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Monday, 12 December 2012 – the Recipients, Sunbury’s 175 Faces

I made reference to this yesterday, and while most of the names won’t mean anything to most reader, to your personal essayist, they represent slices of Sunbury’s history, past, present & future, hence my desire to include the listing here. Many of the names, I either know personally, or am aware of or familiar with in one way or another. They also give an indication of the diversity that normal people have in a range of community activities throughout all or part of their lives. Despite the selection of 175 from around 300 nominations, one can imagine that there are many other persons out there in the community who undertake much worthwhile and often unacknowledged work within a community who would have been deserved of being included in this list, perhaps more so than some who were perhaps’ pushed there [with their own help in some cases].   I’m thinking of the many community workers who do what they do, but seek no recognition of the fact, nor go looking for public praise!

3NRG 99.3FM, for services to local community radio. Alan Olsen,  Mike Cherriman, &  Louise Humphries

Barry Ackland – local artist, member of the Sunbury Arts Society, for services arts and culture.

John Arthur – volunteer at Sunbury Lions Football Club and Sunbury Lions Football Club, for services to sport

Arnie Azaris– volunteer, member of the Sunbury Conservation Society

Barry Baguley – accountant, of Baguley & Associates Pty Ltd, and treasurer for Sunbury Football Club, for services to the local business community and sports

Hilda Baird – volunteer, for community service for a range of community organisations including the President of the Pines Golf Club Association and St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Michael Barnard – of Aussie Home Loans, for services to the Sunbury business community and Chamber of Commerce/Business Association

John and Elizabeth Barnier – of the Goonawarra Vineyard, for services to tourism and the Sunbury Wine Region

Peter Bethune – volunteer, for service to community sport

Arthur Frederick Boardman – community founder. Over his lifetime he made a range of contributions from establishing local newspapers to sporting clubs. In 1911, he was a foundation member of the Sunbury Fire Brigade; he was a JP, a member of the Sunbury Show Committee and secretary of the Sunbury Cemetery Trust for 25 years.

Barry Boardman, – community leader, of Sunbury Realty, for service to the business community

Eric Boardman – for a lifetime of volunteerism and leadership

Marilyn Bray – has been an active member with more than 20 different organisations over the past 38 years. She now offers her time volunteering for the Salvo’s Opportunity shop

Ron Buckland, – volunteer, member of Sunbury United Sporting Club and former Councillor, for his community service

Hector Bugeja –  secretary, Sunbury Residents Association for services to the Shire of Bulla and Sunbury Residents Association

John Albert Burgess – volunteer, Sunbury & District Heritage Association. A lifetime of community service has seen John recognised with Life Membership – Yachting Victoria 2011; Life Membership – Sunbury Amateur Swimming Club 1990; Royal Freemason’s Homes of Victoria – 50 year service Jewel 2011; and Hume City Council participant – Hume Inspiring Stories 2005

Veronica Lorraine Burgess –  President, Sunbury & District Heritage Association. Veronica has been involved in charitable work for more than 50 years and a Shire of Bulla Councillor (1991-1994). Veronica has coordinated many exhibitions in the George Evans Museum over a period of 16 years.

Jamie Byron, – ALP Sunbury Branch Secretary. Jamie has been an active volunteer in the Sunbury community since he was 12 and is currently serving as the Secretary and Treasurer of the Mt Macedon ANZAC Dawn Service Committee. Jamie has been involved in Sunfest and was previously awarded Hume Young Citizen of the Year.

John Callaghan – owner, Calco Electrical, long-time businessman in Sunbury for services to the business community.

Manni Camilleri – for services to the Sunbury Rotary and many community fundraising projects.

Peter Cannon – St Andrews Uniting Church Minister, for service to the community.

Jenny Carland – for ongoing support of the Sunbury business community through the operation of Geyers Newsagency, which has been in her family for three generations.

Pat and Dianne Carmody – owners of Craiglee Vineyard for services to tourism and the Sunbury Wine Region.

Michael Carroll – owner, Carroll Directory, for his contribution to the business community. Through the Carroll Directory, Michael has been promoting and supporting local businesses for more than 22 years.

