Posted by: jkirkby8712 | January 3, 2012

Tuesday, 3rd January 2012 – cricket is back!!

Yesterday’s heatwave continued through the night, and into today – with authorities warning that this is just a sampled of what we can expect over the next 2-3 months. ‘Get used to it’ they say!!  The other warning, which I find particularly disturbing, are the cases of people leaving children in locked cars during such extreme conditions  – apparently there were at least four instances yesterday, although thankfully, the children in each case were ‘released’ fairly speedily.  Very true that ‘we need to look after each other during these periods of heat’, especially the elderly and the very young.  As one ambulance paramedic pointed out yesterday, in respect to children being left in cars –   [there were 1500 reported cases of children being ‘rescued’ from cars in Victoria over the past 12 months – unbelievable]  –  ‘Cracking the window or having it open marginally makes no difference – in a car on a 29C day… 10 minutes it can climb to in excess of 40 degrees. Leave it a few more minutes and it’s in excess of 60. And that is an immediate life threat”.  And yet people continue to do, thinking they will just be a few minutes!!  Criminal!

During my radio shows, I advertise and promote various concerts, performances, etc that are happening both locally, and in the city area. There is one particular performance which occurs every summer in Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens. This year, the Australian Shakespeare Company is celebrating it’s 25th year performing the classic story of ‘Wind In The Willows’ in the Royal Botanic Gardens. The show is kept fresh each year, as the Director adds new scenes to his adaptation  of the 1908 Kenneth Grahame children’s book, although of course, the basic storyline and characters are retained. The outdoor production remains a favourite it seems because of the specific character traits of Badger, Mole, Toad, Rat, etc because the audience is able to identify those traits with real people, eg, Toad blames everybody else and is such a brat – we all know someone like that, yet we love them but they are a pain in the bum!! Badger is very stern, like a grandfather, which kids can so often recognise and absorb, and so on.  No, I’ve not been to see the production – perhaps if anyone ever presents me with some grandchildren, that might be my excuse to go and have a look!!

The 2nd Cricket Test between Australia and India commenced in Sydney today – the 100th Test match to be played at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Certainly most fans [including Australian fans] were hoping to see India’s Sachin Tendulkar score his 100th first class century.  Well, it was another day when the bowling sides dominated proceedings with 13 wickets falling on Day 1.  India won the Toss, and decided to bat. By lunchtime, India were 4 for 72 [Tendulkar still there on 21]. Two hours later with the Tea break, their score was 8 for 178, and at great disappointment to the crowd, Tendulkar went out for 41 runs. Eventually, India were all after the tea break for just 191 runs. The Australians didn’t begin in much better fashion, losing three quick wickets before Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke consolidated the situation, so that at the close of play on Day 1, Australia had lost 3 wickets for 116 runs – Ponting not out, 44, and Clarke not out 47. Let’s hope they can continue the partnership in the morning!!  As Fox-Sport put it  ‘The domination of ball over bat during the Australia-India Test series has continued at the SCG as both teams struggled to make runs on day one of the second Test’.


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