Posted by: jkirkby8712 | February 22, 2012

Monday, 20th February 2012 – doubt over leaders in cricket, and politics!!

Susie went off to Bendigo again this morning, but only for a brief visit – back tonight or tomorrow apparently. While she was on the road, I was at the gymnasium, going through my Monday morning ‘torture’. Back home for a quiet afternoon, preparing a radio program, and also spending a bit of time out in the garden. I must say that those gardening gloves I was given for Christmas, were a useful gift – makes for far easier handling of blackberry plants and other like species.

I noticed today, that the refugee advocacy group ChilOut was promoting the fact that in 2004, they took a group of formerly detained children, and some passionate young Australian born youth, to meet with MPs in Canberra. ChilOut subsequently took credit for the fact that by 2005 there were no more children locked in immigration detention. Today, with numbers of children in detention rising, and no apparent change to the practice of detaining them, the organisation has restarted the program and hopes to get the voices of young people heard again,\. I wish them well.

On the sporting front today, I notice that Australia’s former cricket captain, Ricky Ponting, has been dropped from the current ODI series between Australia, India & Sri Lanka.  A pity to hear that, because while he has not scored many runs in the limited over games, since the Test series was completed, his form in the Test matches was superb, and I’m at least pleased that he has not been dropped [yet] from all forms of cricket. In fact, following on from today’s decision, Ponting himself decided that he would like to continue playing Test cricket, while acknowledging that his ODI matches were over. I certainly hope he is retained in the Test team for the upcoming tour to the West Indies, as his Test form, despite the 37 years of age, justifies fully his inclusion in that team.  Just for the record, Ricky Ponting’s cricket statistics in One Day International matches, read as follows, and not a bad little table!!

  • Innings: 365
  • Runs scored:  13,704
  • Highest score: 164
  • ODI Average: 42.04

A little annoyed to get to the radio station tonight, and find the printer had not yet been re-inked!!  I use that to print out my program record of shows performed [the printer at home not working for me for some reason], but  the 3NRG machine has been inactive for 2 weeks now  – does no-one use it except me??  Anyway, that’s just a minor hiccup – my Monday program followed at 9pm. As usual, a mixed genre of music which I’d enjoyed putting together, and hopefully, what listeners I had, gained some pleasure out of my Monday variety smorgasbord! I do know there are people who cannot pick up the station’s reception, who would like to listen!  Nevertheless, despite the fact that it is generally a normal situation for shows like mine not to normally receive phone calls, I think I admit to a little touch of disappointment every Monday, when no phone calls come through!

Meantime, I think one or two of the ABC ‘current affair’ type programs, such as Q & A might have been quite  interesting to watch tonight  – Monday night used to be my favourite and main TV night, but I realised I would have to sacrifice that when I took on this time slot on a Monday night. Anyway, all aspects of the media are currently giving a great run [far overdone, and most people are sick of it by now] to the Labor Party saga over who should be Prime Minister – Julia Gillard, or the man she ‘replaced’ two years ago, Kevin Rudd. Daily, we have headlines such as ‘Too Late For Gillard to Save Herself’, or, ‘Labor rifts widen as PM ducks the leadership crisis’, or, ‘Gillard has no plan to stand down and her intention is to force Rudd to declare a challenge’, or, ‘Rudd’s psychological warfare will not end until he achieves his objective to destroy and replace Gillard’, or, ‘Crean urges Gillard to act on disloyalty’, or, ‘Changing leaders not the answer’, or, ‘Party must resolve brawl’, or ‘PM knows this farce cannot continue’ and so it goes on. My query is, if she really does believe this whole whole saga should not continue, why does she not end it all now, and take the first step  – call a Labor leadership ballot, and decide once and for all, who the Party wants to lead the country, her or Rudd?  The problem is, a close result will not really solve the problem, and should the PM come out on top, she should immediately relegate Kevin Rudd to the back benches where his influence will be less felt.  That would be a pity, as I feel he is a capable person to have as our Foreign Minister, but if faced with the kind of disruption we have had for the past 18 months is likely to continue, Ms Gillard should have little alternative.  Anyway, at the present time, most of the country, on the basis of the saturated media attention, is probably wondering who our Prime Minister will be by the end of next week!!


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