Associate Professor Christina Cheers – President of the Jacksons Creek Eco-Network. For services to restore the Jacksons Creek and the establishment and maintenance of the Jacksons Creek Eco Network Sunbury.

Lady Janet Clarke – was a great philanthropist and patron of many charities in Melbourne from the 1880s until her death in 1909. She was a leading advocate for women and helped to organise the Women’s Work Exhibition in 1907 and became the first president of the National Council of Women of Victoria in 1902, and of the Australian Women’s National League in 1904.

Sir William John Clarke – commenced the building of Rupertswood in 1874 and built the railway station on the property. Sir William was a great philanthropist and donated money to St Mary’s Church of England and various other organisations.

Arthur Frederick Cliff, – served in WWI and founded the Sunbury Milk Suppliers Association. In addition to volunteering at the Sunbury Tennis Club and RSL, Arthur was a long-term Councillor at the Shire of Bulla. Now deceased

Dave Collett – is recognised for his community service as a long-time member of the Sunbury CFA and has also contributed to the City Of Hume’s Municipal Fire Prevention Committee for more 10 years. He is a life member of the Sunbury CFA.

Edith Collins – for community service. Edith has made a significant contribution to a range of Hume Council initiatives such as the older person’s accommodation strategy and the Hume affordable housing forum.

Ron Cook, – former president of the Hawthorn Football Club, is recognised for his community service, especially through Rotary Sunbury. Now deceased

Fi Corboy – for services to the community through her work for the Sunbury Evans Street Grasslands, Chocolate Lily Day and International Womens Day.

Andy Cross – Sunbury School of Dancing, for service to arts and culture. From the early 1970’s to 1993, Andy ran the dancing school with more than 400 students, many going on to have professional dance and theatre careers.

Bob Croxford – for his long-term service to the Kiwanis Club, Apex and CFA.  Now deceased

Doug Cue – volunteer and trainer at the Sunbury Football Club and volunteer at the Lions Club.

Dr Dennis Cutts – veterinarian at the Sunbury Animal Hospital. Dennis has run a practice in Macedon St for over 25 years.

Elwyn Joy Davis – Vice President of the Sunbury & District Heritage Association. Elwyn contributed to the Uniting Church and has been an active fundraiser for Leprosy Mission, in addition to emergency and relief teaching at primary schools in Sunbury.

Eleanor Dixon – president of Sunbury Ladies Badminton Club (2010) and committed member of Sunbury Ladies Badminton Club for nearly 30 years.

Heather Dodd (nee McKenzie) – is a Scout leader at the Sunbury Scouts and recognised for her service to the community. 

Bruce Donohue – volunteer, for service to the community. He has been an active member of Sunbury Mens Probus, Sunbury Lions Club, a junior tennis coordinator and is currently, chairperson of the Sunbury U3A group.

Alan Douglas – our volunteer graffiti removalist, for service to the community.

Alexandros Dacakis – local business owner and community volunteer, ran a mixed business store in Sunbury for a number of years.

Joanne Duncan – Macedon State Labor MP, Member for Gisborne in 1999 and later, following electorate redistribution, re-elected as the first Member for Macedon in 2002 (incorporating Sunbury).

George Duncan – owner and volunteer at the Sunbury Pop Festival, is recognised for his contribution to football and cricket, and the Diggers Rest Lions Club.

John Dunlop – owner of Dunlop Real Estate, for services to the Traders Association and commercial property industry in Sunbury.

Trevor Dunn – Secretary, Sunbury & District Heritage Association. Trevor is a third generation Sunbury resident and has devoted many hours to researching, documenting and producing booklets and pamphlets on the district and the people who lived here.

Agnes Eadie and Peter Eadie, siblings, now deceased. Agnes was born in Sunbury and lived most of her 101 years at the family home ‘Dunblane’. Agnes was the first woman in Sunbury to record her vote and the first woman in Sunbury to reach 100 years. Peter was a well-known identity, he was the local baker.

Merv and Dawn Edwards – owner, Railway Hotel, which has since become the Olive Tree, for service to the business community. Now, deceased.

