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Tuesday, 29th November 2011 – just a few mutterings here and there!!!

In my involvement with the story of John Flynn yesterday, I omitted to mention an early evening visit to Melbourne Airport, where I had a coffee and a chat with my nephew, Duncan, before he flew back to Brisbane after spending another 3 days in Melbourne completing requirements for an M BA course he was doing. We met in the Qantas Club, where presumably, I was only there as a ‘guest’, as I certainly didn’t have a ticket to go anywhere. Duncan was the third and youngest child of my sister, Jill and her husband Robert  – they have now lived in Brisbane since the mid 1970s, Duncan being the only member of their family born in Queensland.

I enjoyed that little sojourn, as it is not very often I get to catch up with any of my northern siblings and/or their children. Duncan has obviously got a very carefully planned successful life ahead of him, and is currently going through the process of another move in his career, together with moving house, as the family prepares to move further north to Noosa, in Queensland. Rather an interesting coincidence, having just been relating the story of John Flynn and the Flying Doctor Service, as while I’m not sure of the exact details, Duncan works with the Ambulance Services in Queensland, and is a qualified pilot in that health services area. He is also still involved in the  music industry – told me of a production he is involved in, both in the production side of things, and as a performer,  which has a nation wide tour planned during 2012 including a number of centres here in Victoria. I made a note of some of the relevant dates, intending to get along and see my nephew performing as Eddie Cochran, a rock singer from the Buddy Holly era of music who also died in tragic circumstances at the height of his popularity.

Anyway, amongst our various discussions, we got around to the topic of the Brisbane Roar Soccer team, which last weekend achieved the fame of the record of the longest unbeaten run of a sporting team in Australia. Apparently Jill & Robert went to that game last Saturday night, with Duncan’s young son. All of the family being keen supporters of the local team. Some interesting comments made about former Australian international, Harry Kewell, who finally returned to Australia this year, to play with Melbourne Victory. While his performances and success so far with Victory, have not met up with expectations, Harry himself has apparently a high regard for his worth, and the way he expects to be treated!!!  Perhaps if some of those stories surfaced, our Harry Kewell might lose some of the shine attached to his hero worship status!! But that’s another story!

The other thing I did last night of course, was to present and enjoy another great three hours on my Monday night radio show. Slow start this morning after that late night! Called back up to the radio station mid morning – do a bit of printing, sort out some finance matters, and generally chat with Mike, Maureen, Christine and others. Followed that up with some banking matters for the station, and did a bit of rare ‘window shopping’ – at Collins Bookshop, and Dick Smith’s place – there are few items I need for the computer and TVs at home – didn’t want to spend any money today, just get a feel for what was available, and return in a day or two!  As you can see, I avoid spending money unless I have to, which nevertheless, seems to be quite regular!!

Drove over to the  Langama sporting complex early this evening – Adam’s ‘B’ Grade Sunbury CC team was playing in a 20/20 against the higher graded Sunbury United team. Must be in for a bit of a show, as in this competition last Tuesday night, they defeated another first grade team and winner of this competition last year, Riddell. Actually, Tuesday evening seems to be the only time we can get any cricket played in Sunbury, and even tonight, the weather was overcast, humid and windy, looking quite threatening at times. Anyway, I got to the cricket ground soon after United had started to bat – didn’t realise they’d lost their first wicket for just one run. However, from that point onwards, things looked quite bright for the opposition, and from a batting viewpoint, runs were flowing freely. Their surviving opener went on to score a fast century, and the team finished with  7 wickets for 177 runs in their allotted 20 overs.  I didn’t think one of two of thed Sunbury CC bowlers were that good, and a couple of easy catches went down in the outfield. Adam himself picked up a good catch midway through the innings. Had a brief chat with Adam, before his team’s innings started – he expected to be batting down the list a bit, apparently his batting style was a little too steady and careful fort a 20/20 innings, but I was pleased to see that he was still in the senior Sunbury team.

Not a good start for Adam’s team – one run, then one wicket [a runout!!!], then suddenly, after a flurry of runs, the score dropped to about 3 for 21, then 4 for 25. Not looking good. The score moved on a bit, next wicket fell on 65 runs, but the team managed to pick up their effort a bit from that point, losing just two more wickets in the innings. However, that early loss of wickets put them well behind on the clock, and the 20 overs quickly disappeared and it soon became obvious that even if they retained their wickets, there would not be enough time or balls left to catch the opposition’s score. 6 for 114 with just 2 overs to go.  Final score for Sunbury CC was 7 wickets for 142 runs. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see Adam have a bat – he was padded up and ready to go in, when the match ended!!

Susan returned home from her visit to friends on the other side of Melbourne [towards Phillip Island] later this evening, and although I had a meal ready for her, if it was wan ted, she had apparently eaten! Always the way!!  She was in bed before me tonight – must be rostered to work tomorrow!

Of course politics is seldom far from the agenda – today, the Labor Government put down a mini-budget. The treasurer, Wayne Swan revealed a massive $14.5bn blowout in the current 2011-2012 budget deficit to $37.1bn in just 6 months, but promised Labor would still be able to deliver it’s promised return to surplus next year.  Mr Swan said that the government had steered a line between maintaining budget discipline and allowing for the risks in the global outlook. He said ‘Most countries could only dream of having growth at trend levels, but that’s what we are expecting here in Australia despite all the storm clouds that are on the horizon’. That’s likely to be true, and Australia’s economy has certainly given the appearance of being in better shape than much of the rest of the world. Not surprisingly, the Opposition’s Tony Abbott, or shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, are not impressed by the mini budget – with Tony Abbott claiming that tiny budget surpluses forecast from 201w2-2013 onwards, meant Australia now had no buffer against international global problems. Admittedly, those surpluses are dependant upon things such as the carbon tax, predicted other savings, etc.

And Joe Hockey’s words, predictable enough I guess:-

“Labor is all talk and no action when it comes to delivering a budget surplus.  In just four years, Labor has delivered four consecutive budget deficits totalling $167 billion. As a result, Australian Government debt is now due to soar to $136 billion.  Australians are now borrowing $100 million every day and are paying $100 million every week to fund Labor’s debt-fuelled, wasteful spending spree. Wayne Swan is now asking Australians to believe him when he says he can turn a $37 billion deficit into a surplus in just one year.  When it comes to budgets, you have to look at what Labor does, not what they say. Australians are looking for stability and certainty from their government, not Labor’s weak, confused and directionless approach. The Coalition delivered surpluses in 10 out of 12 budgets and left this government with a $20 billlion budget surplus”.  

No doubt, the serious media sources of the next few days will have plenty to comment about – interesting of course that this mini budget has been announced in the week following the finish of Parliament for 2011, another Gillard tactic to avoid direct immediate scrutiny from the parliamentary benches!!



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