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Friday, 24th February to Sunday, 26th February 2012 – heading towards the end of Summer.

Friday, the 24th, and a hot afternoon in the C.B.D………..We are in the midst of an uncomfortable hot spell at present, day and night, although with the end of February close, this will probably be the last major  heatwave for this year’s summer.  Probably not a good day to agree to go into the city, although I had  been thinking of it in any case. Heather was down from Ballarat again to see her ill brother, was planning to have lunch with him  – then, with the rest of the afternoon free, wondered if I was going to be in the city?

Visit to the city – caught the train at 11.45am to Southern Cross/Flinders St.   Spent a bit of time in a quite extensive second hand bookshop in Flinders Street  – a lot of quite historic books there, going by my brief look and glance, but in many ways, too pricey for used books. Especially with so many discount shops around at the moment offering new books at low prices – such as my next stop in Collins Street  – all books $5.00!! Actually, I was only there for one reason today – to buy some more of those author biographies. Made three choices today  –  George Bernard Shaw, D H Lawrence, and Charlotte Bronte.  Then I sat out in Collins Street [like a shag on a rock], already feeling exhausted!!!  The heat and humidity – well those things don’t treat me too well these days, and I was not looking forward to too much walking. Neither was Heather!

We walked over to the restaurant at Federation Square – inside, out of the hot air, and that’s where we stayed, for 4 hours!! Drinking, eating, chatting  –  not something that I usually can be bothered doing for that length of time  – could have gone to a movie, or a boat ride on the Yarra, but after the stress of seeing her brother [who was apparently in a better mood this time], my companion was also content to simply sit and relax under those circumstances. Very pleasant 4 hours, though I was not too impressed with what we got from the restaurant in terms of quantity/quality versus price!!!  Ohhh well, the cost of friendship!  Irrespective of that, the conversation and company, was pleasant, interesting, and a very worthwhile way to spend a Friday afternoon. Just a pity that I can’t afford from a health point of view, to drink too much!  Much of our talk was bringing back interesting memories of my Ballarat days as a young boy, and teenager.

I think it was around 6pm, when we parted company again – Heather to do some Friday night shopping in the city [probably for shoes!!] before catching her train back to Ballarat, while I headed to Southern Cross Station, and the 7.15 train back to Sunbury.

Another hot and uncomfortable night – had the air conditioner on for a while, but in no real ‘energy mood’ for doing much other than sitting in front of the TV, and that was followed up by a sleep deprived and thoroughly restless night.

Saturday, 25th February 2012, and some big winnings on the horses [well, bigger than usual]…….I received an early morning greeting from yesterday’s companion, and in response to my replied list of today’s planned activities, Heather had this to say  –  ‘I feel tired reading all you have to do today. I didn’t sleep! I could hardly walk when I got off the train, was in pain all night. I am over all this old lady pain!!’  Oddly enough, I felt quite fit and ready for a 9am start at the gymnasium this morning, which was my first stopping off point.

Meanwhile, I found the following was an example of the kind of rhetoric that we have been getting inundated with, through the media over the past few days…….as reported in the Sunday Mail recently, Kevin Rudd was plotting his comeback a year ago as he panned Julia Gillard as a “childless, atheist, ex-communist” during a pub rant to political powerbrokers.  According to Labor frontbencher Kate Ellis and other witnesses, Mr Rudd made the remarks at Adelaide’s Stag Hotel in February last year.   Mr Rudd was speaking to guests associated with Senator Don Farrell, a Labor Right faction leader who helped dump Mr Rudd and bring Ms Gillard into power in June 2010.   “I’ve been wondering how you reconcile your conservative brand of Cathlocism with a childless, atheist, ex-communist as Labor leader,” he said.  Mr Rudd’s spokesman said the allegations were lies and Mr Rudd spent the entire evening at the function with then South Australian premier Mike Rann and his wife.  Mr Rann said he did not witness any inappropriate comments or behaviour from Mr Rudd. But Ms Ellis, the Minister for Employment Participation and the Minister for Early Childhood and Childcare, said he was telling anyone that would listen that he was plotting his revenge and would make a comeback.  A lawyer who was at the event backed Ms Ellis’s claims, saying Mr Rudd was “on a rampage” and “out of control,” and said he would sign a statutory declaration about what he saw.  Ms Ellis said she was “disgusted” by Mr Rudd’s disloyalty.  Well, certainly not a report that will win Kevin Rudd too many more votes I don’t think. Although there was quite an emotional public address by one Labor Minister today – the leader of the House in Parliament, Anthony Albanese – as I noted on Face Book later,  ‘Most of the Labor Ministers who have spoken about the vote for Rudd or Gillard have had some unpleasant things to say about one or the other. Anthony Albanese has been the notable exception. His obvious respect for all concerned, whilst still being forced to make a choice, was admirable and praiseworthy. He has my respect for that attitude’  Ruth replied with ‘I agree with you! Apparently JG trusts him to go on in her government no matter if he votes for Rudd because of his integrity’.  It certainly was a nice change from the way most of the more outspoken politicians, including Julia Gillard have been speaking about their opposition [in their own Party this time]. Anyway, that ballot between Gillard and Rudd happens on Monday morning, and no doubt there will be lots more canvassing between Labor Caucus members [and others – the ‘Faceless Men’ behind the Party mechanism] between now and then.