Hedley and Jan Elliot – owners of the Emu Bottom Homestead, are recognised for their services to tourism and business. Emu Bottom is renowned as Victoria’s oldest homestead and for the Emu Bottom biscuits.

George Evans – considered by many to be the founding father of Sunbury and was one of Melbourne’s first settlers. In 1836, Evans built the homestead Emu Bottom.

Stephen Falzon – a life member of Sunbury Art Society Inc. In addition to Stephen’s contribution to the arts, he has pursued a successful career as a land surveyor and raised a family of three children in Sunbury.

Bernie Finn – Member for Western Metropolitan Region, Former Member for Tullamarine, for services to Sunbury during 1992-1999 as Member for Tullamarine, particularly for securing the Victoria University campus in Sunbury.

Stan Forbes – an active member of the Golf Club, Sunbury Probus and Rotary club. Stan has a long history of coordinating activities and events for the community with these clubs.

John Francis – now deceased. Francis Blvd is named after him. He was the 1st Premier of Victoria and owned Goonawarra.

Andrew Free duty officer/crew leader, State Emergency Service, Sunbury. Andrew is recognised for his significant community service. He has been involved in 2nd Sunbury Scouts, the Interact Club of Sunbury, the Apex club of Sunbury, Rotary Club of Sunbury and the Tourism Business Association.

Peter Free – president, Sunbury Historical and Heritage Society. Peter has provided significant community service through Rotary, was a main instigator of relocating the Aitken’s Gap Gaol now standing in front of the Sunbury Police Station. He established the Sunbury Historical and Heritage Society in 1994 and has spent many hours researching the history of Sunbury.

Roger Free – made a significant contribution to the Sunbury community through sports as player and coach of various sports clubs. Roger was also dedicated to establishing and maintaining the park on the corner of Miller and Pasley Streets, Sunbury. Now, deceased.

Lance Futcher – owner of Paint Spot. Over a 10 year period, he ran the Sunbury Chamber of Commerce and without his contribution, Sunbury may not be what it is today.

Ron Geyer – owner, Geyers Newsagency, for services to the Sunbury business community. Ron took over operation of the newsagency on September 1, 1951, from his parents-in-law. Now deceased.

Max Gifford – community volunteer. Max was involved in scouting and fundraising for the construction of a permanent Scout Hall in Miller Street, which was later renamed the Max Gifford Hall. Max has also been involved with the Salvation Army Door Knock Appeal, and received a Medal of Merit in 1988 from the Scouts.

Kathy Gillard – community volunteer, for her community service, especially her contribution to the Sunbury Cemetery Trust.

Geoff Graham – is a community volunteer and has made a significant contribution to sports, especially golf.

Neil and Sharon Grey – foster parents, Neil and Sharon foster children from around the Hume area. They have supported 12 children over five years and love fostering. They currently have four children and hope to continue fostering for many more years.

Tim Griffin – has been the local optometrist for many years and is recognised for his service to the business community.

Bernie Hall – the manager of the Sunbury Leisure Centre and is recognised for his contribution to sports.

Max & Glenice Harding – recognised for their community service and their contribution to football and cricket; fundraising and community facilitation

Damien Harman – owner, Wealth Accounting, member of Rotary and a member of the Sunbury Chamber of Commerce, service to business.

Ian Harrison – local sportsperson. Ian is a local horse trainer and is recognised for his contribution to sports.

Frank Hayes – deceased, for service to community and local sports through the CFA and Sunbury Football Club.

Patricia Hillof the Sunbury Street Surfer for community service through the parent/ support group and talks with youth regarding alcohol and drug abuse. Pat was awarded Hume City Council’s Citizen of the Year in 2002.

John Hoban – member of the Lions Club, is recognised for services to the establishment of the Sunbury Lions Hostel 1970s.

Professor Christopher Hogan – General Practitioner at Family Medical Centre, O’Shanassy Street, for community service.

Francis and Judy Hogan – retired teachers. After a career teaching and significant contributions to the community, Frank and Judy established the Diggers Rest Vineyard – immersing themselves in all elements of wine production & selling, even earning a few gold medals. They are recognised for their service to the community and tourism.

