works full time as one of the senior bakers.

Meantime, on more serious matters – and as readers will have realised by now, a prime concern of mine –  the ChilOut organisation [getting children out of detention centres] has an urgent reminder for us all, as the Government and the Opposition attempt to reach common ground in the current refugee crisis. To quote from ChilOut Issue of 16 September 2011.

‘The high hopes raised by the High Court decision have been dashed by this government’s determination to persist with their misguided Malaysia Swap policy.

The Prime Minister is trying to change the laws so unaccompanied refugee kids can be deported to situations of human rights abuses. This is quite simply an outrageous breach of humanity. Have we fallen so low that we make laws that allow us to abuse children – some are orphans and many are fleeing horrible persecution?   In response to the August 31 High Court case preventing the refugee “swap” arrangements with Malaysia, the Government has announced they will seek to amend both the Migration Act as well as the Immigration Guardianship of Children Act to allow the Minister to deport children against their best interests to places such as Malaysia, where the caning of refugee children has been documented.
The Migration Act allows the Minister to declare “safe third countries” to send asylum seekers, but outlines the refugee protections that make the country safe. The High Court found Malaysia did not have those protections which are based on the Refugee Convention.   So in order to send asylum seekers to Malaysia, the Government will have to amend our laws so that we can send asylum seekers to a place seen by our High Court to be a breach of refugee convention protections. And for unaccompanied children, the Government will also have to amend the Guardianship laws so they can deport kids – against their best interest.
Advocates have been arguing for years that the IGOC Act needs to be amended to provide an independent guardian for children, one who is not also their jailer. For at least 2 years DIAC has been agreeing this should be done, but there has been no movement. But in the blink of an eye the Act can be changed when they want to deport children.  Changes to law to protect children involve years of waiting yet changes to abuse children’s human rights takes merely days?  Removing asylum seekers offshore is a breach of the ALP national policy platform. But it seems nothing will prevent this government from the path they have taken on asylum issues. Let’s remind Tony Abbott it was the Coalition Government who changed the laws to let kids out of detention. Get writing and calling now, to ask the Coalition to stand firm against this proposed change in order to protect vulnerable children’.

Certainly from my viewpoint, I’m severely disappointed that the Government has decided to persist with this offshore policy, and that in all likelihood, the Liberals will continue with the same attitude. There are indications within the community of a softening of the attitude towards offshore processing, but the Government have obviously for political reasons decided to ignore that. As Chilout describes it –  But no, political pig-headedness prevails.   With legislation to be presented to Parliament next week to circumvent the High Court’s rejection of the Malaysia refugee swap, we are now in the bizarre position of having to ask the Opposition to insist their policy that children should not be detained is adhered to.’.  I just hope their arguments are persuasive enough!


Two team that I was following were beaten today  – in the Ballarat Football League Grand Final, the Sunbury team were defeated for the Premiership, by just 2 points – final score: Redan: 17.12.114 defeated Sunbury: 17.10.112. More on that later. Meanwhile, the Carlton Reserves team, playing in the Victorian Football League as the Northern Bullants [in red uniform] lost their Preliminary Final clash against Port Melbourne – the winning team have not been beaten all year!  And now to the big one  – watching the game alone again tonight!

Australian Football League – Semifinal elimination game tonight – West Coast Eagles versus the Carlton Blues, to be played at the Patersons Stadium in Perth, 5.50pm, their .local time.  The Carlton team is:

Backs: Aaron Joseph Michael Jamison Jeremy Laidler   
H/Backs: Chris Yarran Bret Thornton Nick Duigan       
Centres: Kade Simpson Mitch Robinson Heath Scotland
H/Forwards: Jeff Garlett Lachie Henderson Andrew Carrazzo
Forwards: Eddie Betts Setanta O’hAilpin Andrew Walker
Followers: Rob Warnock Chris Judd Marc Murphy
Interchange: Dennis Armfield David Ellard  Marcus Davies Zach Tuohy
Emergencies: Paul Bower Shaun Hampson Jordan Russell
In: Tuohy
Out: Gibbs (Shoulder)

After the two losses of my teams earlier today, not feeling over confident about tonight’s AFL final –  but the boys are there, that’s a starting point, even if we go into the match as the underdogs against a hostile West Australian crowd in Perth.

1st Quarter:  Nice start for the Blues, first goal within 60 seconds, and two more within about 6 minutes. The pace slowed a little after that, but the team was up by 16 points at quarter time. Bit of an injury scare for  one of our players [Scotland] early in the quarter, but he was back on the ground ten minutes later.  Quietened the crowd a little with Carlton’s 1st quarter effort.  Can they keep it up? From the Club – ‘The start we wanted. Blues kick the first four goals of the match to silence the West Coast crowd. Our pressure has been enormous. Murphy and Ellard leading the way through the middle, and Betts and Garlett causing havoc up front. Eagles settled in the last 10 minutes, but Duigan, Laidler and Jamieson absorbed the pressure brilliantly’.

 Quarter:  As expected, a bit of a turnaround. Carlton missed a couple of early shots at goal, and then suddenly, a rush of goals from West Coast, a couple from bad free kicks given away by the Blues.  But we managed to stay in touch, though a goal just before halftime put the Blues behind by 17 points – but, an immediate brave effort saw an immediate response, though it cost an injury to my hero, Brett Thornton in a gutsy attempt to defend. However, overall, the Eagles seem to be starting to get on top, and I’m not sure that my team can stay with them in the second half.  And the Club perspective at Half time:- EEagles hit back hard. Blues wasted a couple of opportunities in front of goal before the Eagles piled on four unanswered goals. The Cox/Naitanui tandem troubled us; their dominance in the hitouts allowed the Eagles midfielders first use of the ball. Murphy., Simpson and Robinson have been fantastic for us’,


3rd Quarter:   a tight quarter, with fortunes swinging back and forward, and while the Blues were more competitive this time, they couldn’t make the headway I was hoping for, still down by 9 points at three quarter time. Sad to see Brett Thornton being taken away in the ambulance to hospital, with concussion and a possible neck injury.  Meantime, some 5,000 gathered at Carlton’s home ground at Princes Park tonight to watch the game on a big screen – and my final comment at three quarter time –  ‘one more quarter Blues, let’s not make it the last for the year’.

Final Quarter:  what a quarter – Carlton kept getting within reach, then would drop behind again, and with a couple of minutes to play, I had given up. But not the Blues, they came back again, and for a minute there, it seemed that a last minute miracle might happen. But it didn’t!!!  Once again, my football team have lost a finals match by just 3 points!   Disappointed, but very proud of a gutsy, never give up effort by Chris Judd and his team of Blues.  And from the Club:-  ‘A magnificent season comes to an end. Blues kicked three goals in the dying minutes but ran out of time. A brilliant game of football with some heroic individual performances. Carlton’s brave year has ended at Patersons Stadium, losing a bruising but enthralling semi-final to West Coast by 3 points. As for Brett Thornton, he was believed to be concussed, and was taken to hospital before the game ended to have scans on his neck’.

Quarter  by quarter scores were:

Carlton Blues:          4.1.25     7.4.46     10.5.65             Final:  15.8.98

West Coast Eagles:   1.3.9       9.3.57     11.8.74             Final:  15.11.101

Now how did Australia go in the Rugby  – game is over, but our great free to air coverage, hasn’t begun the delayed telecast yet –  I’m off to bed, will leave the tape running, watch it tomorrow. Couldn’t take ‘another’ loss tonight!!!





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