Posted by: jkirkby8712 | January 10, 2012

Monday, 9th January 2012 – medicals and music

A medical appointment this morning revealed all was fairly well on the diabetes side of things [as far as the results of a recent blood test were concerned], although I didn’t really get a satisfactory solution to the medication concern, seems I no option but to continue with what is available.  A ten minute [scheduled] appointment actually meant almost two hours of the morning were lost, but I guess I should get used to that situation!!  Anyway, the reasonably good reports did encourage this writer to go out for a lunchtime walk,. And a few duties in the garden later on.

The balance of my Monday seemed to revolve around music –either the planning of and scheduling of future programs, or eventually., later tonight, my regular Monday night program  – which features a mix of a wide variety of musical and other entertainment genres. One area I feature each night, is a selection of international tracks, and these are taken from the ‘Songlines Magazine’, and at present, I’m using music from Issue No. 80 [November-December 2011]. Songlines is the magazine that looks at the world through it’s music, and features articles on music and artists from all around the world.. It also includes a monthly CD from which I draw my weekly ‘world’ selections. This CD presents the Editor’s selection of the current top ten world albums – reviewed in the relevant issue, and from which a track from each album is included on the monthly CD. There are usually a further five tracks, being that month’s selections by a specific musical personality each month.  Issue No. 80 also included an additional CD –  titled ‘Global Sounds from Australia’ [remembering the magazine is  British/Euro publication]. As the introduction to that section says ‘Australia is home to some of the diverse musical styles in the southern hemisphere. Proudly claiming one of the oldest cultures in the world [Indigenous peoples], combined with a long history of immigration, the island continent has become a melting pot of global sounds. The annual Australasian World Music Expo [AWME] offers a musical expedition of the region and beyond, bringing together musicians, industry representatives and festival audiences from all corners of the globe”.  The AWME put together a compilation  CD [of 18 tracks] of Australian artists that have showcased at the event over the period 2008-2010.  So for 18 weeks, I’m using this CD of ‘Global Sounds from Australia’ in the program, as another little segment – basically described as Australian Roots Music.  Many of the artists, I have featured on the program previously, some are completely new to me, such as tonight’s track –  by an urban roots outfit calling ‘themselves’ ‘Blue King Brown’ with what was a great song ‘Never Fade Away, which delivered a blend of dancehall, roots, rock and Afro-groove, all built upon an irrepressible percussive foundation.

I also had a rather nice surprise during the program.  A phone call from a young singer up in Brisbane  – obviously, she couldn’t hear my program, but she knew that I was on air at this particular time, and that I promote and play Australian artists who are being sponsored by the AMRAP organisation here in Australia. Anyway, this lady was wondering if I would play her songs on my program, and of course, the answer was yes!! We chatted briefly, and she agreed to email me a sample of some of her work, and once I have managed to ‘copy’ her songs into a suitable on air playing format, I hoped to be able to interview her during the program.

She was true to her word – when I got home after midnight, there were four emails and four separate songs for me to listen to. Fantastic!  My initial reaction when watching one of the U-Tube videos she sent me, was to be reminded of my favourite Australian jazz singer, Katie Noonan. Different genre of music singing, much more versatile than Katie’s more jazz ballad style, but with similarities!!  Interesting!


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