Terrie Hollingsworth – counsellor, Sunbury Community Health Centre. Terrie is recognised for her community service; particularly for support a self-help group for mothers with post-natal depression.

Joan Houston – lolly pop lady in Hume for more than 30 years, contributor to the George Evans Museum for about seven years and member of Sunbury & District History Association. Joan is a member of the O’Brien family, who are also well known for serving the Sunbury community.

Barry Huxley – President, Sunbury Business Association, is acknowledged for his service to the Sunbury Business Association / Chamber of Commerce.

Glenn Ingram – business owner, Sunbury Central P/L, for service to the business community.

Jim Ireland – owner, Irelands Florist, for service to the business community.

William and Samuel Jackson – community founders. William and Samuel came to Sunbury in 1836 with George Evans. They were responsible for naming the village – Sunbury – after their hometown in England. The Macedon Creek was renamed Jackson’s Creek in their honour and Jackson Street, Sunbury, was also named after them.

Edward (Ted) Jarret – member of Goonawarra Golf Club and long-time JP. Ted was a founding member of the Hume Veterans Golf Club Inc. and was inaugural president in 1995, a position he held until 2011. He was the original organiser for the Seniors Week of Golf, in conjunction with Seniors Week.

George Kalandadse – community volunteer. George is a primary school principal with 40 years teaching experience and first joined the Life Education Sunbury steering committee in 1988. He was elected chairman and remains the chairman of the Hume Calder Life Education Committee.

Maureen Kear – volunteer, SunFest, for services to the Sunbury Festival – president of organising committee.

Bert Kelly – Saturday Sports Show presenter, 3NRG 99.3FM, supporter of local soccer and former Shire of Bulla Councillor. Bert is recognised for his long community service.

John Kelly – Shire Secretary of the Shire of Bulla – now retired. John administered the finances and local government regulations for 30 years. John was the Secretary of the Sunbury Water and Sewerage Boards for 30 years.

Dr Alexis and Mrs Marina Keskevich – a husband and wife team – doctor and dentist – who are recognised for their community service.

Bernard Lakey – event owner, Sunbury Backroad Music Festival, for services to tourism and the community. Bernard was recognised in 2011 Hume community event of the year.

Max Langshaw – volunteer. Max and his wife, Edith are valued contributors to St Mary’s Anglican Church. Max carried the Queen’s Baton at the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games and in 2000, Max was selected to be a torch bearer in the Sydney Olympics Torch relay. Max is a retired pilot, logging more than 20,000 flight hours.

John Lawry – business owner and member of the Sunbury Chamber of Commerce, and is recognised for service to the business community.

Carol Leaney – golf instructor, Goonawarra Golf Club, has been providing golf instruction to adults and children in the local area for more than 10 years.

Geoff and Patricia Levey – community service. Geoff, now deceased, was awarded a posthumous Medal of the Order of Australia for his community service in establishing a veteran welfare program in Melton and Sunbury and for his work as President of the RSL between 1991 and 2003. Patricia is a volunteer for the Sunbury SES.

Phil Lithgow – volunteer, for services to sports. Phil has contributed to the Sunbury Football Club, Sunbury Junior Football Club, and Sunbury RDFL.

Ken Lupson – captain and coach of the Sunbury Football Club, for his contribution to sports.

Sandra Maqueda – Executive Director, Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation, which she established in 1993, for her community service. Sandra was Hume City Council’s Citizen of the Year and Kiwanis Club Citizen of the Year in 2008. 

Romina Martiniello – student, Don Bosco, was a Hume Young Citizen of the Year in 2008 and is recognised for her community service.

Andrew Mason – Vice President, Sunbury Festival. Andrew has been volunteering in Sunbury since he was 15 years old and has had a significant input though cubs and Auskick.

Dave Maxwell – is recognised for his service to arts and culture, in particular his work at the Boilerhouse Theatre Company.

Wally Maxwell – Vice-President, Sunbury Historical and Heritage Society. Wally is a member of the Sunbury Agricultural Society Show Committee, Sunbury District Red Cross and was awarded the Hume City Council Citizen of the Year. Wally has been a member of the Sunbury Historical and Heritage Society since 1994.

