Posted by: jkirkby8712 | October 5, 2011

Wednesday, 5th October 2011 – some more great rural Australians!

Today, saw Part 3 of the ‘Weekly Times’ feature on their perceived ‘100 Greatest Country Australians’, and as I have done for the past two weeks, I’m going to list the next group as a part of today’s blog. Once again, if any reader would like to know a little more about each named individual, just let me know, and I will be happy to oblige!! Today, we have numbers 60 to 41, having started at 100 a couple of weeks ago.

  • 60. Brigitte Muir – 1958 – [Explorer]
  • 59. Greg Norman –  1955 –  [Golfer]
  • 58  Rod Laver – 1938 –  [Tennis player]
  • 57. Arthur Streeton – 1867-1943 [Artist]
  • 56. Jack Gleeson – 1842-1880  [Kelpie Breeder]
  • 55. Stanley Savage – 1890-1954 [Army Officer, Legacy Founder]
  • 54. Doug Nicholls – 1906-1988 [Athlete, Minister, Governor]
  • 53. John ‘Black Jack’ McEwan – 1900-1980 [Politician]
  • 52. Lang Hancock – 1909-1992 [Iron Ore Magnate]
  • 51. Charles Bean – 1879-1968 [War Historian]
  • 50. Slim Dusty – 1927-2003 [Musician]
  • 49. Bob Hawke – 1929 –  [Prime Minister]
  • 48. JF Archibald – 1856-1919 [Journalist]
  • 47. Margaret Court – 1942 – [Tennis Player]
  • 46. Lionel Rose – 1948-2011 [Boxer]
  • 45. Otway Falkiner – 1874-1961 [Pastoralist]
  • 44. Henry Handcel Richardson – 1870-1946 [Writer]
  • 43. John Quick – 1852-1932 [Politician]
  • 42. Malcolm Fraser – 1930 – [Prime Minister]
  • 41. Miles Franklin – 1879-1954 [Writer]


In tonight’s mail, a brief response to a birthday greeting I sent last week, brought a smile to this writer’s face, and a warm glow in the heart  –  ‘Thank you for my birthday wishes and once you retire we may have time to catch up. Love Shirley x’

Finally today, another pleasant  surprise, yesterday this time, at the office  – received a very brief visit from one of the members of the tenants’ association –  as a man who has caused previous administrations, and now the current committee and admin leader much grief, with his criticisms and harsh  reflections on the organisation, we were expecting this surprise visit to be ‘more trouble’. Not for me personally, I had always got on well with ‘Bob’ but then I didn’t really have to involved in the situations that he was constantly creating. Anyway, his visit was brief, after he had made sure earlier, that I would be at the office. He came laden with a ‘farewell retirement’ gift for this here writer –   it was a book, called ‘Bart [my life] by JB Cummings –  an autobiography by Australia’s greatest current racehorse trainer, Bart Cummings – a book that I would probably have put on my Christmas gift list [if anyone had asked me for one].  It was Bob’s way of saying ‘a job well done, thanks for your time here, it has been appreciated’. A few words, a shake  of hands, and he was off – didn’t want to come face to face with Jackie who currently had a legal case against him [and two others] for defamatory remarks distributed by Bob per emails amongst the broader membership!!  The anomalies of this job!!  I realised afterwards that Bob had been talking to another of our former Chairmen, one Geoff Lennie, with whom over the years, I had engaged in various conversations about horse racing!!  Hence Bob’s comment that he felt it was a gift I might like!



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