Posted by: jkirkby8712 | January 3, 2012

Monday, 2nd January 2012 – we’re having a mini heatwave!

The temperature in Melbourne reached 40 degrees this afternoon, and would have been the same out here. While Susie had to work, it was actually a public holiday  – I certainly had one anyway – barely ventured outside today unless necessary, until I got into the car shortly after 8pm and drove up to the radio station for my Monday night show.  It would be still very warm when I left there after midnight,  with Tuesday expected to be back up in the mid 30s!!  The predictions are that we are in for a very warm period through until March!!  I had intended to spend a few days at the Australian Open Tennis later this month  – might have to give that some thought!!

When I describe the weather here as a ‘mini heatwave’, I can do that –  Melbourne & district has a great climate, because whatever the weather conditions, you can always count on the fact that after a day or two, the weather ‘will’ change  – and on this occasion, that change is expected to come through tomorrow. So despite the occasional complaints about extreme heat, or some other weather phenomena,  this is a terrific climate I live in, and many people claim Melbourne as one of the best cities in Australia to live in, for that reason.  Meanwhile, the long-range forecast showed a high likelihood of continued above-average temperatures through January. A number of small grass fires kept crews busy in Victoria yesterday, with the most serious at Koroit, 270km southeast of Melbourne, where about 4ha of grassland burnt before the fire was contained. Today is set to be another scorcher, with 37C forecast for Melbourne and about 40C in the state’s west. Victorian Country Fire Authority deputy chief officer Steve Warrington said this summer’s main danger came from grass fires which could travel quickly and trap people in their cars. He compared conditions to those during the 1969 Lara grass fire, which killed 17 people near Geelong, many as they tried to escape on the Princes Highway. “If you’re driving from Adelaide to Melbourne, we’d be concerned for those people,” he said.  “I would prefer people weren’t on those roads on a day like today, but I understand that’s not practical.”  Mr Warrington said it had been at least 10 years since an abundance of long, dry grass created such fire conditions.  Some relief should arrive later today with predicted thunderstorms and showers.

I wrote somewhere else today that I arose this morning feeling very unenergetic, tired, almost low spirited  – a new year, a first year, with no real plans or commitments of a formal nature, yet so many things I need and want to do, but finding it difficult to know where to start. And today was not a good way to begin!!!  Made it worse later with one of those little unavoidable mistakes you make occasionally   – sent a New Year text greeting to a friend of many decades, and asked her how her mother was getting on [someone who has always sent me a Christmas card over the years, but I’d not heard from her this time]  –  the response which eventually came back from my friend was that she had not thought much about the new year this time, as her Mum had passed away on Friday last!  [She probably would have let me know in a day or so, but unfortunately, I got in first with my ‘wrong’ question!!] .  My frame of mind didn’t really improve after that bit of news.  Anyway, I did let my youngest brother and sister know about that news, as they had spent some time at the family farm when they were children, and would remember the dear old lady that she was.

While there were other things I should or could have been doing, I actually got through a bit of reading today – at least managed to have the house reasonably cool, so in all honesty, I didn’t really experience the full impact of the 40 degree heat until  I went out this evening. It was relatively comfortable up at the radio station  – well, so long as you were in the main studio, the rest of that building was generally much like a sauna!! I think I played a little bit more jazz than I normally do on a Monday night, easy on the ears, and quite relaxing music particularly in the last 30 minutes or so up until midnight – it nearly put the presenter, so by the time I finished, I probably had no listeners still awake!!!

Here’s a little bit of nonsense to ‘liven ‘ up this uninspiring contribution today – from Life Choices magazine………………Relationship expert Jo Lamble answers many prickly questions in her book, Answers to Everyday Questions about Relationships. This week we publish the answer to whether or not it’s always necessary to tell the truth?  

Q: When my partner asks me if her bum looks big in a particular outfit, should I tell her the truth?

A: It might surprise you to know that I don’t believe that honesty is always the best policy. There are numerous times when telling the truth will only cause pain. Obviously, if your five-year-old asks what you think of their drawing (and you can’t even tell what’s in the picture), the answer should be, ‘Magnificent!’. We protect our children’s feelings because we love them. Why shouldn’t our partners’ feelings be protected as well?   If your partner asks what you thought of the speech she just made at a friend’s 40th, you reply, ‘Fantastic?’ Because what is the point of telling her that no one in the room could actually hear her? If you are running late for a night out with friends and your partner appears looking far from her best, why tell her that she doesn’t look as good as she could? There’s no time to change and telling her would just deflate her confidence.  Now to the classic ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ question. Your answer should depend on the context. If you are shopping together, then your opinion may well count. So, if she tries on an unflattering pair of jeans, you can help her by suggesting she tries on another pair. But if she is wearing something from her wardrobe and wants some reassurance that she is looking okay, tell her that she’s gorgeous, no matter what she’s wearing.   [Extract from the book Answers to Everyday Questions about Relationships by Jo Lamble  Published by Penguin  RRP: $19.95]/

With that, I think I will adjourn for the day!!!!




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