Rosa McCall – treasurer, Sunbury & District Heritage Association, and is recognised for her community service.

Stewart McCutcheon – Controller, Sunbury Unit, State Emergency Service of Victoria. Stewart was 16 years old when he started with Sunbury Unit SES and has now been a member of the SES for almost 20 years.

Heather McGrath – owner, Country Style of Sunbury, for services to the Sunbury business community.

Jack McKenzie – community leader, now deceased for community service. Jack was heavily involved in farming and environmental conservation management. Jack has a hall and a reserve named after him in Bulla.

John McKenzie -recognised for his community service and contribution to the CFA, Cemetery Trust and Highland Band.

John McKerrow – retired, Shire Engineer / Town Planner, Shire of Bulla for 36 years. He was also directly involved with the Sunbury Horse Show, Sunbury Football Club, Sunbury High School Council and Sunbury State School.

Colin McKinnon – business owner, for services to the Sunbury business community including the Sunbury Traders Association.

Margaret McLelland – Managing Director, Rupertswood Mansion, for service to tourism and the community. Margaret is active in promoting Rupertswood Mansion and the greater community of Hume. Margaret also works with local charities and is an active member of many community groups.

Danny McMahon – local real estate agent, for contribution to community activities. He is on the committee of Sunbury Helping Hand and is the Director of the Board at the Cancer Natural Therapy centre.

John McMahon – former Councillor, for services to the Shire of Bulla. John was instrumental in the development of Sunbury since the 1940s. He was Sunbury Waterworks Trust and Waterboard Chairman and a member of the Sunbury Urban and Rural Fire Brigades.

Kate McMahon (married name: George) – is the 6th generation McMahon in Sunbury. Kate is recognised for services to the McMahon Dairy and Sunbury Agricultural Show.

Michael McMahon – came to Australia in 1859 and was head teacher at Sunbury Primary School, a Justice of the Peace, and for many years acted as secretary of the Sunbury Cemetery Trust.

Michael Patrick McMahon – community founder. He served the Sunbury community as a soldier in WWI– he was also Chairman of the local War Advisory Committee during WWII and was a long term Shire of Bulla Councillor and trustee of the Sunbury Cemetery.

Tony McMahon – a volunteer / community leader, and recognised for service to the community. He is the president of the Sunbury Agricultural Show and continues to operate McMahon’s Dairy.

Steve Medcraft – a former councillor and twice captain of the Sunbury Football Club and is recognised for his community service.

George Millett – hotel proprietor and land owner. George came to Australia in 1834 to Sunbury and built Bald Hill hotel, located at the Gap. He provided employment and developed agricultural land.

Adam Mizzi – Director, Autobarn Sunbury, for services to the community and business. Adam is passionate about giving back to his community and has raised over a million dollars raised for various charities.

Jim Moffat – volunteer, for his service to sports, particularly local basketball.

John Francis Mounsey – now deceased, gave a lifetime of community service as a Shire of Bulla Councillor and President; first captain of the Sunbury Fire Brigade. He was also the local repatriation committee chairman and member of the 1914-1918 War Welcome Home Committee.

Bill Muir – former Councillor, Shire of Bulla. Long time Shire of Bulla Councillor and Hume City Council Councillor.

Vicki Murdoch – business owner, Chamber of Commerce. Vicki is a long-term Sunbury accountant and previously with Chamber of Commerce.

James Natsis – Pastor, for service to the Sunbury Baptist Church and Sunbury Carols by Candlelight.

Des Nelson – Sunbury Cemetery Trust. For services to the Sunbury Cemetery Trust and Friends of Sunbury Public Cemetery Advisory Committee.

Fred Henry Norris – now deceased. Fred emigrated to Sunbury from London, England, with his wife (Hilda) and two children after being a prisoner of war in Germany for five years during WWII. He worked at Caloola, Geyers Newsagency and at the front-counter of the Council office. He was involved with a host of local clubs and groups, and is remembered for his love of rhyme.

Terence John O’Brien – now deceased, gave a lifetime of service as a foundation member of the Sunbury Racing Club, a Councillor for the Shire of Bulla, and the Sunbury Horse Show (now the Sunbury Agricultural Show).