Radio station [committee] business meeting this afternoon, up in the studio meeting room  –  not a good location on a 37 degree afternoon, but with the aid of a traditional fan affair, we survived that couple of hours.  A meeting to consider the yearly progress of the Business Plan, etc, and to look ahead to the next year’s activities.

Meanwhile, today was my turn to undertake the duties for the little Betting Club of which I am a member – having joined up a few years ago through my association with some of the other station presenters, although in essence it is a family affair involving the Bents and Bourkes and various relations, I’m one of the ‘ring-ins’!!  My job today was to spend just $40 of the club’s funds on today’s races in Melbourne. Usually, I manage to come out a little amount in front, or a little down. Keep making a profit, and your ‘turn’ continues the following week, and so on. For a change today, I had a good afternoon – most of my selected came out and did basically what I was suggesting they would, and a little better in fact, so much so, that my total collections at the end of the day came to $214.40.  That may not seem much, but in terms of the usual outcomes of this particular group, and after a series of what was a period of poor weekly results [from others], I was rather satisfied with that outcome!! As mentioned one other time, I treat this little venture as my Christmas Club account –  what we have put in through the year, plus or minus the gross profit/loss, comes back to us at year’s end [and that’s when I do my Christmas shopping!!]. So far I don’t recall the year ending in a loss! Days like today help to keep it that way.

Sunday, 26th February  – another family birthday, and a major change in the weather……Yes, it was youngest brother, Colin’s birthday – 54 today. He and his wife now live up in central Queensland, in Rockhampton, a few hours north of Brisbane [where Jill & Ian reside].  Despite a ‘New Year’ resolution to send official birthday cards to everyone this year, I’ve only succeeded one in three, so Colin received my greetings via Face Book today. Not the ideal level of sibling greetings!

I was on the radio this morning this morning as usual, notice that it is now dark again when I leave home around 6am [remembering of course that we are still in daylight saving mode, so the real time is 5am].   I noticed also that the rabbits and magpies don’t seem to be as prevalent around the studio of a morning lately  – apparently there was a bit of a rabbit cull recently, they didn’t get them all, but certainly have diminished the population considerably.   The rest of my Sunday – nothing exciting to report upon, gave myself a rest day, although spent most of the afternoon, while Susie was at work, preparing future radio programs, especially for tomorrow night!   Late in the afternoon, it began to get unusually dark for that time of day, as a weather change hit this area, and over the next few hours, and through the night into Monday, we experienced severe thunderstorms, strong winds, and heavy rain.  I was rather disappointed that the work I had performed on the front nature strips last week, was all but washed away, and very quickly we saw the creation of muddy wet holes created on and beside the front driveway. Unfortunately, for the next few days, one of us [usually Susie unfortunately] would have to park out in the street!

The Carlton football team played it’s first official football games for the year today, over in Adelaide, and actually lost them both. These were part of the pre-season competition, and the coach played a number of first year players today, a good opportunity to gain them some experience at the senior level.  James did ring me earlier in the afternoon with an invite to go around to the local pub and watch the football from there, but I decided I was too comfortable doing was I was doing, declined that invite. Knowing James he would probably try and drag me into a game of poker, but apart from that, a pub scene is not really my scene these days. Anyway, Carlton had two games over in Adelaide – against each of the Adelaide teams. Shorter games then the normal  football season – just two 15 minute halves, but two matches played during the course of the afternoon. Scores were as follows.

  • Carlton Blues:                Final Score
  • Adelaide Crows:             Final Score


  • Carlton Blues:                Final Score
  • Port Adelaide:                 Final Score



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