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Wednesday, 15th February 2012 – note taking!

Ahh yes, I finally had my garden bag[s] picked up and emptied today – the new one by my new supplier, who also was kind enough to empty the bag from the people who seem to have gone out of business, and forgotten all their customers!  Mind you, I wasn’t expecting them until Friday, instead banging on the front door at 8am!! Anyway, getting rid of all that garden refuse encouraged me to get out and clean up that area, and run my ‘damaged’ mower over the front lawn areas, before the day got too hot!

Adam’s horse ran over at Melton Harness races again today – I had enough notice to go over this time, but, didn’t, although this time, I did get the opportunity to actually hear the race  ‘Dimensions’ actually started as favourite in the race, and as the little comment in the form guide noted  “has been placed in three of twelve starts and should have been in the money when badly shut in in a similar race here last week. He ran second to Mister One Two in a strong Maryborough affair four starts back”.  Well, Dimensions certainly started off like a winner, but someone forgot to warn the horse and driver about a ‘dark horse’ named ‘Mario Fenech’ which streaked away from the rest of the field in the end.  Adam’s horse came in 3rd place, and just for a change, I actually got some of my little bet back on him – spent the grand sum of $10 [$5 each way], and my place part of the bet earned me $8.68.  Obviously would have been much closer, had he won [of course].  Getting closer.  I did suggest this morning, when I went on air by telephone with my Wednesday local sports report, that it might be worth putting a place bet on Dimensions – hopefully somebody took note!

I was watching Question time in the House of Representatives this afternoon, and while I continue to disapprove of the manner in which Tony Abbott goes about his role as Opposition leader, our Prime Minister is starting to look a little vulnerable. That rather controversial journalist, Andrew Bolt, had quite a telling article in one of today’s newspaper, titled ‘ Does your leader lie?, with one sentence in particular, highlighting the gist of his comments – ‘Julia Gillard deceives, and, I suspect, lies. And what’s killing her is that she does it so badly’.

A short editorial in the same paper [Melbourne’s ‘Herald-Sun’] put it as follows under the heading ‘Julia gets grumpy’…………………  ‘JULIA Gillard wants to talk about the economy rather than the blood feud with Tony Abbott.   For blood feud read carbon tax and the Opposition Leader’s “pledge in blood” to remove it if he wins government. But Mr Abbott has more than a sniff of blood and continues to confront a defensive and grumpy Prime Minister whose public credibility can surely sink no lower. The opinion polls, which Ms Gillard says go up and down, are down, down, down for Labor. The PM trails Mr Abbott on who is best to manage the economy, which might show her new financial focus is poll driven. Mr Abbott is right to pursue the Prime Minister, whose failure to answer a repeated question on Four Corners on the ABC on Monday night will only confirm what many people think; that she knew more about the plot to topple Kevin Rudd than she has admitted. Added to her other prevarications and reversals, her leadership must be seen as close to terminal’.

I won’t go any further on that, but I did hear one comment made on the TV tonight, that according to one Labor insider, one more mistake by the PM, and she will in serious risk of being replaced. Kevin Rudd doesn’t have the numbers at the moment,  but if Julia’s leadership concerns get any worse, that may well change.

First general meeting of the year this evening of the Sunbury Family History Society [of which, this year, I seem to be the Vice President]. Quite a good turn-up of regulars and new faces, including Joyce Wheeler from St Andrews good to see her there.  One of my ‘fellow’ original members of the group, from back in the middle 1980s, Marilyn Bray, was our guest speaker tonight, and while I often find these ‘member’ talks somewhat tiring and mundane, such was not the case tonight – she and husband Norm, as well as spending years chasing their own family histories, have also build up an amazing record of cemeteries around Australia, and that was the topic she was covering tonight.

Meanwhile, today I received the Wednesday Update 15 February 2012 from the Carlton Football Club

Dear Bill,  Welcome to 2012.   It may not be the start of the real season but Friday marks the start of on-field action for the Carlton Football Club. Friday February 17 at 9:30am will see the first intra-club match for Carlton for 2012. Indeed it will be the only intra-club match prior to Carlton’s NAB Cup campaign which commences in Adelaide on Sunday February 26.  [Meanwhile], the Kyabram Post Office was full to the brim on Wednesday as Blues supporters lined up for their chance to get a glimpse of some of the Carlton’s stars in town for the 2012 Community Camp. Captain Chris Judd, Kade Simpson and Jarrad Waite spent more than one hour signing autographs and posing for photos with their adoring fans. In Kyabram and district for the AFL’s Australia Post Community Camp, Jarrad Waite said all players thoroughly enjoyed the two day camp. “It’s always nice to get out of Melbourne and spend some time meeting the fans who don’t often get the opportunity to see us play,” he said. “Country kids especially don’t often get the same exposure to AFL that the city kids do, so we really enjoy getting into the schools and meeting with them, teaching them some footy skills and importantly about exercise and being healthy. “While we love the football clinics it is more about meeting with the community and hopefully our visit has a real positive impact on the Kyabram area.”………………Now Kyabram is up in central Victoria, in fact it is where the 3rd of my three siblings was born, back in the early 1950s. For a short while, we lived on a small property, a few miles out of Kyabram, at a place called Wyuna. Now I don’t think we were there for long, because I note that I only spent one term at the end of 1953 at the nearby Tongala Consolidated School,  which was apparently 11 ½ miles from home, according to the contents of an old Pupil’s Record book I have retained.   I also notice that I only attended a  total of 155 school days, out of a possible 186 days  –  on today’s standards, not a very good record, but perhaps transport was more of a difficulty for Mum and/or Dad at that time – well not Mum, as she was at home with my first two siblings.  At that stage, Dad was a teacher himself, but at the end of that year, or thereabouts, the family moved back down to Ballarat, where I had been born 7 years earlier.  From there, I attended, briefly again, the Pleasant Street Primary School, up near Lake Wendouree at the beginning of 1954, and then, presumably because we moved house again, spent the rest of my primary years at Macarthur Street, where my late Grandfather had been the Headmaster during a part of the war years prior to his death in 1943. More about that at another time!



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