Arthur O’Connor – was the first Funeral Director in Sunbury and is recognised for his contribution to the business community.

Bernie O’Farrell – President Sunbury Residents Association. For services to the Sunbury Residents Association and the Traders Association.

Lesley Ogilvie – for community service. Lesley is a local philanthropist and raised funds for various local charities.

Cr Jack Ogilvie – chairman of Cancer & Natural Therapy Foundation. He is a former Mayor of Hume, has been an active Board Member of the Cancer and Natural Therapy Foundation and is chairperson of the Sunbury Cemetery Trust.

Michael Osborne  – recognised for services to the Sunbury business community and Chamber of Commerce / Business Association.

Des O’Sullivan – volunteer, for his community service as a member of the Lions Club, Fishing Club President; he is also the popular barman at the Bowling Club.

Dr Margaret Paterson – Doctor, Family Medical Centre, for service to community health. Dr Patterson was a long-time doctor at the Family Medical Centre in O’Shanassy St.

John Patterson – business owner, now deceased. John was the local earth removalist and an active community volunteer.

Stan Payne – business owner. Now deceased, Stan was an estate agent and known for his fundraising efforts.

Athol Perry – now deceased, started Perry’s Produce Store on the corner of Evans and Harker streets. He was an active member of the Sunbury Rotary Club and helped raise funds for many projects including the Learmonth Street Scout Hall.

Roma Perry – recognised for her substantial contribution to the Sunbury Community Health Centre.

Sebastiano Pitruzzello – owner, Pitruzzello Estate. Sebastiano has so far invested $15 million into the Pitruzzello Estate and has created a number of new employment opportunities within Sunbury.

Roger Podolczak – recognised for his contribution to local sports including football and cricket; he is a run and cover record holder, and member of the Rupertswood Football Club/ Sunbury United Cricket Club.

Cr Ann Potter – a former Mayor of Hume and has been a Councillor since 2000. She has been on numerous committees including Sunbury Downs College Council, Sunbury Junior Football Club, Sunbury Cemetery Trust and Sunbury Festival Committee.

Barry Priest – for his community service as a volunteer member of the Garden Club and helping to found Bluelight Disco’s in Sunbury. He was a local Sunbury police sergeant and is an active member of the Sunbury Family History Society Inc.

Adam Przewlocki – Musical Director, Sunbury Choral Initiative, for service to arts and culture. Adam is an award-winning pianist, was Hume City Council’s Citizen of the Year and was a finalist in the Herald Sun Pride of Australia Medal, Community Spirit Award.

Rod Quarrell – for his community service as a long-time volunteer for various groups including 3NRG.

Tony Raines – known for his service to arts and culture, especially the Boilerhouse Theatre Company Inc Committee. He also contributes to Apex and the Sunbury Arts Network.

Peter Ralph – recognised for his contribution to business and the Sunbury Chamber of Commerce.

Fred Reinking – a former policeman and now works in the security business. He is recognised for his service to business and the community.

Derek Rigby – recognised for significant service to local radio station – 3NRG/Bulla FM. Now deceased.

Vivien Robinette – retired, was a home-based carer and educator for children with special needs for almost 30 years.

Mary Rush – recognised for her work as the chair of the Board of Directors for the Sunbury Community Health Centre and for her support of community health services in Sunbury.

Martin Ryan – now deceased, was a journalist by trade and a tireless advocate for the community, volunteering for the Sunbury Citizens Advocacy and Friends of Emu Bottom Wetlands Reserve. He was awarded a Centenary Medal for his environmental work.

Victor Scerri – the owner of Vic’s Cucina and Bar, and regularly sponsors sporting groups and events. He is recognised for his contribution to local business and sports.

Cheryl Schembri – President, Sunbury Railway Station Garden Club, is recognised for her community service.

Ben Stanford – Team Member,Sunbury SES. Ben has been involved in Sunfest and his numerous awards include Young Citizen of the Year Award – Australia Day 2003.

