Posted by: jkirkby8712 | October 16, 2011

Friday, 14th October 2011 – slightly hectic Friday, and some more great Australian names.

Last Sunday morning, on the radio, I played some music performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. At the time I made mention of the fact that the Orchestra would be performing Dvorak’s famous 9th Symphony [more generally referred to as the ‘New World Symphony’. Tonight whilst I was working [rather wearily] at the computer, and with nothing worth watching on the television, I listened to the ABC Classic FM’s live broadcast of that concert, from the Sydney Opera House. In addition to Dvorak’s symphony, we heard Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 2, with the piano part beautifully played by international pianist, Stephen Hough, who I think is performing here in Melbourne within the next few days, or just has. The SSO also played the 4th Symphony composed by Lutostawski, which I can’t recall hearing previously, but was quite impressed, deciding that I must try and chase it down for my own program.


On the way to the office today, I called in at the Fitzroy Officeworks establishment, and replenished a few stationery supplies for the VPTA.. We were in for a beautiful day – in fact by midday, the temperature would be up in the mid twenties, and quite warm in the car. Today is my last Friday fulltime day of employment, two more days next week –  actually beginning to feel a little stress about that part of my life coming to an end, even though it is my choice essentially. As I mentioned in an email to 3NRG’s Christine today –   “The main thing I’m feeling stressed about at present is finishing work next week  –  while it’s what I want, after 46 years it doesn’t seem right that I won’t be employed, almost a guilt feeling, though compared to some, I think I’ve earned it. Also worried about what I’m going to be entitled to/not entitled to re Centrelink, etc, and currently trying to find a car in a relatively low price range, as I won’t have one after next Tuesday [the Astra is a work car!], and I’ve no intention of claiming back the Station wagon from son, Adam. So if things don’t work out there for a week or so, won’t be able to get up to the radio station in the interim – bit far for ‘old Bill’ to walk, especially after 12 midnight!!”  That last comment relates to the fact that the radio station is at the opposite end of the town to where I live [at the top of Sunbury’s steepest hill climb], and are no buses at midnight on a Monday, or 6.00am of a Sunday morning!!  Anyway, quite a few things I’m still trying to get completed at the office – some might say, why bother, but having inherited jobs, where one finds a pretty poor outcome often from one’s predecessor, I really don’t want to leave that kind of inheritance!!!

Now, back to our weekly listing [from the ‘Weekly Times’] of that paper’s perception of our 100 Greatest Country [born] Australians.  We are up to No’s 21 -40, having already given you the choices from 41-100 [see previous weekly blogs around Wednesdays]. As usual, if there is information about any of these people that readers would like more details on, let this writer know!

  • 40.  Eva Burrows   1929 –   [Salvation Army General]
  • 39. Warwick Armstrong  1879 – 1947  [Cricketer]
  • 38  Mary Durack  1913 – 1994  [Writer]
  • 37. Cyril Callister  1893-1949  [Vegemite Inventor]
  • 36.  Shirley Strickland  1925-2004  [Runner]
  • 35. Frank Macfarlane Burnett  1899-1985  [Scientist]
  • 34. Vivian Bullwinkel  1915-2000  [Army Nurse]
  • 33. Scobie Breasley  1914-2006  [Jockey]
  • 32. Peter Carey  1943 –   [Writer]
  • 31. Ron Barassi  -1936 –  [Footballer]
  • 30. Isaac Isaacs  1855-1948  [Judge, Politician, Governor-General]
  • 29. Cadel Evans  1977 –    [Cyclist]
  • 28. Enid Lyons  1897 – 1981  [Politician]
  • 27.  Reginald Ansett  1909 – 1981  [Aviator]
  • 26. Thomas Blamey  1884 – 1951  [Army Officer]
  • 25. Ian Clunies Ross  1899 – 1959  [Veterinary Scientist]
  • 24. Walter Lindrum  1898 – 1960  [Billiards]
  • 23. HV McKay  1865 – 1926  [Manufacturer]
  • 22. William Farrer  1845 – 1906  [Wheat Breeder]
  • 21. John Macarthur  1767 – 1834 [Wool Producer]

Next week, we learn who the top 20 Great Country Australians are  – the first 80 have provided a fascinating list of names, I’m quite interested to see who is to come, must be another prime minister or two in there somewhere?



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