Posted by: jkirkby8712 | October 4, 2011

Sunday, 2 October 2011 – brief Sunday thoughts!!

Susan worked from 8am to around 2pm, then came home and spent most of the next 6 hours sleeping! Hope she is okay, not going out so much over past couple of weeks although she is working. Won’t give me any feedback, in fact  I seem to be off her Face -book list. Cooked her a roast meal which she partially ate about 3 hours after I did. Most of last night’s meal [hers] is still in the fridge not finished! I’m cooking meals I really don’t want to cook, and often they are not eaten, or she goes out!!  I think we need a bit of ‘household’ reorganisation and planning.

Reading a book that Jack Harris gave me to read ‘before’ he went to Thailand  – six months later, he is back this week, thought I’d better make an effort with the book  –  ‘In His Majesty’s Footsteps’ [A Personal Memoir] by Vasit  Dejkunjorn [Former Chief of the Royal Court Police]. A story which offers an intimate, powerful portrait of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the Thai royal family. The loan of this book arose from my querying Jack about the Thai’s attitude to the Burmese refugees on their border. The book appears to be written in quite a casual & informal ‘diary’ style much like my own writing, and while it might not be my first choice of reading at present, it is interesting enough. But I am hoping that I am going to find some reference to the Burmese refugees, and just what kind of attitude applies to them in Thailand. When I asked this question of Jack, he basically avoided the question, and concentrated on all the wonderful things that the King of Thailand has done for ‘his’ people. I don’t doubt those works, but am interested in our they treat their neighbours. As the book was given to me, in response to my query, I’m not sure that I will get an answer there, either!!We shall see.

Rugby World Cup update    1/10/2011 – Australia defeated Russia 68-22;  England defeated Scotland 16-12;  Tonga defeated France 19-14   2/10/2011  –   New Zealand defeated Canada 79-15;   Argentina defeated Georgia 25-7;  Wales defeated Fiji 66-0; and   Ireland defeated  Italy  36-6

After yesterday’s activities, left the TV off for most of today, although I did switch over to watch the National Rugby League Grand Final from Sydney, where a crowd of 81,988 saw one of the local teams, Manley Sea Eagles defeat the3  New Zealand Warriors 24-10. It was quite a good game to watch, and I must say that the pre- match entertainment & National Anthem  presentation were of a far superior quality to what Melbourne’s AFL managed to achieve yesterday, a bit more class to the overall affect

Had an early night, but didn’t help me much, as I still only managed about 4 hours sleep for various reasons zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  is the way I would be feeling to start the week!!!


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