Joseph David Starkie – was a JP, Councillor for Shire of Bulla for 25 years and served three terms as Shire President. He was a Commissioner of the Sunbury Water Trust and Chairman for a number of years. There is a Joseph Starkie Memorial, opposite the Memorial Hall.

Ros Stephens – CEO, Sunbury Community Health Centre, is recognised for her support for local health services.
Dean Surkitt – Goonawarra Golf Club, is recognised for his contribution to sport, particularly golf and cricket.

Ian Sutherland  – involved with the Sunbury Cemetery Trust, Friends of Emu Bottom, Calder Highway Action Group.

Annette Swaffield – a Girl Guide Leader with Sunbury District Girl Guides and a member of St Mary’s Anglican Church. Annette’s involved with Friends of Holden Reserve and delivering Library books for the Hume Library.

Ian Taylor – the Manager, Western Plains Flora. Ian is the president of the Sunbury LandCare group and has organised many community planting days and educated local landholders on sustainable land management and indigenous flora.

Kaye Taylor – known for her work at the Sunbury Community Health Centre where she works closely people with disabilities.

Lesley Thomas – recognised for his volunteer service to sport, particularly Sunbury basketball.

Ian Thompson – service to the community as a CFA volunteer for 50 years including training for band and CFA games.

Darrell Treloar – former CEO of Hume City Council and a member of the Sunbury Cemetery Trust. He is recognised for his community service.

Kath Tremlett – has made a substantial contribution through her volunteer and fundraiser with numerous community groups. Her work spans more than 60 years and has involved St Andrew’s Uniting Church, the Presbyterian Women’s Mission Union, Shire of Bulla Presidential Ball and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Sunbury Uniting Church – this is a group acknowledgement to thank the volunteers for their community service, including: Peter and Margaret Mitchell, Bruce and Patricia Palamountain, Ron Sainsbury, Rev. Robert Wheeler, Dean Ely, Frank Hall, Noel Knappstein.

James Patrick Walsh – was the owner of the Golden Fleece Service Station and Sunbury Tyre Service. Now deceased, he is recognised for his community service to the RSL, Rotary, Sunbury Football Club, and President Beef Wine and Burgundy Club.

Peter Walshe – owner, Walshe Baird & Bell Pharmacy, Sunbury Square, for service to the business community.

Gavin Ward – Vicar, St Mary’s Anglican Church, for his community service. He is also currently the Chaplain for the Sunbury Sub-Branch of the National Servicemen’s Association.

Garry Warner – President, Sunbury Kiwanis Club, for community service – fundraising and community support.

Ralph Watkins – was a member of the Sunbury Water Trust, Sunbury Sewerage Authority and Water Board for more than 30 years. His community service includes the Sunbury Historical Society, Probus Club of Sunbury, the Sunbury Show and Sunbury Lawn Tennis Club.

John Watson – Executive Director, Local Government Victoria, for service to the Shire of Bulla. He is the former CEO of Bulla.

Clyde White – volunteer, for his contribution to local sports including football, bowling and cricket.

Les and Sharon Whorlow – First National Real Estate / LJ Whorlow Real Estate, for services to business through the Sunbury Rotary and the Sunbury Traders Association.

Stef Wildekamp – Sunbury Lions Club, for community service to help establish the Sunbury Lions Hostel in the 1970s.

Graeme Williams – President, of the Sunbury RSL, for community service.

Neil and Marianne Williams – of N&M Spit Roast, for community service. Neil and Marianne are both volunteers and suppliers to Rotary, SunFest and many other community events.

Win Williamson – volunteer and fundraiser, now deceased, for a lifetime of community service.

Peter Wood – of Scampers. Peter has been looking after dog wellbeing for more than 10 years. Prior to opening Scampers, Peter used to work in the animal management team of City Laws.

Past shire presidents and councillors of Bulla / Sunbury.



  1. Well done to all those who have served this community and continue to do so every day of their lives.

    • I am interested in finding out a date of one of the recipients of the Sunbury Australian Day Award ( a relative of mine). Would you be able to help?

      • Hi Susan,
        Happy to assist, if I am able to.
        You can send me the required details direct to Bill at of you prefer,

        Cheers, Bill Kirk

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