Posted by: jkirkby8712 | September 28, 2011

Tuesday 27 September 2011 – a few thoughts here and there!!

A quiet day in the office, with the ‘boss’ taking a couple of days off to escape her current pressures and turmoils in this environment, a chance for me to reflect on the next few months, and to clean up a few more tasks on my desk!

I noticed that the ‘National Seniors’ organisation recently had an article in which they commented on figures released this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which confirm what many older unemployed Australians already know – that it’s harder for them to find work [I soon discovered that back in 2006 for a few months before I obtained this current position]. The ABS said in the September edition of its publication Australian Social Trends that in the last financial year, one third of unemployed people aged between 55 and 64 years old had been jobless for at least one year, compared with 13% of 15 to 24 year olds. The proportion of unemployed people who had been jobless for at least a year had been lower before the impact of the global financial crisis. “Recent and ongoing changes in Australia, such as growth in women’s workforce participation and the ageing of the population, have placed increasing demands on community services such as child-care and residential care,” the ABS said. The figures showed that over the last decade, the proportion of workers in the residential care industry aged 55 years and over more than doubled from 11% in 2000-01 to 27% in 2010-11.  Well, I suppose those trends are not something I need concern myself about too much from here-on, though the search for some part time work to suit my requirements, and travel preferences [no travel at all] will probably create some problems for me. Time will tell.

Last night, whilst at the Melbourne Recital Centre, and earlier in the Arts Centre, I took collection of the 2012 programs of concerts for various musical groups and orchestras, and am already building up quite a list of potential outings. In reality, for both practical and financial reasons most of the performances that given the option I would like to go to, will not happen. However, the various program schedules provide me with a regular and ongoing ‘concert diary’ for my radio programs, particularly the Sunday morning ‘classical music’ show, in which  I weekly include a ‘concert diary’ of what is happening, both locally, and within the city art centres and concert halls. For someone of my interests, the ideal place for me to live over the next few years would be an apartment within the city CBD itself, but apart from that aspect of location convenience, that is not something I would ever consider, especially after living for the past 28 years out here in Sunbury away from the frenetic non-stop lifestyle of the inner city environment. If I was 40 years younger, and starting over again, perhaps yes I would do that.  In 2011, one has no desire to go to that lifestyle!!  

Susan returned home from her brief visit to Bendigo late this evening, presume she had some ‘course’ related issues to tidy up, although I gather she has basically finished her studies for the year [earlier than originally intended, but still another month’s rent due on the accommodation up there!!].  I will be pleased to see both her and James get into full time employment in the near future, it’s becoming rather expensive meeting the cost of major repairs of cars that are not mine!! Speaking of which, I am going to need to purchase a vehicle for myself ‘very’ soon –  have been ‘spoilt’ with basically the fulltime use of a work car for the past five years during which time, my son Adam has more or less adapted a ‘defacto’ ownership of what once was my car!  I guess I need to learn to say no, more often!!  Earlier in the evening, I had a brief visit from youngest daughter, Jodie, wanting to ‘borrow’ Susie’s computer for a short period.  Apparently her new job, with ‘Life Saving Victoria’ was going pretty well, in it’s days, though I’m not enthusiastic about her daily drive to the western suburbs area through the traffic that enshrines that area!  Yet I do forget  – we all did it, and if we are sensible enough, survive and cope. Jodie comes over as very capable in that respect.


A couple of Rugby World Cup results:


From yesterday:  –   Wales defeated Namibia 81-7 and Argentina defeated Scotland 13-12

Today’s results: –     Canada and Japan 23-23 [the first drawn result I think]

                                 Italy defeated the USA  27-10



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