Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 19, 2011

Friday, 18th November 2011 – Friday ramblings.

Awoke early this morning to find  that the news and reports on the Obama visit had been partially overtaken by news of a tragic nursing home fire in Sydney this morning. By 8am, it had been confirmed that all of the 100 plus residents had been accounted for, but there were expected to be at least 10 deaths. Reports continue to come through, as the morning progresses. Reports later this evening, indicated 3 deaths, with a number of serious injuries, smoke inhalation, etc.

Purchased a few items for my lounge room this morning – another set of bookshelves!!  A large solid TV cabinet [but not to be used for the TV, for years I have been searching for something suitable in which to store my vast collection of old LP records. They are very weighty things, and this particular purchase seems perfect for their placement].  And another handy CD  rack, my numbers in that area are building up, need more storage space for them also. Managed to get Adam to come and help me transport the book shelf in his [my] station wagon, but we agreed the cabinet would have to be delivered, would not fit in his car.  That would be tomorrow. In the meantime, I spent part of this afternoon, after mowing the front lawns, rearranging furniture in the house to cater for the new additions!

During my ‘spring cleaning’ attempts today, I came across another of Dad’s old books – published in 1945,  it was a ‘Book of Australasian Verse’, first published in 1921. Found a poem by Shaw Neilson, a name I was personally not very familiar with.  Born John Shaw Neilson (22 February 1872 – 12 May 1942), he was an Australian poet. Slightly built, for most of his life, John Shaw Neilson worked as a labourer, fruit-picking, clearing scrub, navvying and working in quarries, and, after 1928, working as a messenger with the Country Roads Board in Melbourne. Largely untrained and only basically educated, Neilson became known as one of Australia’s finest lyric poets, who wrote a great deal about the natural world, and the beauty in it. His poem that attracted my attention was titled ‘O Heart of Spring’, which I thought was appropriate [although today was more Summer than Spring, hot humid and sticky, a taste of weeks to come ]. Anyway, I thought I’d quote the three short verses from that piece of work by Neilson, written admittedly in an older style of language, almost indicative of the fact that the poet received very little formal education as a child, and virtually taught himself to research, find and interpret the words for his poetry.

O Heart of Spring

O heart of Spring!

Spirit of light and love and joyous day,

So soon to faint beneath the fiery Summer:

Still smiles the Earth, eager for thee alway;

Welcome art thou, soever short thy stay,

Thou bold, thou blithe newcomer!

Whither, O whither this thy journeying,

O heart of Spring!


O heart of Spring!

After the stormy days of Winter’s reign,

When the keen winds their last lament are sighing,

The sun shall raise thee up to life again!

In thy dim death thou shalt not suffer pain;

Surely thou dost not fear this quiet dying?

Whither, O wither this thy journeying,

O heart of Spring!


O heart of Spring!

Youth’s emblem, ancient and unchanging light,

Uncomprehended, unconsumed, still burning;

Oh that we could, as thou, rise from the night

To find a world of blossoms lilac-white,

And long-winged swallows unafraid returning…..

Whither, O wither this thy journeying,

O heart of Spring!

What a pity there is no Free to Air coverage of the 2nd Test match between South Africa and Australia, I think it is Day 3 tonight – I know Adam is watching on his ‘pay TV’  –  the Aussies are going along pretty well at the moment it seems [10.15 Friday night, our time]  –  South Africa all out for 266, and in reply, Australia are o wicket for  171 [Watson on 78  and Hughes on 87]  –   ahhhh, we can depend on the ABC radio, I’ve just found the broadcast, [sadly minus Peter Roebuk who died last weekend tragically]  –  I should have realised ABC radio would be on the ball!!  Well that score is a vast improvement on last week’s all out for 47.  And having said that, what happens?  We lose a wicket!!  Hughes out for 88.    Meanwhile, here in Melbourne, there’s a rather big golf event happening at the moment  – the ‘President’s Cup’ golf tournament, America versus the Rest of the World International team. Not familiar with the scoring method and format of the completion but I understand that at the end of Day 2, we Have USA 7 International 5. Notice that Tiger Woods is playing in Melbourne again!

It’s not unusual, but I’m alone tonight –  think Susie went up to Bendigo, last weekend she has the accommodation up there, assuming that’s where she left for about 5.45pm, just before the rainstorm hit Sunbury, hoping it didn’t cause her any problems out on the highway.

And as I drifted off to sleep in the early hours of this morning, I thought I’d turned the radio on in the bedroom, as the final session of the cricket got underway [but the morn would reveal the radio off!!] –  anyway, Australia’s promising start did not last, and by the close of play on the 2nd day, Australia had slumped from 0 for 174 to being all out for 296, just 30 runs ahead of the South African score. The hosts went in to bat again, but only for 4 balls, before bad light stopped play earlier than scheduled. Interestingly, Australia’s two openers each scored 88 runs, while former captain Ricky Ponting, no doubt added to the chorus of cries to put him out of the team,  by a short innings of ‘0’, while the currently maligned bowler, Mitch Johnson was next top score, on 38 not out!!


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