Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 1, 2011

Monday, 31st October 2011 – a quiet one!!

I imagine that the roads would have been quieter than usual today – with tomorrow a public holiday in Melbourne – yes, for a horse race –  there would be many people making a long weekend of the occasion, and taking today off!! For me, that’s permanent now, a day off!

And it was a pretty quiet one – also very cold unusually for this time of October, with cloudy overcast conditions restricting the sunshine appearances to just brief moments throughout the day. In the city, in contrast to the ;invasion’ by protestors a week or so ago, there were thousands of extra visitors, there to join in the annual Melbourne Cup Parade – of trainers, jockeys, and other racing personalities –  something akin to the football grand final parades before the last Saturday in September each year.  Needless to say, the most important ‘people’ connected with the Melbourne Cup – the horses – do not participate in this parade!! But I was far away from all that – and from the continuing turmoil associated with the QANTAS airport lockouts with their planes grounded around the world. It’s times like that I am rather pleased that I don’t need to be affected by that kind of situation, though I’m wondering if my brother is Sydney has been caught out, as he does a lot of flying.

Last week, we submitted the Weekly Times top 20 Greatest Country Australians, and like a lot of people obviously, I was a little surprised to see the infamous bush ranger,  Ned Kelly, slotted in at No. 6. The message from many readers was –  no, not Ned!!!  Kelly, variously lauded as a political activist or sullied as a career criminal – some of the views of his selection were not very favourable.  For example, one comment said that Kelly’s ‘inclusion belittles all the other greats listed in this series’, while another considered that the reference to Kelly as a ‘Robin Hood’ figure was ‘sheer romantic fiction’, and that ‘it seems the word famous or infamous has been misinterpreted as being a synonym for greatest, which is clearly not the cased’. Others were ‘simply appalled’.  One other comment made was that ‘When Ned Kelly was captured [prior to his subsequent execution] the contents of his pockets were three revolvers, some ammunition, a threepence and a lady’s Geneva watch. We don’t hear much about that these days’.  I have to agree, and consider the choice totally inappropriate, despite the legacy is some aspects of Australian history depicting him as a folk hero. It makes you wonder what some of the other recipients of the ‘honour’ of being included in that listing feel about their choice alongside a criminal and murderer who was hung in disgrace for his crimes?

Quiet day, I forgot that Parliament was sitting again this week, forgot to tune in to Question Time!!  Perhaps a good thing, would have disturbed the peace of the day.  A long one  – up at the radio station from 8.30 until midnight, another enjoyable 3 hours or so of music, etc, but I made sure I finished on time, in view of the fact that I was planning to back here in under 7 hours!



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