Posted by: jkirkby8712 | February 15, 2012

Tuesday, 14th February 2012 – Valentine’s Day and all things sweet!

I see that today’s e-mail distribution from the Limelight Magazine has got into the Valentine’s Day spirit, with the Editor’s note that ‘Classical music may have a distinctly ‘un-sexy’ reputation, but the Valentine’s Day ‘Limelight’ has set out to fog up your opera glasses with the best examples of Sex, Love and erotica from the classics. We also explore the love lives of the great composers and learn more about the muses who inspired the masterworks. Usually sex, marriage or unrequited love had a hand in the creative process. If that’s not enough to get you in the mood, check out Classical Music’s Top 12 Pinups and our special expose on Naked Classical Musicians. Valentine’s Day is also about finding true love,  and that’s what Australian opera’s power couple, Cheryl Barker and Peter Coleman-Wright did, as evidenced by almost 28 years of marriage. They are the Cover stars of the March issue of Limelight, on sale tomorrow’.  Well, with that promotion, all lovers of Valentine’s Day should be rushing out to get their copy, maybe!

Meanwhile, according to the ‘Scots Family’ organisation, ‘ the remains of St Valentine lie in a golden cask held at Blessed John Duns Scotus Roman Catholic Church in Gorbals, Glasgow. But there was more than one St Valentine. One was a priest in Rome who offered marriages to soldiers even after the Emperor had banned it. He was imprisoned, beaten with clubs and stones then beheaded in 269 AD – apparently on 14th February. However the celebration of a day of love appears to be predated by the Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia on 15th February. Naked men would run through the city and with goatskin strips whip the buttocks of young women to promote fertility. So how about it ladies…. or do you prefer chocolates again this year?’

Well, that of course is one interpretation of the origin of Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure that in past years, I have come up with others on these pages. I think this one from ‘Scots Family’ site will do for 2012. I made only one brief reference to the day in last night’s program, think I played a jazz track by Charlie Mingus called ‘The Sound of Love’ – it had the right title to what the day seems to be all about, so I decided that would be my sole recognition of the occasion this year. No doubts, lots of credit is been spent on expensive roses, chocolates and motel rooms today, but not by me!

Thinking of ‘sweet’ things, I read an article the other day, suggesting that sugar is a health hazard. Well, I think I already knew that!  Anyway, the writers [US researchers] claims that sugar  should be identified like alcohol and tobacco as a health danger and taxed accordingly.  In an article published in the journal Nature, scientists at the University of California said governments should consider imposing taxes and limiting sales of sweet food and drinks to combat the growing costs of sugar-related health problems. The researchers said there was growing scientific evidence showing fructose can cause liver damage and other chronic diseases. The average US adult consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day, according to the American Heart Association.  Other countries, including France, Greece and Denmark, levy taxes on soft drink and the concept is being considered in at least 20 US cities and states.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Susie went back up to Bendigo today, apparently to continue with her studies! She told me that’s what she had planned? Actually, she thought it started next week, but only discovered late Sunday night – with an early shift at the bakery yesterday morning, she thought it was too late to cancel the job, or to get up to Bendigo in time for yesterday’s start to lectures. Hopefully for her, a day late was no problem – she was on her way by 7.30am this morning. In the meantime, my dental appointment, scheduled for next week, was brought forward to late today due to a cancellation – a welcome change, as last night was another painful one, from that part of my anatomy!

Well now, that visit to the dentist was not really a happy outcome, in view of the fact that three more visits are required for the same treatment, at a cost of $900!! I think that expense made up my mind about making too many concert reservations this year!!  Meanwhile, I don’t recall any flowers arriving



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