Posted by: jkirkby8712 | February 13, 2012

Monday, 6 February 2012 – dog sitting and mundane notes!

Rather a busy morning – expecting James to bring his dog over any time for us to ‘dog sit’ for a day or so, even though Susie and I will be missing for a lot of that time!  Rang the RACV, to come and start Susie’s car, so that she could drive it down to the Kmart vehicle service centre. Thankfully, the RACV were fairly speedy in responding, although Murphy [the dog] had arrived before they did.  Engine running, so that shortly after 10am, I followed Susie into town, she dropped off her car, and returned with me.  I was off again, shortly afterwards, for a Monday morning 11am session at the gymnasium. I think I was left to my own resources today – the instructor had another customer to attend to, and I must admit, I felt a little more comfortable working solo, rather than having somebody ‘looking over my shoulder’ etc.  Was quite a good session. Judy Unwin was doing a circuit again, and surprisingly, although I didn’t get the chance to speak to her, I noticed that Tricia P [Ruth’s mother] was also there this morning.  Interesting over time, the people I am running into here!

[Incidentally, the first of the One Day International cricket matches was played yesterday in Melbourne in the three way series between Australia, India and Sri Lanka –   Australia won the first match, scoring 5 for 216 to defeat India 151.  These days, I don’t take as much interest in the one day limited over matches, as compared with the Test cricket, but still like to keep a track of how things are progressing].

The rest of my car – after a phone call, soon after I left the Gym, from Susie, to tell me that total car service, new battery and other repairs, were going to cost about  $900!! Could I help out?  –   was spent basically dog-sitting, for most of the afternoon, and into the early evening. Susan’s cats were not happy with Murphy’s presence in their environment!!  Overall though, the dog was well behaved, and no real trouble – very friendly, but very insistent on human company at all times. Unfortunately, over the next day or so, it would be left alone for quite a bit.  The family at Goonawarra had all gone down to Rosebud for a few days, for a brief break, and to visit the grave of Shirley’s sister, Susan [who died Christmas night, in 1985], and James had joined hem. Jodie, who was working all week, called around briefly this evening, checking up on Murphy, etc.

Earlier, we took the dog for a drive to town, to pick up Susie’s car, the repair costs for which came in at just under the quoted figure all of which I paid for! It will come back one day, though I’m not too concerned.

I had my Smorgasbord ‘radio’ show tonight, from 9 until midnight – a good show, which I enjoyed but a little disappointed at no calls in again.  Exchanged a couple of text messages with Heather  in Ballarat, re my visit down there tomorrow, wanted to make sure her mother was well enough to allow Heather out for the evening concert.

Tonight, a poor sleep between  1 and 3am, at which point,  woken by Murphy, in the laundry – took him outside briefly, then returned him to laundry, but he was restless – brought him up to my room, which I’d earlier not been intending despite James’ advice that the dog almost slept in a room with someone!!  Mot something that I would want to encourage, but because it was just the one night, and the animal was in a strange place, I relented this time.  Truth is, I needed some sleep. From that point onwards, a bit of sleep was gained on both counts.


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