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Saturday, 24th September 2011 – recognising prominent ‘country’ Australians.

I switched off last night, just prior to the start of the delayed rugby coverage between Australia and the USA, the game Australia had to win to remain in the tournament.  But I did watch the game, having avoided hearing the result before I did so!! I watched part of the delayed World Cup Rugby game between Australia and the USA but became frustrated with Channel 9’s delayed telecast which they took advantage of by inserting at least three breaks in the first half of adverts. Usually a telecast would run sraight through with very brief ad breaks if a score is made, but no, the channel had to insist on destroying the telecast. I switched off before halftime in disgust, though did leave the tape running!  Obviously, from the game point of view, I missed all the fun, as far as the Aussies were concerned – Australia romped away with the game in a record breaking 67-5 scoreline, biggest ever winning margin against the USA ‘Eagles’ team.  Perhaps I will have a look at the tape! When I switched off, I think the score was 22-5 [at which it remained at halftime], and it did seem as though the Americans were still in with a show, but things obviously changed quickly, soon afterwards. Today’s two  include the New Zealand-France game which I see Channel 9 are telecasting almost direct!!! Certainly got their priorities in order, as usual  –  not!!!
Susan went off early to her new casual job this morning – I should have realised it would be an early start for her, as she was in bed before me last night. Rare!! Yesterday she had a car service – it seems my savings have been put aside to repair the ‘kid’s’ cars at present, following the huge bill for James during the week, and the fact that Susie’s car apparently needs a few major items attended to next week!!!  Will it never end!!
On a brighter, and more interesting note [I believe], the rural weekly newspaper ‘The Weekly Times’ is currently running a series on the 100 Greatest Country Australians, and Part 1 last week gave us No’s 81 to 100. That list alone produced some famous Australian personalities so it is going to be very interesting to learn who else is in the Weekly Times listing over the next few weeks. I will refer to those names as they are published, and if any readers are interested in learning a little about each individual, just let me know through here, and I shall ‘feature’ that person in a future blog.  Okay then, numbers 81-100 as follows.
81.  Haydn Bunton Senior 1911-1955  [Footballer]
82.  Vida Goldstein 1869-1949 [Suffragist]
83. Pro Hart 1928-2006 [Artist]
84. Norman Lindsay 1879-1969 [Artist, Writer]
85. Albert Jacka 1893-1932 [Decorated Soldier]
86. Eddie Mabo 1936-1992 [Land Rights Activist]
87. Steve Moneghetti 1962 –  [Long Distance Runner]
88. Lauren Jackson 1981 –  [Basketballer]
89. Quentin Bryce 1942 – [Governor-General]
90. Mortimer Brothers – Steve 1956-, Peter 1957-. Chris 1958-  [Footballers]
91. David Foster 1957 –  [Woodchopper]
92. Bill Roycroft 1915-2011 [Equestrian]
93. Pat Rafter 1972 – [Tennis]
94. John Williamson 1945 – [Musician]
95. Tommy Woodcock 1905-1985 [Phar Lap’s Strapper]
96. David Fletcher Jones 1895-1977 [Clothing Entrepreneur]
97. Cathy Freeman 1973 –  [Runner]
98. John Furphy 1842-1920 [Industrialist]
99. David Williamson 1942 – [Playwright]
100. Judith Wright 1915-2000 [Poet, Author]
It is noted that of the 20 names above, 9 are associated with sporting activities, and 5 with the Arts. No politicians, apart from the current Governor-General.  I am very keen to see the top 80 names, with no’s 61-80 presumably due next week.  Space does not permit any elaboration here on each person, but as indicated, am  quite happy to make space for individual requests. Many of the names above, I’m a fan of myself, and have followed or studied their respective ‘careers over the years. 

Meanwhile, more football this afternoon, to see which team plays Collingwood in next weekend’s Grand Final. This afternoon, at the MCG, it’s Geelong [favourites] versus West Coast Eagles [the team that finished last of 16 teams in 2010, a remarkable turn around to get to the second last week of the season!]. I managed to get ‘some’ of the jobs I’d intended today, before it was time to sit down and watch the game. A bit annoyed that my laptop seems to be frozen today, switched on, won’t go any further, can’t even turn it off!!!  I seemed to have locked it up somehow?

Anyway, today’s football mtch – well, as the quarter by quarter scores indicates, it was a game much different from the last couple of finals, quite one-sided, and I guess, the result an indication that the two top teams through the year, have made it through to next week’s Final.

Geelong Cats:              5.7.37        8.11.59           15.14.104      FINAL:   17.15.117

West Coast Eagles:       2.3.15        5.4.34              7.6.48          Final:     10.9.69

The AFL Grand Final for 2011 next Saturday afternoon will be Collingwood versus Geelong.


To the ‘other’ football – the National Rugby League Preliminary Final  –  I simply can’t find a team to support, that is winning at present  – Melbourne Storm lost tonight, to the New Zealand Warriors 22-12 in front of a record crowd in Melbourne [not generally considered a rugby city in Australia]. So the NRL Grand Final next Sunday in Sydney will be between the New Zealand Warriors and Manly [who defeated the Brisbane Broncos last night].

In the other code, today’s results in the Rugby [Union] World Cup were:

England defeated Romania 67 – 3

New Zealand defeated France 37 – 17

Two more games to be played [tomorrow] before the second round of the competition continues.


Thinking on a different level for a while, I notice that my favourite art gallery [in Ballarat] has an exhibition from the Art Gallery of New South Wales over the October/November period, with works by people such as Sidney Nolan, Brett Whitely, Russell Drysdale, Grace Cossington  Smith, and the lady who died a few weeks ago, Margaret Olley, together with a series of portrait paintings. I think I have already decided that I will making a visit in November to have a look at that display.  Apparently, many of the works which will be on loan to the Ballarat Art Gallery, never leave the venerable walls of the NSW Gallery. As one spokesman said ‘These are key works which are normally on permanent display in Sydney. This remarkable opportunity has come about solely because the Art Gallery of New South Wales is refurbishing.’  But while Ballarat is fortunate to play host to such an important collection, the quality of the Art Gallery of Ballarat’s collection, which allows the inclusion of works of similar significance to the NSW collection, is a crucial factor. ‘It is not hyperbole to state that no other regional gallery in the nation could do this’.  I can vouch for the standard of Ballarat’s normal displays – they are always worthy of a visit!




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