Posted by: jkirkby8712 | October 27, 2011

Monday, 24th October 2011 – a rainy and quiet day at home

I woke early enough on my first Monday not going to the office, though I was planning to do a couple of hours from home for the VPTA later this morning.  But I admit it had been a good overnight feeling with the knowledge that I did not have to get up and fight the morning traffic.

It did actually rain off and on throughout part of the day, only really a light drizzle, but enough to encourage this writer & reader to remain indoors, doing just that, writing and reading, and a bit of time organising a few payments on line for the VPTA [the job I’ve left but for a brief while, will be doing a few minor tasks for them. Meanwhile, Susie away for a large part of the day and this evening; her mother came over at one stage – with her tax return, asking me to do it for her. I should have been expecting it  –  returns have to be in by the 31st October, and Shirley usually turns up during the last week, seeking assistance. True to form, it came today!  Anyway, it was a quiet day for me, getting up to date with a few things, but realising and reminding myself that there was no need to try and do everything at once – I now had ‘plenty’ of time [I hope!!].

I also had a Monday night show to look forward to where I didn’t need to get up a few hours after I went to bed – although with a commitment in the city in the morning, I’d not be able to sleep too long. Actually felt a little more tired than usual ‘before’ I started the show tonight, but as always, once we got into the music and the program itself, I simply started to enjoy myself as always. No phone calls [as is normal] but it didn’t really worry me – went through the normal format with a broad mix of musical genres – folk, jazz, soul, blues, world, country, a few oldies, even a selection of party music [which died on me halfway through it’s playing –  the studio CD player obviously didn’t like my recording of the vinyl record from which I’d taken the music. Of course tonight, I had the opportunity to ‘travel on’ beyond midnight, but decided at that stage, I’d done enough for the night, and with an early start planned here for Wednesday morning, called it a night!



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