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Thursday, 1st December – Summer and the Cricket have arrived!!!

It’s the first day of Summer in Australia, and yes, it’s many years, if ever, that I have been home on the first day of the First Cricket Test for the Australian summer season, and for today at least, I intend to take advantage of that fact – 6 hours of cricket, weather allowing – thunderstorms predicted at the GABBA in Brisbane but looking good at the moment.  Australia versus New Zealand!!  A little warmer down here today, although currently looking rather overcast outside  at present, more rain about I think.

But up in Brisbane, New Zealand won the Toss, and will bat!!!  I shall return!!!


Call from Adam this morning – he was at work, and apparently tickets went on sale this morning for a rock concert next February he wanted to go to – would I book them online for him, didn’t want to wait until later as he expected sales to go fast. I’d never heard of the band he was interested in [not surprising, it was a heavy metal band], but after a bit of research, etc, I managed to track down the booking arrangements for the concert in question!!  The band name  – ‘System of a Down’!!!  A bit of a rock style politically inspired group!  And for a change, I received immediate payment a couple of hours later for the use of ‘my’ credit card!!  Particularly necessary these days!!

Day One of the Test. Australia gor off to a great start [bowling] in  the first session to lunch, with NZ going into the break at 4 wickets for 94. Australia had three players making their Test debut – James Pattinson and Mitchell Starc [bowlers] and David Warner [opening batsman], and the new bowlers had early success. Another wicket straight after lunch, saw the Aussies in a strong position, but then, the NZ veteran, Daniel Vettori combined with Dean Brownlie to consolidate the batting, with both players lasting through until an early tea break [due to poor light], with the score by then having moved on to  5 wickets for 176, a good fightback. After the tea break, for the start of the 3rd 2 hour session, there was quite a heavy dark cloud cover over the cricket ground, and while the floodlights had been turned on, there had to be some doubt that a full day’s play would be achieved. In fact that supposition was correct – soon after writing that note, the rain started to come down steadily, and certainly at that stage, further play today very unlikely!!

 So let’s have a look at the scoreboard for the first day of play, won’t be able to give this detail each day of play, but today, with another rather miserable and strangely cold day outside, I’ve devoted my hours to some cricket viewing. Also, a debut day for three Australian players, and quite a young team overall apart from Ponting, Hussey, Clarke, Haddon and Siddle [the only experienced Test bowler]. Actually, not particularly keen on the TV commentary with it’s constant advertisements – tried the old trick of listening to the ABC radio broadcast and watching the soundless TV. Sadly it didn’t work – the picture from the TV was between 4 to 6 seconds behind the radio description. Disappointing, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this was a deliberate ploy by Channel 9 – to have a slightly delayed TV coverage the practice that I tried to do, as I am certainly not alone in the practice [or this case, attempted practice]!

New Zealand Batting – 1st Innings  [Day 1]

Brendon McCallum   –  444411244114………………………….c Warner b Starc……………34 [2 for 56]

Martin Guptill –             32242……………………………………….c Haddon b Siddle…………13  [1 for 44]

Kane Williamson –        41421124………………………………….c Khavaja b Lyon…………19   [3 for 78]

Ross Taylor [captain] – 44114………………………………………..b Pattinson……………………14  [4 for 93]

Jesse Ryder –                 1311………………………………………….c Warner b Starc……………. 5   [5 for 96]

Dean Brownlie    –         124141121132144………………………Not out………………………….32

Daniel Vettori   –           211313141212112144121213……Not out……………………………..45

Subdries                –       Wides 3,

 No-balls 1, Byes   9……………………………………………….13


Australian Bowling – Day 1

J Pattinson…………..  [Overs-Maidens-Runs-Wickets]

P Siddle………………

M Starc………………

N Lyon……………….

M Hussey……………


Australia squad: Michael Clarke (capt), David Warner, Phillip Hughes, Usman Khawaja, Ricky Ponting, Michael Hussey, Brad Haddin, Peter Siddle, James Pattinson, Nathan Lyon, Mitchell Starc.

New Zealand squad: Ross Taylor (capt), Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum, Kane Williamson, Jesse Ryder, Dean Brownlie, Daniel Vettori, Reece Young, Doug Bracewell, Tim Southee, Chris Martin

Better news, hopefully, with an update on the Chris Judd situation  – Carlton Captain Chris Judd will undergo minor surgery on his injured right shoulder and is expected to resume full training in January. Judd had precautionary scans on his shoulder yesterday after experiencing some discomfort during pre-season training.

