Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 10, 2011

Thursday, 10th November 2011 – at home [and work], and ‘the Slap’.

After a visit to the dentist this morning [for a minor matter], and a bit of shopping, etc, I spent about 3 hours today ‘working’ for my recent employer, online, dealing with various financial matters. They [we] are still in the middle of interviewing candidates to fill my role – in fact, I will be returning in person to Northcote, again tomorrow, to be a part once more, of the interview panel. While this extra piece of ‘income’ will be handy, I will be quite happy to see that appointment finally as soon as possible, so that I can sever my ties with my former workplace for good!! I suppose I could have kept working full time until this process was over with, but as indicated ion various occasions over recent months, the decision to finish on the 18th October was made many months ago, and I decided to stay with that.

Susan worked another 6 hour shift today, and then went into the city this evening – in fact, I had a rare request to drive her to the railway station, as she was travelling by train to whatever her destination was.

Yesterday’s mail, which I didn’t get until my return from the city, included that long awaited ‘Concession Card’, something, that as a retiree, I am now entitled to – officially have being since 19 October.  The PCC [Pensioner Concession Card] – not a name I like, mainly because I don’t like being categorised as a pensioner  – even if that’s what I am.  So given that, and my ‘current’ distaste of my current status, I will nevertheless be sure to take advantage of the range of concessions on various government and other items as far as cost is concerned.  Unfortunately, as I discovered today, such concessions are ‘not’ available from my dentist. Hence I didn’t make any further appointments after today – will be content to use the facilities provided by the Community Health services which did me know harm when I utilised them in 2006 during a period of retrenchment at that time. Anyway, amongst other things, the PCC provides concessions on such things as public transport, car registrations, utilities, and so on  – I guess I will discover various ‘advantages’ of being in this position, as time goes on!

A Thursday night at home  – last week, with the radio committee meeting to attend, I forgot to tape that night’s episode of ‘The Slap’, and was rather annoyed – guess I could have found the episode on the internet had  I looked!  However, home tonight, allowed me to watch the only two ‘series’ I currently am keen to keep up, and they screen consecutively on a Thursday night [the night of the week which has traditionally being ‘meeting night’ for me over the years. These days, it’s generally just three Thursdays per two monthly period, a much better arrangement!   ‘The Slap’ tonight was quite a dramatic episode, and was covered by an interesting review in the ‘Green Guide’ [The ‘Age’ weekly television guide] and gives a clear indication as to where the episode was going to head  –  a question of split loyalties.  It was an impressive episode……………………………………………………………..  “Until now, Hector’s father, Manolis [Les Marinos] has been in the background but, that’s about to change. Episode six centres on the grey, stumbling paterfamilias in what is a relentlessly heartfelt instalment of this excellent drama. His health failing and contemporaries dying, Manolis is a broken soul, resented by his recriminatory [and frankly, horrid] wife, Koula [Toula Yianni], and embittered about the principled refusal  of Hector [Jonathan  LaPaglia] and daughter-in-law Aisha [Sophie Okonedo] to forgive Harry [Alex Dimitriades] [for the slap]….though Harry, it seems, has other reasons to be running scared. The traditions to which he clings mean little to those upon whom Manolis has to rely. The funeral of a family friend all but crushes Manolis’s spirit and he takes flight to his old Richmond stomping ground, where a visit to old friends serves as a stark reminder of the diminishing choices left to him. Gracefully but uncompromisingly, director Tony Ayres doesn’t sugar-coat the reassuring narrative about migrants who make a better life for themselves and their children in Australia, or what happens when the expectations of parents become burdens their children resent”…………………perhaps I didn’t need to copy all that, a more brief précis of tonight’s episode could just as easily be ‘Elderly Manolis hates what the incident at the barbeque   –  [that ‘slap’]  –  has done to his family’.

Finally, some news from my football team, something that’s limited in the off-season!   Carlton’s alignment with the Northern Bullants has developed further with the VFL Club confirming a name change to the Northern Blues and the team playing more games at Visy Park [or the former Princes Park] in 2012. In addition to the name change the Northern Blues will wear a navy guernsey for all games played at Visy Park and a red guernsey at Preston City Oval and away games where a clash guernsey is required.  The name change reflects the association between Carlton and the VFL alignment club and also further promotes the club as part of the northern region of Melbourne. This is an important part of the role of the Carlton Football Club in the northern suburbs, particularly with junior clubs and the Northern Blues will have a stronger connection with the community in this area. The Club will retain its history and the Preston Football Club (PFC) will be acknowledged on the guernsey, together with the recognition of the Carlton Football Club as part of the transition to the Northern Blues.



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