Posted by: jkirkby8712 | November 22, 2011

Saturday, 19 November 2011 – a call for readers & responses, as your essayist ponders on matters of utter insignificance!!!

While it was a beautiful cool and fresh morning, after yesterday’s heat and humidity, a very disappointing scene greeted my rising this morning –  it was raining, and the promise for the rest of the day didn’t suggest much improvement.  After months of planning, the St Andrews Church annual car boot and craft stalls sale day had arrived, and with so much of the planned activity scheduled to out in the open, on the Village Green. Well, the weather was a disappointing outcome – and once again, it seems to save the worst each week for a Saturday. My son, also, had being looking forward to a day of cricket again, and that too was in doubt!!  Thankfully, the role I had later this morning  – a two hour spell serving on the bookstall  – would be held indoors.

Incidentally, yesterday saw my 350th blog post on the WordPress site. Started out on a Yahoo blog site, then combined that with a joint entry on Myspace. Over the past 15 months or so, I combined  Myspace with this site, but have subsequently stopped bothering the double up process, was getting no response eventually on the former, and while I don’t seem to have many readers here, have decided to continue for the time being in the hope that over time that will change. As I have explained on previous occasions, my purpose here is to generally share my thoughts on daily happenings to things affecting myself, and the world about me, to share those aspects of life that interest me, and also, where something has been written or said that I feel is an important part of life as it affects either myself or my country, state, hometown, etc –  well, I like to share those things also. Yes, music, sport, books, concerts, and even ‘mundane’ activities [in the view of others no doubt]  all tend to predominate at times, but than, those areas, and many others besides, represent just ‘what I am about’, and what it is that your personal essayist likes to reflect upon from day to day.

So if you are reading ‘my’ blog for the first time today, take time out, send me a response, and if you like what you read, the style, the subject matter, I can accept that – I may not change much as a consequence of your criticism [if that’s how you feel], the solution for the reader is easy, don’t bother to read any further. But be assured, all opinions and responses will be taken on board, stored away, and where the writer considers it useful or necessary, taken note of on some future contribution.  My life has no ‘famous’ significance about it  –  as the song from ‘My Fair Lady’ says, ‘I’m just an ordinary man..who desires nothing more than an ordinary chance, to live exactly as he likes, and do precisely what he wants, An average man am I, of no eccentric whim, Who likes to live his life, free of strife, doing whatever he thinks is best for him’………………….well, all that within it’s limits as far as it affects others of course, but hopefully, readers can get the gist of where I’m going!!  Actually, I’m not so sure I know myself!!!

I spent about an hour on the book stall at St Andrews Uniting Church Giant Car boot sale and indoor stalls this morning – think the ladies organising things had made sure there were plenty of helpers on hand, as my ‘shift’ seemed to have also being booked for a couple of the ladies [whom I knew] as well. So my time there was much shorter than expected, gave this reader time to peruse the books himself, and as per normal, walked out with a few purchases that I didn’t really need, but wanted!! Unfortunately for the organisers, patrons and external stall holders, the weather turned against everyone partly through the morning, as steady rain set in – not even the prayers of the Church could keep the weather fine!!  Thankfully, the bookstall, of necessity, was indoors! When the rain began, our venue, in the old original church hall on the Village Green, suddenly became very popular! Nevertheless, I was pleased to have been asked to help out, albeit for a short time – gave me the opportunity to meet a few ‘old’ friends I’d not seen much of in recent times, having not really played much of a role in the church life over the past couple of years – gone but not forgotten. As I’d explained to friend Helen a couple of times, I was just seeking a little more time for Bill to follow what he wanted to do, rather than what had always been expected of me. Will never completely get out of that mould, however this was a part of that aim!

Of course, sadly for Adam, the rain meant no cricket for him, yet again , but that also meant I had the afternoon free to reorganise part of my house, following the delivery of new bookshelves, cabinet, etc yesterday, and early this afternoon. So that task in fact occupied most of my afternoon – re-arranging shelf locations, paintings, book locations, etc, etc –  rather a wearying task, because every move, meant empting out a shelf of it’s contents, repacking them, and so on. Anyone who has seen my book collection in person, will have some idea of the magnitude of the task I set myself.  Despite that, by the end of the afternoon, I was rather pleased by the outcome!



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