Meanwhile, for the 1st day of Summer, well it had become quite cool my early afternoon in this part of the state, and certainly didn’t feel like the beginning of the year’s ‘warm quarter’. Still raining up at the Gabba,  as five o’oclock [Eastern Australian Daylight Saving Time] came and passed.

As noted yesterday, the Labor Party Conference is on for three days, and discussions are likely to be focused on a couple of divisive issues. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen will be proposing an almost doubling of Australia’s refugee intake in a bid to win support for his Malaysian people-swap agreement. I hope his eventual aim fails.  On another issue, Victorian right-wing cabinet minister, Stephen Conroy will break with his faction and with Julia Gillard by opposing uranium sales to India when the issue is debated.  The most divisive issue relates to the gay marriage subject, where an attempt will be made by some sectors of the Party to propose a motion to amend the Marriage Act to ensure equal access to marriage under statute  for all couples irrespective of sex. As reported today, a platform change to endorse gay marriage would be embarrassing for the Prime Minister, who has repeatedly said that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Ms Gillard wants the Party to agree to a conscience vote on the issue, rather than a platform change. The Age editorial comment today is headed ‘To reject gay marriage is to be blind to our common humanity’ – I read through that article, trying to ascertain some clear reasons for that argument, but was not convinced that the writer had either proved or disproved his point. I agree with some views that it is not a ‘core issue’ and is being given more prominence than is justified, and while I personally have no concerns about those who find themselves in a gay relationship, I, like our Prime  Minister, find it difficult to change my view that the institution of marriage should remain between a man and a woman,  an inherited view I guess of my Christian upbringing. I was thinking of copying the ‘Age’ article into this contribution, but as indicated, didn’t feel it went far enough in providing convincing arguments for either side of the issue. I note one point, where the comment is made that ‘Many opponents of gay marriage do not see depth at all in gay sexuality’. Well, I suppose the same argument could be put in respect to the traditional marriage, when one takes account of the high percentage of marriage divorces and separations in  this 21st century. I used the word ‘divisive’ at the beginning of this paragraph, and I think that is a very accurate categorisation of this topic. I think the fact that it gets such a high priority in our parliamentary circles relates much to the existence and constant push of a couple of very prominent gay politicians, such as Green’s Leader Bob Brown, and  the Government Finance Minister, Senator Penny Wong, to mention two. Anyway, much will be written and said on this and the other issues highlighted, over the next two or three days, and beyond.

The Liberal Party have a slightly different take on the issues [with one exception] that are important points of discussion at the Labor Conference.  Tonight’s communication plans it out thus:>

The key tests for Julia Gillard and Labor at the 2011 ALP National Conference will be whether she can:

  1. Develop solutions and strategies to strengthen our economy, boost productivity, improve job security, and reduce cost of living pressures on Australian families.
  2. Set out her plan to repay Australian Government debt, which is now set to peak at a record $136 billion.
  3. Outline how she will secure Australia’s borders, including a commitment to re-instate offshore processing of boat arrivals.

If the Conference does not develop clear and tangible plans to secure Australia’s future and make life easier for Australian families, it will be nothing more than a self-indulgent 3-day talkfest. It will also demonstrate that Julia Gillard and Labor have the wrong priorities for Australia and that her agenda is still being set by the faceless men of the ALP.

Which, when you read between the lines is basically all statement was –  a ‘talk-fest’ [or write-fest] of wordy spin with the usual emotive ‘make life easier for Australians’ pitch!  Oh well, we are becoming depressingly used to that style of debate from both sides these days!

Now, to matters closer to home, and to my heart, some might suggest.  The final radio station committee meeting for 2011 on tonight, and apparently quite a deal of business to be dealt with. With changes currently happening with the web site, that will hopefully mean a but better level of internet servicing of the station, and while we have not yet got to the stage of streaming on-line, that remains an option and a future ambition.  It was almost like a Winter’s night [but without the early evening darkness] when one could be encouraged to stay at home rather than venture out to a meeting, but duty called, and we were off.  Well, I was anyway. In the end, it was a worthwhile two hours despite a few absentees. Home later in time to watch an emotional taped final episode of ‘Crownies’ on the ABC!








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