Posted by: jkirkby8712 | February 23, 2012

Thursday, 23 February 2012 – [Entry One] – bring on the ballot!!

The morning after, and needless to say, all of today’s newspapers, TV news shows, radio talkbacks – all about two people, and the upcoming leadership ballot, that the PM is apparently going to call for next Monday. Is all this assuming that Kevin Rudd will actually contest the ballot for leader?  We might leave that topic for the time being, it’s not going to go away!!

Bill’s up bright and breezy [trying to feel that way anyway] for another session at the gymnasium this morning. Kind of beginning to look forward to the hour, though not so keen on those post stretching exercises, find them harder work than what has gone before, oddly enough!  Anyway, we ‘survived’ another day, and just after I came out of the gym, switched on the car radio, as our esteemed PM formally announced to the nation that she had called for a leadership ballot, for 10 am next Monday morning.  Well, I thought that news justified some sort of celebration –  went and had a haircut, then shouted myself an iced coffee!!

In the meantime, while it would seem that the PM has the numbers over Kevin Rudd at present, and has the advantage of been able to campaign for the next 20 hours while he is in a plane returning to Australia from the USA, Gillard has indicated, that should she lose the ballot [and the role of Prime Minister] next Monday, she will return to the back bench with a firm commitment that she will undertake no further claims for leadership of the ALP [difficult on past records, to see her keeping that commitment, however…..], and she hopes that Kevin Rudd will give the same commitment should he lose the vote on Monday. It seems that the over-riding factor [apart from the perceived personalities of each of them, and their success or otherwise of their respective periods as Prime Minister] is the question of  which of Gillard or Rudd is best perceived to be able to defeat Tony Abbott in the next Federal Election [in 17 months  at the most] – general opinion seems to be Rudd.

I shall return >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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