Posted by: jkirkby8712 | December 19, 2011

Saturday, 17 December 2011 – personal reflections on Shirley’s 60 birthday, and a day of pain!!

After a morning shopping, and wandering around the Sunbury streets [and stopping for an iced coffee at one stage], it was good to get back home and relax briefly before heading off again. Probably our warmest day since last summer, and as I would discover later, not the most opportune of times to spend too much time sitting in the car!!

Drove over to the Goonawarra Recreation Reserve, where Adam’s team was playing a one day game – they were fielding, so I watched for an hour or so, before deciding to call over at Shirley’s place [the family home], wish her a Happy 60th Birthday’  – she was busy decorating a rather large  ‘Australian’ style Christmas tree, think it was of the gum tree variety, was a bit hard to tell what was underneath all of those decorations!! Shirley always does these things in a big way!!  Called over to the flat to see Mrs S, who promptly refused to take any money from me for this year’s Christmas dinner  – will have to find another means of making my contribution. Discovered the lawn mower [mine] had been damaged partially whilst been used over here yesterday  – thank heavens I mowed my lawns on Thursday before I loaned it!!!  Meanwhile, Jodie was apparently home  – but incognito – suffering from a hangover apparently from her work Christmas party last night!!  As I think she would comment on Face Book later ‘I didn’t learn from last year’!!  No Jodie, you didn’t!!  A bit of discussion with Shirley & her mother about tonight’s dinner at the Bowling Club – I was looking forward to meeting up with her brother, Barry, and his family again, as I’d not seen very much of them for over 10 years now. Meanwhile the only person not coming tonight would be Adam – it was his cricket club’s annual Christmas party. Actually, there was another ‘party’ I’d been invited to for tonight also – the one I seem to miss every year for one reason or another – the Wesley [WYA] annual Christmas barbeque reunion, to be held at Brian James & Joan’s place this year [think Don is away travelling], but I’ve had to decline again.

Back to Adam’s cricket match – Sunbury vs East Sunbury – after an hour or so of his team continuing to field [ a good catch in the outer to Adam] I was beginning to wish I delayed my return a little longer – had left my hat behind, it was hot in the sun, out of the car, while inside, the glare through the windscreen, upon my face, was probably not doing me much good either. Eventually however, the opposition finished their innings at 9 for 127, being the score Adam’s team had to reach. From this point onwards, despite the heat, the game had a bit more interest for me – Adam opened the batting for Sunbury.  He was out there for quite a while, while his fellow batsmen lost their wickets one by one around him. It was a real battle for Adam, had to fight a very long and patient innings to keep his wicket, and the runs were coming slowly. But he remained there, and with 4 wickets down, was joined by a partner who really started to move the score along.  It was around this time, that I suddenly realised I had a ‘problem’. I was out of the car at one stage, when one of Adam’s friends [not playing because of an injury] stopped briefly as he was driving away from the match [to check on progress of the senior team] to have a chat – I walked across to him, and felt a bit of pain in my left ankle [which occasionally gives me a few problems]. As I returned to the car, that ankle went on my completely – don’t know what the reason [in the past, I’d woken in the night with the symptoms of a sprained ankle, and that was today’s sensation] –  whether it was the combined affects of the heat, the confined space in the car’s driving compartment, or another sudden attack of arthritis, and the long-term consequences of breaking that particular ankle in a ‘friendly’ mixed netball game, about  18 years ago  – whatever, your correspondent was suddenly in some extreme pain, and found I could not stand on that foot, let alone walk anywhere!!   Well, with Adam batting, I didn’t want to leave, but I knew I needed to get some pain killers & anti-inflammatory tablets into my system fairly quickly – the latter, I’d found were quite effective in this situation, though it usually meant about 24 hours of discomfort before they worked completely.

Meanwhile, Adam’s score also ‘painfully moved along – he was facing some hostile and effective bowling, yet was still out there, and when they stopped for a brief drink break around 5pm, his score on my count was 24 runs  – made up as follows  –   11121212312232[24]  – he would in fact score one more run after I finally decided that I could not remain any longer  – he was in fact the 5th wicket to fall when the score was 90 Adam out for 25 runs, and the team eventually went on to win the game, finishing on 6 for 134 runs. At this point I realised a major disadvantage of having purchased a manual motor vehicle.  –  my left foot was needed to operate the clutch. Needless to say, that was a rather painful drive back across Sunbury to home!!  At which point, I practically fell into the house, fielding a left ankle that literally felt as though it had just being broken [it wasn’t, but certainly felt that way]. The condition of my arrival was a bit of a shock to Susie who had been away overnight, returned this afternoon sometime!

You know, I can’t be bothered going on with this story any longer – suffice to say, the continuing pain from my ‘sprained ankle’[which seemed to have arisen from doing nothing!!] completely drained all energy out of me – as in past such occurrences –  and despite attempts to shower, get changed and dressed ready to go out, I simply couldn’t do it. If there had been a set of crutches in the house, an attempt might have been possible, but I soon realised that any attempt to go out to Shirley’s dinner tonight was going to fail, and the pain I was feeling, would probably dampen everyone else’s enjoyment of the night. I was disappointed because I did want to be a part of the evening, and catch up with the members of Shirley’s family I’d not seen for many years. So, sent my apologies with Susan, and via Jodie later. As it turned out, they all had a good night, and I probably wasn’t even missed!! As for yours truly, I didn’t do too much moving around this evening, and if I had to, I probably resembled an injured lizard, trying to drag itself around the house!!! Pathetic sight!!

So perhaps I’d like to forget some aspects of the 17th December 2011 –   though I recall, that today was also nephew Bruce’s [up in Brisbane] 42nd birthday today – his birth date came on a little quicker than anticipated, just 2 days after Dad’s car accident [back in 1969], and  7 days before Dad eventually succumbed to the injuries from that accident. This time of year always has certain memories that are not so pleasant.




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