Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 16, 2011

Tuesday, 15th November 2011 – a brief bit of nostalgia as my ‘Senior’ status is officially recognised.

Yesterday’s mail finally gave me official recognition that I’m now a ‘Senior’  –  my ‘Senior’s Card’ arrived, together with a formal letter from the Premier of Victoria, welcoming me to the Senioirs Card Program – described as a ‘partnership between the Victorian Government and business to acknowledge the significant contribution older Victorians make to our state and to encourage and support seniors to lead active and healthy lifestyles in the community’.  Well, thank you very much, Mr Bailleau. Amongst various other benefits, I am particularly enthusiastic that this card entitlies me to numerousbenefits including concession rate travel on all Victorian public transport and public transport discounts in all Australian states and territories My preference in my younger years has usually being to drive my own vehicle rather than use public transport, but I haved found over recent times, that driving is becoming less enjoyable, and more costly than in the past, so I certainly intend to take advantage of whatever travel benefits I might now be entitled to!  Yippeee!!!

I was sitting in the local medical clinic this afternoon, awaiting ‘my’ turn – couldn’t help feeling nostalgic on a couple of occasions. A mother in the waiting area with a young child that began to cry, and continued doing so for quite a while – normally, that would begin to annoy this ‘old grump’ after a while, but on this occasion, I found myself a little envious of this mother as she attempted to calm the child, as I thought of my now four ‘adult children’, and thinking back on similar occasions, when they were that age – crying children always upset me, not in an annoyed or angry fashion, but with an immediate response of wanting to ‘fix the problem’ for them.  Those days are now long gone!  A little later, and another mother walks in – with three primary school age daughters, obviously only one of them requiring a medical appointment, but requiring her to bring all three with her. Again, feelings of nostalgia, thinking back on the many occasions I took my ‘kids’ to the doctor, although I didn’t usually have to take more than one at a time as Shirley would have been at home [although she probably had to do that on the odd occasion].  One year, I took all four children [still at primary school age] down to Ballarat for the day [Shirley had decided she didn’t want to come] – it was for Alwyn’s baptism [the boy at home yesterday, with Ross and Jean] –  from memory, all four behaved during the church service [ a normal service on a Sunday morning – can’t remember if there were any offers to let them participate in a young people’s group of any sort during the service – doubt they would left me anyway]. Later in the afternoon, we went up to the Lake and the Botanic Gardens, and I obviously still have those photos taken on that afternoon. Jodie in particular would not have been walking for very long, as the youngest of the four……………………anyway Bill, enough of this dreaming, as above, those days are gone, and all of have left of my children at that age, are the photos, and those memories that I can retain. In fact I’m discovering these days, that my photo collection of the children are my best source of reminder of things that we did.

Earlier this afternoon, I spent a couple of hours working ‘for’ the VPTA, processing online, a few payments,. and consolidating the MYOB records. Hopefully, I won’t have to do much more of this, with the new ‘me’ due to start work shortly, with a bit of luck!




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