Posted by: jkirkby8712 | January 12, 2012

Wednesday, 11th January, 2012 – a few daily notes of mainly a personal nature

Susan  away overnight for 2nd night in a row, but home tonight before she and Jodie go down to the beach for a few days. Hope the weather is warmer than today – don’t think the temperature got above 19 degrees, unusual for January.  Meanwhile, another very early start for me this morning – on air at 6am for another ‘relieving’ 3 hours on the radio. While I was not enthusiastic about the 5am wakeup, by the time I had settled into the broadcasting studio, I was happy enough to be there, and really did enjoy my show – of music, news, weather & sport!  Another  morning text message from Jayne [our distant but regular listener], thanking me for the program, and enjoying the music.  I made sure, that before I finished, I played a little bit of the ‘sounds of Scotland’ for her!

I called in at the shopping area on my way home – was surprised at just how cold the breeze was at that time [about 9.30am]  –  I had a pullover in the car, and eventually, whilst walking around, had to go back for it!  A rare occurrence at this time of year during the daylight hours. While I was ‘in town’ called in at the local bookshop, and purchased a copy of the ‘complete poems of William Wordsworth ‘  – just a little something, at not a great cost that I wanted to add to my collection in that genre of writing.  This was a paperback edition of nearly 1100 pages – that man wrote a lot of poems!!  Wordsworth, who lived from 1770-1850, broke away from traditional poetry styles, and sought to write in the language of ordinary men and women, of ordinary thoughts, sights and sounds.   An example [from ‘The Sailor’s Mother’, written on 11 Dec 1802]

One morning [raw it was and wet

A foggy day in Winter time]

A \Woman on the road I met.

Not old, though something past her prime;

Majestic in her person, tall and straight,

And like a Roman matron’s was her

mein  and gait’………………………………………..

Robert Kirk’s birthday today   – 63 years old – and still working, and playing [cycling, ball room dancing, etc] like a 43 year old!! I’m envious! I posted him up a card this year instead of the usual email greeting and/or phone call. Hope to see him in April [Easter] when he and Evelyn come down for the Indoor Cycling Championships.

Family History committee meeting tonight –  useful session, although I find myself feeing a little frustrated at our new President, who takes so ,long to say anything, and then persistently goes over the same grounds. I feel like simply saying ‘shut up, get on with it, and say something’ – probably I’m the only one who feels that way, but I’m beginning to feel that most of this year’s meetings are going to be long drawn out and painful exercises – for me anyway!!   Got home just before 10pm, feeling rather exhausted.



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